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Thumbs up for crediting them!

Could you detail what kind of assets you'd like? Low- or hi-poly? Do you have anything in mind (any models) before the jam starts or is everything decided afterward? And are you planning to use animations?

This is the best response in this thread!

Thanks for the response and good luck in the future!

That's nice to hear! Good luck.

Didn't know PS1 Jam was still on!

Hopefully you do, but you should probably take a fat break since it may have drained your energy for now.

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Wow, the artwork and audio is great, I suggest adding levels with different shapes and some obstacles. I think it would be better if, instead of dragging, the player could control the "snake" wall with WASD. Pretty unique concept, it does get boring after the few minutes you spend catching the cat. Nice work anyway!

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Great design for the artwork, but I fail to notice how the gameplay fits the theme; sure, you could argue that you're not in full control of the train, how fast it goes and you can't reverse it, but it's definitely not what you expect when you think "out of control" and this concept has been done before. At least it looks nice. Also, there's a minor tiling bug in level 2 and maybe a few others. There's also a few scaling issues, where the text isn't displayed entirely and it overflows out of the game window. Good audio choice, and funny voice-over bit before the splash screen. Good effort overall!

It looks nice, and the audio is nice, but those are pre-made assets, so I'll count them out (still, good choices). The UI is well made, I don't seem to remark the level of originality that Darenn mentions, as I've seen many games with this style. The part that is original is combining this with testing the game (There's definitely been a few games, one more popular, about playtesting a game inside the game as the main storyline, but I forget the name of the most popular one), but I've found a pretty bad UI bug in the first level - I noticed that the computer had a password input before knowing the password, and I had no way to escape out of it. Anyway, great effort put into the game!

It's a very simple game, and it's nice that you did the music for it. I'd like to correct you, however: it's not the gravity that flips, it's the screen. Nothing happens differently to the player, or to the rockets, other than being rotated 180 degress relative to the display and staying exactly the same relative to the game world. Regardless, good effort!

Will you continue to work on it?

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Alright, happy to provide feedback! It is slightly disappointing that you probably won't continue to work on the mechanics/details, but it's completely understandable. You probably didn't expect to work on the title after the Jam, and wrote some chaotic/unorganized code that's a mess and difficult to understand, because well, it was just for this 48-hour interval, and now frankly rewriting the code would be too big of an investment of your time. I really recommend planning ahead next time (if there will be one), because this is what a lot of rough indie games with potential become. Thanks for the response and good luck!

I'd suggest making it slightly easier to play, because this way it'll be more fun for all of the players, and I don't think spending more than 20-30 minutes in a game like this one is reasonable or should be expected of anyone (unless you add extra features or decorations/small details that make the game feel rich). Thanks for the response though, and great to hear you're listening to feedback and continuing to improve this title!

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All I can say is, I liked the visual effects. There doesn't seem to be a set goal, and it's pretty funny that the build is titled "VFX Graph Practice", because that's exactly what it feels like. The scaling of the UI is a bit off for different resolutions. Anyway, nice work on the game, the highlight is definitely the nanobots animation!

Simple graphics, but I had a bit of fun. I really like that the gun shoots whenever it wants, it's chaotic and kind of hilarious. You can only run from those red guys (the design colors might be a reference to SUPERHOT), you can't hide, and you can try to use the gun to your own advantage and launch yourself into the sky, but you can bet you won't stay there for long because of the gun. It pushes you off of every surface you stand on, and it's great. A fully-fledged, graphically advanced (within the limits of indie-grade assets) game with those mechanics would be pretty nice, especially with multiplayer capabilities. This game has a bunch of potential. Great work!

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This is a simple game, and it's a nice spin on the classic offline dinosaur game from Chrome, however the hitboxes aren't accurate enough to not make the game frustrating (as it's been said in every review so far), and it could use a bit more polishing and details, because it's obviously not a good stand-alone game at this stage, just like T-Rex Runner (the Chrome game) isn't (maybe you don't mean it to be). However, I congratulate you for your effort on this game and for managing to submit it almost 2 hours before the deadline!

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Pretty nice way to play with music, I don't think it's unique, and although it's not a perfect fit for the theme, I enjoyed it. Some of the transitions between sounds are very abrupt, so that could be worked on, but I liked the art and the music. Nice work!

Good job, it is pretty buggy, my fans were instantly running at 80%! Also, very weird choice of having a setup .exe for a game, instead of a .exe plus a folder for data (I'm assuming you didn't build it with Unreal/Unity/Godot, maybe OpenGL or something from scratch, or another engine). Couldn't hear any audio, but art was good, I found it similar to some other game I played a bunch of time ago with many objects floating in some water (can't remember the details). Anyway, nice work on the game and congrats for publishing it 2 hours before the deadline!

I liked that you built this in Unreal, so good effort for that. I found the UI (buttons on the panels) weird and completely non-functional, so a tutorial would make a great addition into the game. I think the FoV is a weird choice, and the lighting is a bit buggy and weird, interesting choice of level design (shouldn't it be a room?). Also, I fell through the map by running into the panel on the very left side. Anyway, nice job for submitting before the deadline!

I like the voice acting! Great artwork and audio, and nice work!

Wow, pretty great work! The music choice is nice, although I think it's a bit too chiptune-y. Also, would've been great if you added something that took the control even more from the player.

I would've loved bigger levels from the start, and I think this would do better as a desktop/stand-alone game with bigger and more detailed textures. I loved the character, and I feel like some more characters, objects and animations along with minor details would be a great addition to this game. Anyway, good stuff, a lot of effort put into it!

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The biggest piece of advice I'd have to give this game's author is to not try to be too ambitious, seriously. I'd enjoy a well-polished game of pinball over any unfinished project. Anyway, good effort put into making this game and nice artwork! Also, I'd recommend packaging builds for OSes separately, as it increases download size (not a big file here, but it's generally a good thing to do).

The idea is original, well done on that, it's a very neat concept with an intuitive, and different way of controlling the player to get to the goal! The UI could use a bit of work (changing the resolution doesn't change some of the elements' sizes) and the levels could be designed to be neater, but I'm absolutely sure this could be a Steam release. Great work!

I'm not entirely sure how to play this thing, I don't think there was a build attached for Windows! This jam required all submissions to be Windows-playable at the least. I'm sorry but I can't rate the game, and I would've liked to see at least some screenshots. Anyway, since you made all of the art and audio, and the game was submitted 3 hours before the deadline, I can say you probably made a good effort!

The art is pretty nice, song choice was okay, but I feel like one of the crucial things missing is animations. Although you kept it simple with the mechanics and UI, you made a good effort. Nice work!

I couldn't hear any audio, the menu and gameplay are a bit too basic, but I enjoyed the art style.
Also, I liked the note attached with the game! You made a good effort.

Agh! It's very frustrating, but it's a neat concept. Although AGHHHHH

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No exit button, more playtesting should be done, I couldn't get past the third level (too frequent CONTROL IS AN ILLUSION randomizations), but then again maybe I'm not supposed to. Good game anyway!

Why is your YouTube video interlaced? Looks pretty great, soon to be proud receiver of a VR headset, will play if I remember to

Full Game Review

summary: Pretty neat concept, it's your standard 2D game with a twist. I particularly like the title screen design and the music by Ronald Jenkees.


GRAPHICS 8/10, the spaceship you control is cool and the environment looks good

GAMEPLAY 8.5/10, while the idea of stopping time in games isn't new (SUPERHOT was the inspiration, as the dev mentioned on YouTube), there's still enough action going on to keep you entertained, and the game is pleasantly difficult, meaning you can't just go straight through levels, but it's never too hard that it gets frustrating. As you go, the difficulty increases linearly and you always feel it. The simplicity of the mechanics is also remarkable.

CONTROLS 7.5/10, I did feel the controls were a bit wonky; I found the rotation a bit too fast and the movement a bit too slippery; it lacks the snappy feel a great 2D game usually has, but makes up for it in other categories.

SOUND 8/10, as I said in the summary the music is great, however the sound effects are a bit simple and lack amplitude. I'm just nitpicking here though.

PLAYTIME 9/10, the game delivers about as many levels as expected (40); not too long, not too short, just enough to fully enjoy the experience of a 2D equivalent of SUPERHOT.

STORY 5/10, the premise of the game is that you're on a mission to broadcast (great!) music to opressed citizens (which are represented visually by cute astronauts on the margins of the levels), but I feel that the story definitely could've been developed a lot further. Did this game need a story? Obviously not, but since it has a few words written out, I wish it was either completely gone or fully fledged!

bugs: This game also has a few bugs, but I don't know whether the dev will fix it, considering how old it is. Regardless, here's the problems I found

1. In the console which opens up when double-clicking the executable on Windows, the following error appears (the game was made with Godot, running on OpenGL ES 3):

ERROR: texture_set_size_override: Condition ' p_width <= 0 || p_width > 16384 ' is true.

  At: drivers/gles3/rasterizer_storage_gles3.cpp:1040

This isn't a "bug" per se, however, since it doesn't affect anything and it might not even relate to the game itself, since it comes from one of the driver's C++ files.

2. Resolution scaling isn't ideal on Full HD, however the game looks just fine on 1650x1050. The fact that it runs on fullscreen by default and it's not toggleable (at least as far as I know) may be a problem for some people, though.

3. If at any point throughout the levels you press ESC to get back to the main title, the cursor disappears and you can't select the buttons with your keyboard.

That's about it, thanks for reading my review!

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The game is supposed to be played with WASD and Space keys and the countdown is actually a score that measures how far you've traveled. This game will receive a major optimisation update on Tuesday and it will be better. I intended to make a major update fixing all the bugs and finishing up the game in a later version, but considering how much feedback the game has received, it will be posted this week. Promise and sorry for the inconvenience. The finished update should cover up your problems with playing the game. Stay tuned!

Well, really nice work on the game. It's great. Especially since you worked on it. Really cool!

Thanks! Gonna play it. Nice project page! I definitely like it.


Awesome game! How old are you? And who made the music? It's really good! Nice job!

good game

Rate my game! What do you think? It's my second ever. Feedback highly appreciated! :D

It's a cool game!