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Linux techdemo would be nice :D looks good judging from the GIF

I have the same problem. I'm on Manjaro. Maybe it's possible for the dev to release the game as an AppImage?

I saw the game in The Linux Gamer's Top 10 video, and I looked at the ball and went "Wait, is that the Godot logo?". I looked up the game and sure enough, you've used Godot 3.1 :-D Nice entry, +1

I would love to know how this is done. Might be cool to see if anyone can replicate this effect in Godot Engine ^^

Ok so I've encountered two issues this far:

  1. I saved the game right before the monster attacked me, making it spawn-kill me everytime I reload my save.
  2. The monster seems to have no running animation, I assume this is a bug

This was in the current Linux-build here on Itch. Seems like a great game so far!

Ok good! I never got that video posted as I had planned... But I'm glad you figured it out :-D

No problem, just excited to see it here on Itch ^^ Will any of your other projects release here as well? If I like this game I'd love to follow your progress here on Itch ;-D

Pretty cool game! If you're planning to make a full release, I'd strongly recommend using Godot to avoid having to pay royalties :-) Seems like the perfect engine for a game like this ^^

Hey! I'm wondering when the Linux-version of the game will be available here on Itch? I'd love to add this game to my library :-)

Hey, nice little project! There's too few 3D Godot games out there, and I'm hoping to see more of them + tutorials as the engine keeps growing ^^ I was a bit frustrated as the water-creature, his controls felt a bit wonky. But other than that it was a cool demo, and a nice setup for a puzzle-game :-)

Nice game, very captivating. The silence and mystery of space feels spot-on :-) Looking forward to the full release!

I noticed there was a bug on my end when I flew back to the station, and I clicked the button to go back to the main menu. The menus sort of stacked on-top of each other, and it just looked weird. I'm on Manjaro Linux.

When I was reffering to fees, I was aiming more at the transaction of the crypto itself. Of course all regular fees would have to apply, but with Bitcoin you would pay a small amount for your transaction to go through at all. With Nano that's not a thing.

But yeah, I can see the issue of adoption and payment sollutions, at least if you have to implement more than a single cointype.

Wow, I was just about to post about this!  My suggestion: accept Nano. It's got no fees, transactions take about 2 sec, and it's easy to implemen thanks to Brainblocks. Plz do this <3 

It's downloading now yes :D Thanks!

Hi, I just wanted to check this game out and see if it was worth giving some cash ^^ But I can't download the Linux-version from Itch. It just says: "htfs.Open (initial request): HTTP file not found on server". In a browser, clicking the Linux download-link takes me to your external website?

Haha :D Probably some short-term fun to be had with this game, if the buggs are fixed now.