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yassirrrrr ❤

bruh if you don't like what cool being that they have become than dont fucking reply like no one asked jeeze..

dude if you don't have nothing nice to say than just don't fucking comment...

see you in 42 years thank gosh lol id be 57

awh i loved this smmm! <3

LMAOO i though that to-

i love how we can name the characters whatever we want LMAOAOAOAO, but very amazing game i really liked the plot!

thx ^^

bruh when i first saw the bikes im like let me guess the bikes are going to turn against me or smth turns out i was right ;-;

lmaoooooo and love ur pfp btw slayyyy mah dude xd

that would be nice!

yasss who dosen't love noodles xddd

i don't know if its me but this game made me so emotional my eyes even started watering but good game keep up the good work! 

this game is so cute i enjoyed playing this game sm!!!


I'm sure all of your game will be fun!

I really like this game interesting story line; I hope you continue to make more amazing games!


my love for raccoons and skateboards❤❤❤

nice one!, the creator doesn't need their shit!

i- what-

loll never thought I'd get obsessed with a pasta game have a nice day ^^

bro we ain't getting any dates..

(1 edit)

this game scarred me for life, poor lil kitties ;-;

Bruh this songs scared me so much at the point where I just started to sing single ladies ;-;

like onggg ;-;

lmao the human looking fish threw me off guard when I caught I'm like bro wtf is dis XD love this game sm have a nice day/night/afternoon!

this is really random lol but I really love ur pfp slayyy <3

I cant believe I just got married to a hot demon jester, like how tf is he so f*cking fine like geez..

(1 edit)

I have a theory what if its genetics and her parents just haven't told her o. 0

omg i legit screamed ;-;


this scared the absolute Sh!t outta me and where the other guy go ;-;




I wish there was like a defense button where you can fight the monsters but not really kill em ;-; cuz I cant make it without the other guy seeing me loike how can he see in the dark ;-;, but it is a really good game keep it up <3

me at first what a cute game-, ahh wait nvm,

love this game smmmm <33, the art is super adorable I hope you have a nice day ^^

^^ have a nice day love ur pfp btw

eeeep this scared the sh!t outta me noice game mate ^^