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Muy simple y muy divertido, ¡felicidades!

I'm really enjoying all of your mini games, the simple aesthetic is super cool and I adore it!

I'm not too good at this kind of mechanic, but I really love the aesthetic you chose for the game, it's really charming!

What a neat idea! The game froze when I tried to check what was on my mind, but otherwise I really liked how simple, yet emotional the gameplay is! Good job!

Very interesting aesthetic!

I'm not very good at platform games, but I actually really loved this one! The aesthetic is so nostalgic and the little story (and alien friend!) are so cute that it pushed me to solve every level <3

Really enjoyed building a tiny town, the art is lovely!

Once you get the hang of it, it really is relaxing and fun. Very cute game!

Very nice! I loved the mechanics of both FeedVid Live and FeedVid, they felt new and exciting! (kudos for nailing the clickbait videos and general tomfoolery of the Internet, that was such a nice touch)

Cute game! The aesthetic is quite lovely too!

Gosh, thank you! I had fun figuring out how to make them move with so little pixels, hehehe! Hopefully I'll be able to work on longer games in the future...

Thank YOU for the lovely comment! I'm so happy to know that the text resonated with you! 💖

Thank you! Truth be told, that's my favorite bit of dialogue! And Morse code guy is having none of it, haha. 

Thank you so much! 💖 Coming up with different vibes for each character and room was really fun, hehehe

Thank you! Making it got something off my chest, that's for sure! 

Thank you so much! I struggled a bit trying to find a correlation between the space and the narrative, so I'm so glad to read this! <3

Thank you, that means a lot! 

Thank you!

Oh no, sorry for making you cry! (but I'm glad that you enjoyed it) 💖

Ahhh, thank you so much! 💖 I feel like using a tinier window gave me more control over the aesthetic of the game, big canvases are still a bit scary, hahaha. 

I'm so glad, thank you! ❤️

Thanks! 🐰

Thank you! 💖 It really is tiny, haha! 

Lovely game! The dialogues were so much fun and I love the palettes you used! ❤️

Thank you so much! 💖 I just recently discovered Bitsy and I'm having a blast playing around with it, so thank you for that!

Oh, what a cute idea!!! I love the little heart tiles and the NPC variations! ♡ (also, I'm flattered that my silly little game inspired you somewhat!)

This is the prettiest Bitsy game I have ever seen! Seriously, you did such a great job with the world building and sprites that I literally couldn't stop squealing at the cuteness of it all!!! The dialogues were so fun and the art museum was absolutely genius... Adorable character designs too 💖

Very pretty! I love how tiny and round everything looks, the main character is absolutely adorable!

Really cute game, love the lazy rainy mood!

This game is adorable! I really like the palette, characters and backgrounds, but the little items on the shelves take the cake! So cute!!!

¡La estética es súper bonita! Me encanta la paleta que has escogido ✨

What a cute game! I loved the heartwarming, yet funny mood! The pets' descriptions were really cute too, very nice job!

Loved the atmosphere of this game! The lighthouse feels peaceful, yet sort of eerie and the palette works so well!

Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoyed it! 💖  I'm still getting the hang of this game dev thing, but I had fun coming up with silly dialogues!