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I also recommend Godot. It's a relatively powerful and easy to learn software despite it being completely free to use. And, most importantly, it has the most comprehensive documentation I have seen for any software(It makes my little nerd heart so happy) so you can find clear information straight from the developers. 

The only drawback to Godot it is it requires some programming know-how. If the thought of writing code scares you, I'd recommend starting with a software like GameMaker Studio. If you're already familiar with Python, learning how to use Godot is going to be a cake walk.

Hello! Enjoy this frog with a hat

Yep, but it may be harder to find if you're on mobile

This is genuinely good advice. I'm a scaredy cat and can't play horror games

What games are you talking about that fall into niche categories? From what I can see, its mostly horror stuff on the main page, which is a very popular genre

I'm a pixel artist and also a fan of the SCP Archives. If I were to create pixel assets for various SCPs, would anyone use them for projects? I'd love to combine two of my favorite hobbies, but I'd like to prioritize assets that will actually have an audience for them

Not a furry but I think the art is very good

A game where you play as a beast master from hell. Think Stardew Valley, but with focus on the animals instead of farming, and all the animals are monsters. Your relationship with the nearby village can be beneficial depending on what you want. Maintain a positive relationship and the people will sell you more items for cheaper prices and will give you quests. Maintain a bad relationship(caused by allowing monsters to roam freely) and you may get specific types of new monsters, but you also risk the chance of the village forming an angry mob to arrest you. 

If you are just barely getting into game design, do not plan on making your dream game as your first project. Taking on such a potentially large project will most likely lead to burn out. Start with something small, something you know you can make. From there, work on incrementally larger projects until you have the experience and know-how to be able to confidently create your dream game. 

The characters look very cute. This looks like a game I'd enjoy playing

Very cute!

Wow! You have quite a variety of patterns for walls and floors, that's awesome! One thing I might consider would be including furniture and other decor. For example: Couches, picture frames, sinks, bathtubs, curtains, etc. I would also consider adding a female character since you already have a male character. These are just suggestions though, the pack looks great as is

Yes, you can use this pack in a commercial project. Please refer to the licensing info on the asset page for more details(I forgot to add it when I first posted the pack, but it should be there now)

Thank you! And yes, you can use this in your game, even if you intend to make money from your project. Please refer to the licensing info on the asset page for more details(I forgot to add it when I first posted the pack, but it should be there now : )

I'm attempting to receive a payout for my account for the first time from however the payout has been stuck in "in review" for nearly a week. How long does the review process normally take? Is there anything I should be doing to speed up the process?

Super cool as always

It's very cute! Good job

These are epic

The colors of these assets are phenomenal, you’ve really done a wonderful job!

For customizing colors: Trust your heart, let fate decide. Also, look into basic color theory and use your art program's "select by color" feature if it has it.

Kittens! This is an excellent idea and it is now added to my "must-do" list

I've been planning more animations for this pack for a while. If you have specific requests(aside from the three listed above) please let me know as I'm always open to suggestions.

I'm pretty busy with my actual(rent-paying) job, so updates may be a little slow. That said thanks for supporting my art and I'm excited to see what type of RPG you're making!

What basic animations should survival RPG characters have? So far I have:

  • Standing
  • Idle
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Death
  • Attack(Sword)
  • Attack(Magic)

Gah these are so cute

I do have a cat designed(it's actually available as part of the free demo ^.^ ) , should I add more types of cats? And I like the wolf idea, although I am toying around with creating a seperate asset pack that would include larger animals such as wolves, bears, and big cats whose sprites would be larger and taller than the character sprites in this pack

Thank you! And that's a wonderful idea. I'll have to look into that

I'm planning on starting a new YouTube series where I review 2d asset packs(mostly pixel art). I know next to nothing about art, but I do make my own art packs and know my way around Godot, so the reviews will be more about functionality for game devs than the art itself. I'm not a professional, and I don't intend to make myself out as one.

If you'd like me to make a review about an art pack you've created and have available for download on, please comment below. I will only review packs that are listed as "Free" because I am poor lol

Please also list if you'd be okay with me linking the review in the comments of the asset pack listing


What about a portrait creator for monsters?

Time to make some friends so I have people to play this with

This looks so cool!

Thanks! It may take some time for me to add it to the pack, but I'll add it to my to-do list

Are the sparkle animations part of the pack? If so, that's amazing

So cute! I loved it

Love the artwork

Do you do concept art or backgrounds?

This is an awesome idea. What did you use to program this? What if you added a "test drive" feature where users could walk around an area with their sprites?

Do you have any asset packs available on already?

The image of the forest looks like it belongs in an animated Disney Movie

Sleeping Beauty Background Art

So cool. I love the lighting effect

It looks like there are enemy and NPC packs