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Well-built game! The art, music, and puzzles are nicely designed. The process of elimination is a bit counter-intuitive. But other than that its a charming puzzle game with a catchy tune.

This maze takes me back to engineering 101 where we learned how to draw top, front, and right views of parts on special graph-paper.

Video games are in a sense the perfect communication medium. They can have text, graphics, interactive demos, and much much more. I hope to one day develop a proper 4D engine (with lighting, shading, occlusion, textures etc) in order to visualize polytopes and other objects.

Beautiful (in a gritty, dystopic way). Takes me back to the Game Boy era, could totally be a Metroid background.

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So many neat ideas come from game jams! Any tips for my first Jam?

This is a well-made game. Everything from the art to the combat/puzzle mechanics (and upgrades) is nicely done!

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Neat "game-over" sound effects! Did you make them yourself?

Interesting demo! Splitting and merging to avoid obstacles is an elegant mechanic that would be a lot of fun in a fully-featured version.

That motivation bar is quite realistic lol. I am seeing more and more neglected talent: people who have all sorts of neat ideas who are being ignored by both academia and industry. I am hopeful that some of their innovations, not constrained by the cooperate world, will move society forward.

Lol the bookshelf. Is this your first escape room/point&click game?

Fun little mining game.

Short and difficult, reminds me of the Newgrounds era. You can't jump again until the bouncing animation finishes. Harsh.

Making small games such as this is a nice break from my large, open-ended projects.

"Run, collect, run, upgrade, run, shoot, run, run, run". The 8-bit cemetery starts out easy enough, but the ghost and ghouls get faster and faster. Gamedev definitely stress-tests "clean code" practices. I am inspired by *Factorio* (the blogs were recently resumed) as a large-scale, performant, highly stable game.

Not a fun experience to have IRL. Nice hand (mouse?) drawn graphics and ambient horror soundscape.

Charming graphics and spooky music. Very difficult, I get overwhelmed by skeletons before I make enough at the lumbar mill to buy anything.

He keeps his eyes on the ball, useful to know when it is launched high into the air. Fun little demo of a classic game concept.

This makes me want to add a sci-fi theme to my Bash shell. It's among the most powerful tools in the existence of computing. It deserves better graphics.

Use now or invest for later, that is the question. The music is serene. Not a bad way to spend a few minutes before the tornado buries your wheels or wipes out your energy crops.

A reflection of some common childhood fears. Video-games are where code meets art. I live in code but visit art from time to time; I somehow fit art culture better than the “tech-bro” culture. It’s nice to try a game powered by words and stories instead of math and GPUs.

“Never look twice” neat idea with a steady difficulty curve. Great for Sokaban fans seeking a fresh challenge with a unique way of “route-finding”. I will also check out; I see much potential for game engines both within and outside of gamedev.

I love the pixel patterns used for dithering, it adds to the cyberpunk vibe. It's interesting that you chose "mind uploading" as a topic.

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"Elegant games, from a more pixelated age." This tempts me to make a Rasberry-pi "e-ink" console so I can play classics instead of ad-filled phone games.

"That dragonfly stole my honey". Simple and charming game. Plays as an endless 2D platformer without gravity.

I used to play a clone called "playing with fire" with a friend. We would always try to get two pairs of "running shoes" for super speed.  It's nice to have an open-source template in case anyone wants to make their own version.

Beautiful scene! Much like telescope (RIP Louise Glück) it really hits home how endless the world is, both the cosmos and that inside the mind.

“making it perfect for discreetly playing at work or while watching something on your computer.” Wouldn’t we all like to cheat and sneak in a game here or there! Indeed making a game fit in a tiny amount of screen is good for us multi-taskers.

This game stands out for it’s dark humor aesthetic (right down to the “wanted” posters). The texturing/shaders in particular is very well done.

Now I am hungry for cookies! Interesting bare-minimum demo, could definitely become a solid game.

Interesting to control the character’s emotions and watch the facial expressions. How did you create these 3D animations?

I don’t know much about MicroStudio. Hmm, it seems to be cloud-based and use Lua. Would you recommend it?

“Only Insiders can answer the Questions but you can still try of course. ”. Although I am not an “Insider”, the art looks pretty cool!

Simple yet effective dystopic art theme! Given that this is set in “new Prague” do you plan on adding Czech cultural elements

Charming and spooky artwork complements this side-scroller runner. You run at the exact speed as the pumpkin, which means every second not moving has to be made up with the uncommon “pocket-watch” power-up. Needless to say I ended up as pump-king food pretty quickly, if I practiced more I think I could beat it. Once again the hallowed-nights art is very nice.

“Ice blocks move 3 blocks each ‘push’ at min size, than 2, then 4/3, then none at all.” This is a great core mechanic! The contradictory demands of size vs push distance could set up some tricky puzzles. Look forward to other game prototypes you develop.

Besides the “dual ammo” that rewards careful aim, the enemy inflation mechanic (where larger enemies break more bricks) was quite nice! Developing a complete *in three hours* is way beyond me. Are you planning on doing more 3-hour jams?

Combining short-term projects with long-term projects seems like a good idea, so that if the visual novel game ends up being too difficult at least you have the smaller games to show for.

Thanks! “everything gives you feedback”. Good point here! I will keep this in mind.

Nice! I remember this old physics game blog
I feel that there is a lot of unexplored novelty in physics games, even though they aren't really the "hot new thing" the way there were back in the early 2000s.

"is that I try not to rely on traditional enemy-based or violence-based mechanics"

Good point! The vast majority of platform games have enemies/hazards "hit this and you lose a life/HP/restart level". It gets old quickly! Making games is hard work, I can only squeeze out a (very small) game every couple of weeks myself.

Neat! Are you working on mostly physics games?

I am curious about where this game is going. Are you going to make more of a cruising game (such as midtown madness) or more racing-themed (such as Forza or Trackmania)?