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I was looking for photon, which one is it?

Is this online multiplayer?, photon?

Hi, is this photon multiplayer, or construct's native plugin?

100% paid

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We are looking for an experienced developer to help us out with the farm sim we are doing, in the vein of Stardew Valley. DM me with your portfolio or add me at discord:


Absolute sadness.

This is the error message

Any ideas what that problem is? The game runs perfectly on my local machine.


I have a C3 game, with custom js. At the beginning of my main.js file, I import another file:

import Globals from "./globals.js";

This line is making the game break and gives a 403 error. How can I make that path relative? I'm a js newbie.



Thanks for your reply, it is a game I did for a client, this is the link:

But I think it should be a resources problem as you say.


While playing a web game, itchio kept giving me the 'run game' button rather than the 'restore game' button  when switching tabs. Had to start the game for scratch each time I came back, my device:

LG phone running Android 7.0, with Chrome as my browser. 

This only happens with a singular game I uploaded, not sure if I'm doing something wrong on the settings.

Any ideas?

Great art, fun and funny!

Very cool and funny rpg, I recommend!

You have to put some youtube video or soundcloud link for potential buyers to hear samples.

Sure, where do I pm you the download key?

I liked World's Smallest RPG so much that it inspired me to make a similar game in 3D XD, look up for Wander Dice 

Cool stuf fam

Fam, where are your older games? Do you sell them somewhere else?

Cool game m8

Good stuff


Would like to be part of a bundle with other RNG, or text based games, like Wander Dice:

Contact me so we can make it happen, cheers!

Great stuff fam


And I don't mean to replace tradional payment, forcing people to use crypto. Just to have an alternate option to buyers and sellers.

Sad. But thanks for the reply.

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Hello everyone,

I'm close to finishing up my 1st premium game. I've been a freelance game dev for years, I got so tired of the crappy requests from my clients that I decided to make something with soul.

So I made a funny rpg/roguelite/choose your adventure frankenstein. 

Will release on march the 15th, cheers!

As a game dev, I rather be payed in crypto than in fiat currencies. I'm so tired of dealing with the goons at paypal and banks, that I have less problems with crypto than with fiat.


Awesome stuff, thanks!

Sos el capo

Cool stuff bro

damn cool fam

thank you senpai

Hmmm ok. I think there would be some sort of integration with an api, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Thanks for the reply!


So I'm thinking in uploading a F2P game, with in app purchases, that go through paypal. Can I just do it like that, or itchio has to take a part of the sales?