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I'd recommend adding a shot clock for matches that use time limits, and 0% friction matches in particular would work better if both players had their own independent cursors. Interesting game, though.

Alright, made it to the next world with no crashes. Thanks so much for this!

Ah, it's no big deal. Anyway, I tried out your solution, but unfortunately the DirectX package can only work with older version of Windows, and not Windows 10.

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Rooms you build on the floor you start with are supposed to be rent-free, right? Or did that change in an update? Because as far as I know, that's not actually the case. It's not a problem to me either way, it's just that you're told that the floor is rent-free when building rooms in it, like I did with this office here, when again, that isn't actually the case.

Windows 10 "conveniently" hides the AppData folder from being seen regularly; almost thought it wasn't real XD. Anyway, I replicated the error where the game becomes unresponsive at the character select screen. Unfortunately I can't send files through here, but the file was mainly repeating the following:

(Filename:  Line: -1)

IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.
  at CharacterFrameUI.SetPreview (Int32 characterIndex) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0   at Assets.Scripts.UI.SpiritFrame.OnSetActive () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0   at CharacterFrameUI.OnSetActive () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0   at Assets.Scripts.UI.UIEntity.StateChanged (UI_STATE prevState, UI_STATE newState, Boolean forceCharge) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0   at Assets.Scripts.UI.SpiritFrame.StateChanged (UI_STATE prevState, UI_STATE newState, Boolean forceCharge) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0   at Assets.Scripts.UI.UIEntity.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0   at Assets.Scripts.UI.UISelectableC.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0   at Assets.Scripts.UI.SpiritFrame.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0   at CharacterFrameUI.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0  

Then ended with this.

(Filename:  Line: -1)
Setting up 4 worker threads for Enlighten.
  Thread -> id: 285c -> priority: 1   Thread -> id: 7e8 -> priority: 1   Thread -> id: 1040 -> priority: 1   Thread -> id: 3fe0 -> priority: 1

Crud, I meant to respond to this sooner, but I've been swamped with work. My apologies. The error log file you're talking about would be in the Steam version, right? I'll look into it, although if you haven't gotten word of the bugs I listed there, I'd assume it probably is just a problem the version has. Thanks for getting back to me.

Hey there. I’ve recently came across this game, and have been enjoying the heck out of it. After many struggles, I finally finished World 4 in the Campaign, but I can’t go through the portal, because every time I try, the following error message appears. Is this a problem with my computer, or with the game?

SpiritSphere DX community · Created a new topic Bug Report
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1. Tutorial doesn't play out in full. After the phrase: "This century, the Nightworld is ours", nothing else happens.

2. The Campaign Mode sometimes bugs out between stages and prevents me from continuing to the next stage.  To be a little more specific, if I press the button to continue it will sometimes be unable to successfully transition to the next match and instead stay on the same page. This was an issue with the previous build of the game as well.

3. The game will sometimes becomes unresponsive when I try to add an AI player.  It says NAME where it would show the AI character's name whenever this happens; not sure if this has anything to do with the bug.

Aside from that, really good game. Glad to see the DX version made it to PC.

So... seems Paint doesn't actually make transparent backgrounds, even though it claims to have the ability to do so. But Paint 3D does, and 2D images can still be made there, fortunately. Can't believe I never looked into that. 

I've done it. I've finally done it! I've FINALLY finished the base designs for the first of my 2 factions for this game. Honestly I had my doubts that I could pull it off, since I have next to no artistic skills, but lo and behold, the Artificial Angels are now well on their way to descending upon the battlefield. I still have to do the animations though, so they're not complete yet... But for now, here's a preview of the units and structures.

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(I don't want the comments section to be filled with just my videos, so you'll have to go to my YouTube channel for the rest of the Marathon.) This Micro Marathon may very well be more intense than the original! Also, I'm considering a change in persona. Divine may be too kind and too neutral for what I wish my channel to accomplish. Perhaps... it's time to stop holding back my true feelings on the state of the gaming world.

I wanted to give this amazing racing game it's own official Grand Prix, but I went about it the wrong way the first time around. Now I'm remaking the Micro Marathon so that it doesn't have 4-hour long videos. Hopefully I didn't discourage anyone out of taking an interest to this game... Anyway, now it's improved all around, with slightly more commentary, a new DRS system, and some epic news that you absolutely must hear about if this game interests you at all.

Alright, here they are - the final 10 minigames. Now I have some time to think of something to do for the Sandbox Mode...

Wanted to get this out sooner... I always underestimate how long it takes to edit even mere subtitles and get the video exported. Anyway, here's part 3, part 4 will be actually be ready in a couple of hours, since it's currently being exported.

Alright, video 2 is finally done!

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Really? I'm actually surprised by that. But yeah, it definitely was no walk in the park. ET Phone Home and Kidnapped left me puzzled for a while, until I found out their surprisingly simple solutions, and I really had to dig deep to beat Oh No UFO, Space Raiders, Against All Odds, Road Warriors, and the challenges involving tagging vehicles. It was quite the wild ride.

I'm glad I dug deep into's fighting games to find this. This game looks really good so far; I look forward to seeing it grow some more. I made a video of my own to hopefully raise a little more awareness.

Thanks Steven. I actually did beat all of the challenges; I didn't even know there was a cheat to get all of the minigames.

Geez, you know, I actually did know about that Hoverball shield, and it completely slipped my mind in that moment.

That's an interesting way to do a subscore by the way. I like it.

Finally getting around to showing off this amazing game. I'll be focusing on the 40 minigames and possibly some Sandbox mode shenanigans, if I can come up with any. Here's my first video:

Hey there. I came across this game a couple of days ago. I really admire its unique playstyle; it works really well for a fighting game. I checked out the IndieDB link, so I know that development for this game has stopped and why it did. Nonetheless I made my own YouTube video on this game to try and raise awareness for it, as well as critique it a little to speculate where it could have been improved. Hopefully you don't mind.

Here to try to spread awareness for this game too roughly 1 year later. Hopefully the developer won't mind another video.

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Hey there, I came across your game and have played it for a bit; I think it's a pretty cool game. Would you mind if I made some YouTube videos on it? It seems you're the only one who has, and I feel this game deserves some attention.

Whoops, I probably should've checked the details on the Switch release before assuming it was already out :\ 

I understand if you're just trying to promote the Switch version of the game, so it's no big deal. I reckon someone who actually has a Switch would be better suited to show off all of the game's features, new and old. But I had prepared a Dungeon of Trials video beforehand, so I guess I'll upload that now.

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Given that the game's been out on the Switch for a while now, I'll understand if it's not still being looked into. I recently found this game here on and have been enjoying it. I just have a couple of questions about it, mainly about what seems to be a limited amount of options one has in the game with AI opponents:

1. In Practice mode, are you able to select the AI's difficulty level? As far as I know you can't, which makes them only decent opponents when playing through the 10 stage single-player mode at "Hard" difficulty. At least, to me it feels like they're tougher at that point.

2. Would it be possible in the future to choose what characters the AI plays as and set up 2-on-2 matches with AI in the Practice mode?

3. Could there be an option to play the "Squash" mode with AI opponents? It sucks being limited to doing it every so often in the 10 stage single-player mode.

4. About the Dark Sphere, would it be possible to perhaps have an option to toggle on/off the highlight for where the real sphere is? I'd understand that some people may not like this (which is why I'm requesting it as an option), but the highlight just makes the sphere's gimmick useless I'm my opinion, as I can always keep track of where the real one is.

5. With your permission, I'd like to showcase this game and one you made a while back called Dungeon of Trials on my YouTube channel I've started working on. I've been looking for small indie titles to feature on my YouTube channel to raise awareness for them, and I enjoy playing both of these games.

Haha, I was wondering what it would be like to race you, and with a lap time like that, now I see myself being left in the dust. I've got my fingers crossed hoping for something to become of this. I did manage to net another subscriber doing this, so at least 1 other person seemed to really enjoy my amateur videos.

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Had a couple of hiccups making this, but here it is - my final video for the game showing off the last 2 party games. (I re-uploaded to edit out typing errors I saw.)

Gotta start a new post since the old one's getting long to the point comments (and possibly new videos) don't show up. Here's my very 1st attempt at the Championship.

Oh, those things are tornados? All this time I thought they were some kind of extra cloud cover for some reason. Good to know.

It's tough putting my finger on how difficult the AI actually is for me, since I can be pretty hit and miss in races myself. I'll stick to dry conditions in the future to see if that changes anything. I didn't even realize I've been racing in the rain so much.

I still can't believe that pit lane incident found its way into my video. I consider myself lucky to have recorded that.

2 more party games to add to the post.

Finished with my technical difficulties, so here's a 3rd video focusing on 2 party games this time.

Got a 2nd video now. I guess I'll share all the links to my videos here as I make more and more videos. This one looks at the game's Elimination mode.

It's unreal that there are no YouTube videos for this game aside from the trailer after 6 years. So I'm going to try to raise awareness for the game by making some videos myself. Here's my very first one that I just finished: