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If this page would accept crypto currencies, that would be great

A topic by PapitoMyKing created Feb 24, 2019 Views: 271 Replies: 8
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Too much problems with it:


As a game dev, I rather be payed in crypto than in fiat currencies. I'm so tired of dealing with the goons at paypal and banks, that I have less problems with crypto than with fiat.

Wow, I was just about to post about this!  My suggestion: accept Nano. It's got no fees, transactions take about 2 sec, and it's easy to implemen thanks to Brainblocks. Plz do this <3 


It's unlikely we'll add a crypto payment method until something gains widespread adoption. The state of crypto payment solutions is very volatile right now. Also, keep in mind this won't magically get rid of fees, since most buyers will likely be using traditional fiat currency through our current provides, which have a fee per transactions. Thanks

When I was reffering to fees, I was aiming more at the transaction of the crypto itself. Of course all regular fees would have to apply, but with Bitcoin you would pay a small amount for your transaction to go through at all. With Nano that's not a thing.

But yeah, I can see the issue of adoption and payment sollutions, at least if you have to implement more than a single cointype.

one big issue is how customers use crypto, people use paypal or credit on the internet to pay for stuff. The common customer might not have understanding how money turns into crypto or the price of crypto.

Sad. But thanks for the reply.


And I don't mean to replace tradional payment, forcing people to use crypto. Just to have an alternate option to buyers and sellers.

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