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Glad to hear you had fun vvelleity! Yes, meatballs, vongole, mushrooms and clams are the most difficult!

Thank you TheBugLord !! Ha ha ha!  I've seen people eat like this and they weren't kids xD

Thanks for all the info Bosbeer6! But I saw a bug in the mouse sensitivity: if I change a scene, reset a level (dying), etc. the sensitivity started at 400 (default value), even though the text showed the previously changed sensitivity value. Now it's fixed! try if you want!

Thanks for your feedback Bosbeer6! Yes, I'll try in the future to improve the controls to make them smoother. If you decrease the mouse sensitivity value, you decrease the multiplier applied to the x-axis and y-axis.

Glad to hear that EllowerCloud! xD  Thank you for playing!

Oh! We don't have time to make a game right now (we are working on many projects at the same time). Thank you NinaMaf!

Thank you NinaMaf! But is it a contest? We made Spaghetti Quest long time ago... Cheers!

Awesome! Thank you for playing mamasboo!

Sorry mamasboo! But the last level has to be a big challenge!

Thank you Sp!nach! I'll do my best for the next games!

This is because meatballs have a stickiness value = 1 (very low). Cheer up! ^^

Glad to hear that Nintendo.Hoe! Thank you for playing! \o/

Thank you Celuloide! Yeah it's a super tiny game, and made in Scratch (which doesn't have many options as Unity and Unreal), but the speed at which you can create something "visible" it's remarkable (I only spent about 2 days to do it). At the same time, you can generate an HTML version using the program "HTMLfier" and is available to play on mobile!

I will do ZinxUwu! Sorry if it bothered you. Thanks for letting me know.

Great and "healthy" walkthrough video! Thank you 5atrac!!

I've seen your video and it looks great! Your reactions are very interesting to improve the game and for my future projects! Thank you so much Aidan! 

Thank you dead303! You are a healthy and long-lived person! ^^

Thank you Tormentor100! If I were you I would try to control my heart rate... maybe something different will happen...

I'm glad you liked it!! Thank you Rodrysson! \o/

Awesome gameplay video! Thank you so much!! ^^

Great!! Thank you for playing marioTheFan2000! ^^

yes... ha ha HA! xD

Thank you for playing! ^_^

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Glad to hear that! 

Hi mingo_man! Are you talking about the Stage 6?

What kind of problems do you have?

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Sometimes, the first seconds of the stage, yes! We put a note below the browser version: Please consider playing the PC build below if you have performance issues and for best visual quality.
Despite that, we are improving the performance for the next versions! Thank you for your feedback!

Hi Jake! Sure! You can contact us using my personal web page -->

Great job Marc! I love the students' sentences <3! I get stuck sometimes and maybe you need balance better the times (after 15 seconds it's very difficult). Overall it's a good game! When I played I had the same feeling teaching Unity years ago! xD

Hi trota68! Thanks for your feedback! I will try add an option to make slow the effects, maybe can change a little the game mood, but I will try. Thank you! \o/

Fix! Thanks for the report and for playing! \o/ 

Great video!! большое спасибо !