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Nice, cute game!

Fun game! Hard to control, but satisfying when you learn how to use it correctly.

Amazing. I absolutely loved the concept, and I would really like to see a full release (and pay for it). Gonna follow your itch for that. 

Great job!

Awesome concept. I kept trying but I just couldn't make it. Maybe a tutorial level would help. 

Really nice game, good job!

Really nice game! Good art and animations, works very smoothly.

Good job!!

Awesome game! Feels smooth and polished. Good job!

This one got me panicking more than I expected. Really cool concept and game. Good job!

Cool concept, pretty neat projectiles from the gun. One thing that bothered me is that on certain points in the game you -completely- lose your control (movement and firing), which can make you feel a bit helpless trying to avoid the turrets or enemies. 

Other than that, great game. Good job!

Awesome game!

Feels like your speed compared to your enemies' speed is just right for running away from them. I enjoyed it. Good job!

Great idea and implementation. 

Awesome game. Good job!

I am blown away. This is by far the best game I've played in this jam. Everything about it is just spot on.

Amazing job. Keep on making awesome stuff!

Nice concept, though I found the controls to be a bit too difficult for me. 

Pretty cool game! :)

I was really impressed by the graphics and the mechanics. Really polished game, good job!

Stunning visuals (if you get a chance to even look at the background), I loved the mechanics. Good job!

I enjoyed this game a lot more than I expected, the concept is awesome and the simple design fits just right. Good job!

Really nice and fun game,  I loved the graphics and design.


Really fun game, I loved the concept. There's a ton potential there for a longer game, and I would definitely play one. Thanks!

Awesome game with cool mechanics. Keep it up! 

Even though it made me a bit angry, I loved the game. It has a cool concept and a lot of potential for a full length game. Keep on making awesome stuff!

Awesome experience, concept, and audio. The game really gets out of control, fitting the theme perfectly. 

Cool game,  I wish I could hang on a little longer.


Awesome little game, loved the repairing mechanic implemented in the game. Keep doing cool stuff!

Very nice concept that could keep you busy for quite a long time. 

Simplistic and really good looking. Thanks!

Such a fun game!

Looks and feels great, and there's a ton of potential for clever levels (though you already did some really nice things)


Nice game.

Note this though: 

Every time I failed and started over, the music was over and the game was stuck.