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Aha thank you! Weird fact, the game's resolution is 320x190, and the Amiga's main resolution was 320x200 (or 320/220 if you're like me and live in Yurp), so yeah it is pretty much Amiga Widescreen :D Only in black & white! I am working on an update with more content, follow me if you're interested! I'm taking my time with it atm, but I'll get there :D Thanks!

Lone Rabbit's working them out now! I assume it's more complicated than expected :D

This feels reaaally good. I like it! So crunchy! The puzzles are cool too, this is amazing for a jam entry good job!! Criticism wise I would prefer to see more? The view feels a bit tight, and a lot of the jumps are too blind for my liking. And a bit more feedback as to when you can twist gravity and when you can't would be cool, I didn't realise for a while you could only do it on the floor. I am totally nitpicking though this is great, you covered everything else haha!

Good job! I like the puzzles they require good observation!

Nice game! I liked the art a lot, there's a lot of world in there! I didn't quite finish it, I got to the underground part where there are altars with symbols on (the second time) but I ran out of keys and couldn't remember where I left one so I stopped there. I was really intrigued as to what was going to happen though, if the character had a sprint mode or something I probably would have continued. As it was I had already got lost several times, if I could move faster I wouldn't have minded so much. But yeah nice game, thanks! An impressive amount of content for sure!!

I earned $1.50! :D Wait lemons cost HOW MUCH take an economics class, kid!!

This was great :D I really enjoyed it, especially the first time I couldn't quite believe I had to do the whole thing, really fun! :D Suggestions; a bit more feedback when you hit the correct arrow would be cool. Also if it could take the input for the next arrow immediately after the correct one instead of waiting briefly you could speedrun it by memorising it! (or writing it doen on a bit of paper shhh) I think the best thing though would be if you had the arrows nearer to your animation, 'cos when I was trying really hard to earn my $1.50 I couldn't really see it cos I was concentrating on the arrows. If it overlapped in the middle or something it'd feel more immediate. I love the animation btw. :D Great stuff! :D:D

FFFPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFF is the noise I made when I finally escaped. PHEW!!! That's been my favourite experience in this jam so far. Music was great, art & animation was great, the little touches like the heartbeat and the messages appearing under the flashlight were awesome, and the whole light mechanic was fun and tense! It took me ages to escape, but I did because I HAD to I couldn't leave him there! Well done, I really enjoyed this thank you!! :D:D

Oh man I love this! Love the atmosphere, the glow, the movement, the speed and control, really good stuff. The music coming in when the boss appears is perfect, so scary haha! I liked the different weapons too, cool idea. Didn't know you could do it till I saw a comment though, I blew straight past them! Hard as hell though and really bullet spongy; it took me a while even with the bow to work out that I was doing damage, some flashing or inverting or blood or other feedback would really help me realsie what works and what doesn't. And as much as I love the vibe I couldn't get past the turrets. Top notch execution though, really enjoyed it thank you!

433! Rarrgghh

Whoa!!! I really enjoyed this. The player is a little slow but that changes the feel and tactics in it's own way so I didn't mind at all. Love the upgrades, the music was a good choice, the collision is fair and I was so happy when I won I played it again to beat my score which is something that never happens for me. I was proper zoning out towards the end there were so many bullets, it gets pretty trippy. Great job! I've forgotten what my high score was so I'm gonna play it again to check. :D

Cool! I like journeys, so I liked sitting there watching stuff go by. Nice! I think it could benefit from the occasional screen shake, and more draw distance in front and especially behind, the lamps disappear. But it was cool! I wanted to cross the aisle and look out the other window. :D

I couldn't work out how to play for the longest time, until I spotted the buttons! The Help says buttons but I thought it meant the mouse buttons, or gamepad... and things were happening so I thought I was doing them! The buttons should stand out more so they're more noticable I think, a white outline maybe, or black? Once I found the buttons stuff started happening, and I did ok for a while but then I lost all my syrup. It looks nice! I just don't know what to do, definitely needs some feedback so I know if I'm doing the right thing or not. It's an interesting entry though, and that song is gonna take a while to leave :D

Haha this made me laugh a lot. :D I didn't win. I couldn't win. The controls did something, but after a while I wasn't sure what they did or which panda I was. I enjoyed it a lot though, thank you!

That was fun! I got 85! For improvements it would be cool to have pickups or something to tempt you into death, and slightly smoother movement or something, but it's a cool concept and I enjoyed it a lot, thank you! :D

tenk yew! :D:D

Scary!!! Haha! Being able to splat the baddies with the spikes is a nice touch. Great graphics too, the limited visibility looks really good!

Cool game, and important advice expecially these days. There's more about the concept of Non-Zero days around online which may also help a lot. :D Nice!!

Cool!! I started out kinda depressed about it, haha! Maybe some personality to the square in animation or something would make it a bit more engaging? And yeah it is a bit slow but I guess that's kinda the point! I like the mechanical way you teach, made the whole thing worth it for me. :D Good job!! :D


Damn you're on fire! This was fun :D Those two soups look really similar, but I got the hang of it. RMB would work better for swapping sloop I think. The jumping feels great! 24 hours?! And the art was paint? Nice! I like the colours too! Good job!

ah! I have this on my list it think. I’ve been meaning... to... get to it... dammit

Ah you did man thank you so much! Now I have to remember to make windowed builds of everything I do huh!! :D

Yeah! This was fun thank you! The camera often couldn't keep up with me, but the game was solid! I defeated Grump! >:]

I didn't really understand what I was doing, but I really enjoyed doing it! I didn't win, ever. But it looks so cool when it cascades! Good job! :D

Cool game!! I liked the music and loved the art, and the game controls very well! I would have preferred different keys to play with (z x & space were a bit cramped for me) but it's well made and good fun. :D

(1 edit)

Fun game! I really loved the flame mechanic, it's really satisfying to jump into the dark areas and defy gravity! The art is nice! I think it could have done with showing which walls you can jump off of and which you can't, sometimes the black walls were climbable sometimes not. I also got stuck on level 4 or 5 (lots of moving platforms!), I couldn't find the 3rd flame, I've searched everywhere! It's a shame 'cos I was really enjoying it, I loved exploring and the flying around :D Well done! :D EDIT: level 7 I got stuck on, I think. 70 sec to start with, diagonal dark line at the beginning!

definitely!!! 😃😃

If I could revive ONE old game franchise it'd be I76! Open world? Petrol stations? Elite Dangerous style deliveries and stuff? It'd be amaaaazing. :D #nevergetoutofthecar

Ah cheers so much for taking the time to play all the way through, I really appreciate it! :D The battle system was poorly explained at the start I'm afraid, my fault. Basically if there is a shield up ^, you can press < or > to go around it, all you have to do is press where the shield *isn't* but that's not exactly what I said in the tutorial! Pressing down activates the axe, which if not charged results in a fail. It was worded poorly, I'll fix it as soon as the voting is over next week. Also pressing the arrows to start is SO un-obvious, thank you for working it out! I'd been building the game like crazy for days and it didn't occur to me at all that people wouldn't know to press the arrow keys before they've played the game? Oof! But yeah thanks for playing I'm glad you had some fun! :D

Ah man this game is HARD, but I really want to beat it 'cos that :] is taunting me and I neeed my revenge haha! I love the mechanic, but I feel if you could have total control back every now and again it would give the player more to do, I spend a lot of time waiting for the D & Space so I could move forward, or getting trapped on a pillar. I was hoping I could cheat with the cursor keys but I couldn't haha! I really love the character of this game though, and I'm so desperate to beat it. I'm gonna keep coming back to it until I do dammiiiiiiit

Ah man for a little while this game was a "lost in your own house trying to find the door as people impatiently bang on it" simulator; it's so lifelife!!! :D I love it, I really enjoyed playing. No idea how the cards worked, but I won a few and lost a few and it all felt RIGHT. The vibe is perfect, the voices are great; I hate clowns, but the clown made me laugh so much I think it's my favourite! Ended up stuck at the end where I couldn't pick a mastercard, and it rarely told me who won even if it was me, but it's just bugs, and heart trumps bugs! I really enjoyed this thank you!

I liked the intro and the game over screen a lot, it gave the game a lot of atmosphere and felt like I was doing something real which felt really good! The game itself was cool, although I was finding it difficult timing the jumps, and it was hard to slash the enemies accurately, though it could be down to my pitiable hardware making it harder than it is. It was really satisfying when I got it right though!

I enjoyed this! :D Gotta love playing a game that tells you you're being productive! :D I also got confused at the beginning but I soon worked it out. I was hoping for some harder puzzles where I really had to work out the order, but I also just kinda enjoyed just getting through my day haha, the moral seems to be "just chill out, don't rush, it'll be fine" which I appreciate! The end music in particular is great, and I lovve the artwork. Great stuff! :D

Ah man I loved this, if there was ever a game designed specifically for me this is it ha! There's a HANDBRAKE, there are different driving surfaces, the radio is great, the slight bowing effect on the screen is really great, the dialogue is fun, and you get to blow up white supremacists, what's not to like? Nothin' really. I feel the car controls could be a little better, I'd prefer accelerate on the triggers for example, and I found the steering a little too swingy to be precise with; but that's nitpicking, and it doesn't matter at all. Great game! Only thing that would make this better is if Duke Nukem read you a poem. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go out & buy some vitamin tablets for some reason.

Haha I enjoyed this! I love the mechanic, it made me laugh when it kicked in, flying busted spaceships is fun! :D I liked the little puff that comes out the end of the charge bar too! I also liked when you got hit by an asteroid, nice and chunky and physical. Good job! :D:D

Ah nice!!! I enjoyed this! I love the concept! The art was "ok" for me until I fullscreened it, and I saw they were all little guys and then I got really invested haha! :D Nice! I also love the mechanic where you lose abilities; when I discovered you could wrap around to the other side of the map I laughed so hard, brilliant! :D

I did end up running around in a circle holding the spacebar in the end though, it was too much effort to set up a strategy and keep it viable so I went for the lazy option. I think with a few tweaks this game could really kick ass though, if I may be so bold as to make suggestions!

1) I think it would help if the damaging you abilities part was demonstrated a lot earlier, I didn't really notice the damage particularly until later which is a shame 'cos it's an awesome mechanic and it'd be great if it came into play more. I'd try moving the damagable parts out more so they're around halfway down the road, so you lose abilities more easily, and can perhaps manage without them for a while until you can repair them. Currently they're very close to losing health so there's no trade off, you either lose abilities and then health, or you're ok.

2) I like the repairing turrets mechanic, but it made it hard for me to strategise their position as they could soon diappear, so I ended up keeping them close together so I could re-arm them easily. If they didn't diasppear and just fired less often instead I could have put more thought into their position, and also panic-repaired different directions for more firepower when I needed it.

But yeah I enjoyed it a lot, I love the little vandal guys, some guys just want to smash up a big brick with a heart in it huh? And the music was brilliant and is still stuck in my head, I love it so much! Good game, thank you! :D

hehe thank you! :D

That would be awesome! Thank you! :D:D

Sure! I can't update the current version to do that until the B&W Jam's voting is over, but if you DM me on any of these >>> I can send you a windowed build! :D

Thank you very much! ^^

Ah thank you! :D