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If you are a game developer who creates YouTube videos about your projects, could you link your channel in the comments below?

I recognize that self promotion on social media is one of the best ways to find an audience for your games and build your brand image. I'm doing research on what works and gets the best engagement

Thank you!

I was playing the game using the app, so that may be part of the problem. I will try again tomorrow in a wen browser instead

Yes, clicking on the door will cause text to appear that explains which color door to open along with a prompt to press space. Pressing space does nothing 

Hello! When I press Space, nothing happens and I am unable to get past the opening screen. Is there a way around this issue? For reference, I am on a Windows computer.

I don't see it available on Are you planning to only release it on Steam?

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It's likely a problem with your computer settings or internet connection, and not an issue directly related to

Edit: Here's a website that you might find helpful: App installation failed on Mac solved

Have you tried playing games through the App? That may help

I would recommend emailing staff directly 

I would be careful about remaking games. Even if the game is no longer available to be played, it could still be copyrighted and there's a chance you'd get in legal trouble if it looks too much like the original 

it's so cute! 

Hello! Thank you for supporting my art! You are welcome to reach out to me on Discord (pop_shop_packs) if you would like to request an addition to this asset pack.

I would ask this question in the comment section of the project page. It may be an issue only the developer of the game can troubleshoot

It shows up for me? 

My Cottage Bunnies asset pack now has 35 characters! If you have any recommendations for cottagecore outfits for a new character, let me know : )

See the Publishing Section of Your first page

Yes? That is what I clarified with my edit?

I'm not sure how to reply to this comment. I think I have said all that I can say about this topic, so I will no longer be replying in this post.

I have not been able to find any instances of an staff member directly stating that search results are truncated (the only person I found who suggests this is you, oddly enough). What I did find was multiple instances of the staff clarifying that search results are optimized for searching for exact titles.

"The box is optimized for exact title searches, that's what. Searching by keywords is a matter of luck." (No Time To Play, Why is the search function of the store so limited?)
I've said this in other posts, but essentially search is suited for finding things by direct title, not by topic. Tags are how people browse things by topic. People do not browse by topic...through our search engine. Hope that helps. (leafo, My game doesn't show up in search or tags)
"Our search engine is optimized for Direct title search since that is how the majority of people use search. For users who are browsing for new games, we try to push them into our browse pages with tags, which are surfaced on the top of the search results. This means that the text in the body of your project page and any tags you add will not become search queries for your project. Tags are only for our browsing pages, which are separate from search." (Limitations of Search, Getting indexed on Search & Browse)
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Someone on Reddit found a way to include multiple exclusions. For example:[]=tg.horror&exclude[]


Finally home from work so I could do a little research. Back in 2017, Leafo implemented a quick fix in response to the post Can I use exclusion filters?. This fix allows users to exclude one tag from the browse page. There is no way to exclude multiple tags.

I also looked into how to exclude tags in Search. I'm no web developer, but from what I can tell you can't exclude tags from your search results. The website just isn't designed to do that.

So will hide all games tagged as "horror, but will not.

Do you have absolute proof that this is the case? 

That sounds hilarious 

I have "Name Your Own Price" for many of my asset packs and it is so humbling to see how many generous and kind people there are on who are willing to support us creators even when they don't have to.

I'm hesitant to suggest doing anything that would ultimately cause issues for the website. 

I have noticed that many horror projects include key phrases like "horror" and "scary" in the title or tag line. Would you be able to hide projects with such key words or phrases using CSS Magic Script?

Oof, yeah, that may put what I'd like to do outside of the scope of my programming skills currently. Thanks for checking that out

Absolutely. Excluding tags is a pretty standard feature on many websites. It makes me wonder if there's a specific reason why they haven't implemented it yet

Wait the game is free?! You're spoiling us

Dude your art looks sick! You've done an amazing job

Please provide additional information about what kind of game you're working on. There are some types of games (i.e. NSFW) that not all artists may feel comfortable being associated with. 

Also, how do you plan to compensate artists for their work? Is this a commission based project? Will you offer a percentage of the total profit from project sales? Or, are you paying in experience (looking for unpaid volunteers)?

I understand wanting to be secretive about what exactly your game is about, but you need to be clear about expectations when looking for people to work with

I hope you can go! I went to Tokyo a few years back and it was a lot of fun. People there are really nice (if you are also nice and polite of course). Where in Japan do you want to visit?

I'd like to journal everyday. With my adhd, journaling has always been something that I've struggled to do, but I know it can be beneficial for your mental health.

Please do not post NSFW content in the forums. Or if you do, please include "NSFW" in the title. Some of us don't want to see porn when we're pursuing while on break

I have a friend who does audio recordings for books and she's interested in doing voice acting for video games. But, she'd like a general ballpark estimate of what she could expect to be paid from doing voice acting for small projects before she commits to looking for commissions.

For those who have hired voice actors, how much did you compensate them? If you haven't hired voice actors, but would like to, what would you hope to pay?

And, if you are a voice actor, what has your experience been like working with game devs?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays : )

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There's a lot of games out there, and getting noticed takes both work and luck.

From what I can tell, you've done a lot of things right with making your game look interesting for potential players. For one, you've got a free demo available. Many games on get ignored because people don't want to pay for a game that could be boring. Having a free demo fixes this problem. 

You've also included a video with gameplay and a description of what the game entails. These are all good things.

But, have you advertised your game on social media platforms? Have you tried building an audience on YouTube or TikTok? 

Happy holidays!

It is wild for a developer to sell a game and expect players to not think about why things are the way they are in the game.

Also, yeah, it's best to take some YouTuber's opinions with a grain of salt—Many do make money from sensationalism.

In case your weren't aware, you can use GIFs as your project thumbnail. I recommend you do this (especially if you sell assets) because it gives users a quick preview of your project by simply hovering over the thumbnail. Also, it's just cool.

If you do use a GIF, be aware that the first frame of the GIF is going to be what people see until they hover over the thumbnail. 

For example, here is the GIF I use for the thumbnail of one of my projects. It's supposed to demonstrate the various animations I included in the asset pack

However, this is the first frame, so this is what people see on my page and in searches:

You may notice it doesn't really get across just how many animations there are. In fact, a user may think this pack is just a single PNG in different colors.

A thumbnail that has this as it's first frame would be so much better. It's not perfect, but it's something.

So, when you're making your GIF thumbnails, be mindful of what the first frame is and what a user may think of it.

The thing that's worked for me, as simple as it seems, is asking people to follow/subscribe to you. E.g., when you make a post to social media, include a "call to action" like, "Click that follow button for updates on the project!"

Also, as coffee drip mentioned, post consistently. That's something that I struggle with, but I know that the algorithm blesses those who make regular posts/uploads regardless of the platform.