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"Run game" instead of "Restore game"

A topic by PapitoMyKing created Nov 20, 2020 Views: 112 Replies: 2
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While playing a web game, itchio kept giving me the 'run game' button rather than the 'restore game' button  when switching tabs. Had to start the game for scratch each time I came back, my device:

LG phone running Android 7.0, with Chrome as my browser. 

This only happens with a singular game I uploaded, not sure if I'm doing something wrong on the settings.

Any ideas?


Hi PapitoMyKing,

I tried your game “Out of Luck” (assuming that’s the one you were referring to) and it was all working as expected, when switching tabs, I could resume the game without issue.

On android, if a tab is consuming too many resources, sometimes android will decide to kill it, so those resources will become available to what’s currently active on the screen. Is there a chance that’s what is happening in your case? Have you tried the same on a tablet, that possibly has more resources available?


Thanks for your reply, it is a game I did for a client, this is the link:

But I think it should be a resources problem as you say.

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