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after the exit got blocked i clicked the instructions sign at the first area and the game got stuck on the screen showing the sign with the gaping hole?have clicked everywhere on the screen and nothing is happening. oh well!


hello !! haven't beat it yet but i just checked and i lost my save slot.. (i was playing on browser because i'm on mac not window) might throw myself off a cliff haha but i will get back to it! and actually download it this time maybe w the help of porting kit bc i really enjoyed it the last time i played :") thank youu

just started playing and i already love the idea of a helpless companion whom you have to constantly help HAHA + the help tab in the menu where you get to chat with him is really cool too!

side note for mac users: if you're using porting kit for the game and got a popup about rpg maker vxace rtp being required, download it from here: run the setup.exe in porting kit to download the rtp folder and make sure to save the rtp folder to the midnight train folder; then go to the midnight train folder and copy all the vx ace rtp folder's audio fonts files etc into the game folder's audio and fonts files this helped a lot

played this in the library (very fitting!) and gasped out loud when i got killed by the huge teddy haha this was very enjoyable thank you :)

tried using porting kit and got this unfortunately

TypeError: Cannot read property 'blendModes' of undefined...

aw :( okay will give it a shot! i really want to play haha

looking forward to it! <3

mac version doesn't work :( says the application "game" can't be opened

cool game :) it's the least janky + most similar to the classic rpg maker games i'm used to out of the submissions i've played/was able to play

some comments:

- not major but i can walk through/under the car at the start so that's a little weird, other objects too like the trash cans to the right in the first room, a desk with a computer in another room etc.

- as another commenter pointed out the map is huge so i found myself entering random rooms and going up and down stairs without knowing where i was going - i only progressed by entering the right room by chance tbh

- if you have time after the jam it would be cool to have the characters make some comments when interacting with more objects in the game/a little more lore to it!

- TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'this.texture.baseTexture = this._bitmap.baseTexture') error in the browser version? wasn't able to complete the game in the end unfortunately but i liked the part of the game i could play!

agreed i kept trying but not getting the option to learn abt bugbears in cryptozoology :"( had to restart the game app before it worked

game froze for me at the cutscene after getting the elven moondial, so i couldn't finish it. a shame! i thought the combination of 3d and rpg maker elements were really cool otherwise and it was pretty well done :)

ahh i see, i completely neglected the refreshments! yeah i couldn't extinguish the flames quickly enough, but i'll try again with the refreshments this time, thank youu

when i try to open the application, it says "The application “MAC” can’t be opened." - maybe it's incompatible with the current mac version? game looks really fun though!

finished it and it was pretty fun! liked the dystopian vibes

any way to save game on web? my site accidentally reloaded and i lost my progress which was pretty painful :")

what was this HAHA

this was really cute! interesting emphasis on consent 

game is unplayable on mac!

amazing so far!! i'm obsessed i played this all night omg .. but for the dragon boss i'm just curious if it was playtested or even possible? the constant fires popping up make it very difficult to complete the recipe and i can't find any playthroughs of the game

brilliant game!!! super fun, the meatball and vongole pastas took me ages

highest score 1495! got some crazy words toward the end haha

i love the game so much :) the freedom we get w the cooking is fantastic though it's a little laggy on mac, looking forward to the full game!!

super cute game and art! but i agree the learning curve is really steep at the start :( a tutorial would help immensely, also i think the timer should only start when you get the customer's order and not when they start queuing, it's quite unreasonable otherwise

lovely game! got the good end first try.. wonder if there's anything deeper to the double cheeseburger medium fries girl?

not sure if you realised afterwards but there is an ending to the game! the key is the third taxi

you can also download the itch app and download/run it from there! worked for me