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Takkyu Tournament Re:Serve

A fantasy kung fu ping-pong mashup that pays homage to classic retro arcade games and fighting games. · By CyberScherzo

Sharing bugs and criticisms.

A topic by Infernal created Jun 06, 2022 Views: 108 Replies: 1
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1. Some sound effects can still be heard even if you set the sound effect level to 0, tick the box to mute all sounds, or even set the master volume to 0. The ones I know of so far are:

  • M.O.L.A’s dash, parry, and Laser Drone
  • When the ball gets lit up at the Kazan Dojo
  • The ball spawning in and the pigs from the Manzai Farm
  • The cannon and holograms at the Arcus Munitions Deck

2. If matches are set up to go for more than 1 round, the UI for the rounds won doesn’t get refreshed when starting a new match.

3. There’s some kind of inconsistency with using the Pause menu (at least while using a PS4 controller) where the Square button is sometimes used to select the options instead of the Cross button.

4. Galenta’s not supposed to start matches with 3 meters, right?

5. If P1 is Chi and P2 is any other character, and they’re playing in a match that goes for more than 1 round, P2 doesn’t start any round after the 1st one with full HP. I think Chi needs to be nerfed a bit as well. At the very least her shadow clones should disappear and she shouldn’t be allowed to make more while her Bullet Barrage attack is in effect, especially since the extra balls she makes don’t even damage her anyway when they go through her own goal. The big issue is that she can stall for time with Bullet Barrage since a new ball doesn't spawn in until all those extra balls are removed.

6. After time runs out or a player gets KOed, players who aren’t KOed still need to be able to move to try stopping any projectiles still in play, since there’s a period of time where they can still take damage before the end result of the round is decided.

I’ll leave out any criticisms on the AI, since improvements for them were originally planned for an update once upon a time... Wish I chose to look into this game sooner. It’s an incredibly creative take on Pong, with so many cool ideas implemented, with the characters, stages, and the overall playstyle.

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Alright, I’ve decided to make a list of the issues the AI has after all (the issues that I know of, anyway). The main issue is that not all of the characters use all of their skills, not even at Expert difficulty:

Kotatsu: Doesn’t use her Wall Jump

Cali: Doesn't use her Counter Stance

Ginny: Doesn’t move while carrying a ball she’s caught. Also if she catches a ball, AI opponents don't move until she releases it, when it'd be more beneficial to try and stay in front of her.

Menoko: Doesn't seem to know she can block and parry while moving with only her momentum, making her very susceptible to chip damage and Syrhild's Meteor Smash.

Suji: Doesn’t use her Foxfire

Jill: Doesn’t use any of her abilities

Smaller general issue: At the beginning of a match at the East Birthday Street stage, the ball starts in a position where it hits the players’ pads straight in the middle if they don’t move, so at the beginning of a match there the AI will just let the ball bounce back and forth if nothing changes its trajectory.