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Very easy to run, great environment and unique atmosphere.

Very cool little demo. Nice pixel work.

I love the atmosphere. Very cute and bizarre game.

Interesting concept for sure!

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That was fun! Took a lot of tries.
Worth continuing on.

A very complete feeling game. Probably very much worth turning into an expanded concept. Loved it.

This was a fun little game. I wish I could play a few more levels.
Please continue to explore this concept into a full game if you enjoyed writing it!

Very strange sound issues on the Linux build.
Aside from that it is a nice little game.

It is a very fun little concept. Bicycle martial arts against drivers. :D
Collision detection seemed a bit rigid.

This was a good time. I played it a handful of times.
If you had fun I think it'd be well worth continuing on. It's great for a quick mental break.

Best Moment: Probably when I saw my Emitter class iterating through the firing sequence actions provided to via the first level. This sequence of delayed but defined functions called at certain keyframes was successful I feel. It's less clean in some other languages. Especially if you don't have parameter lists with optional parameters.

Worst Moment: Trying to figure out how to deploy to multiple systems and realizing that I've probably been using GitHub wrong all this time. Feeling a bit guilty for spending some of borodust's development time in helping me deploy.

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Hmmm seems to be having a bit of an issue on my Linux Mint system:


Pastebin of error log

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Please ensure you have a 64 bit version of Windows for the Windows port.
The Mac build will be affected by the High Sierra problem (10.13.4 and up won't run).
The Linux port has been tested for Linux Mint.
Temple OS is not supported at this time.

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I've got shot emitters working. :)
Thanks to trivial-gamekit for the easy drawing routines.
It will be a reduction of the danmaku genre.