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hi there !

I'm having way more fun than I expected ^^'

But i'm stuck! I can't retrieve the egg after it pushed the button! 

It seems like it is supposed to be bounced upwards, but it juste stays under there and I end up at the little house without it :(

wow, awesome concept! And it feels really good to play. Congrats.

nicely done. Good job!

Just went through the whole thing. Enjoyed it. Well played.

very simple platformer. Enjoyable, but simple.

Wow! I just went through the whole thing and it was a blast. The last levels kicked my ass for a while, but i managed to finish the game in the end. Congrats. Had a lot of fun!

nice one, good fun. I like how your level design fits really well with the 2 parts of each level (with normal gravity and with low gravity). Goodjob.

Interresting. It's a solid base of a game ^^. I would have liked more monster types than just basic melee, to create a wider variety of situations. Also, I find frustrating the fact that most of the time you can not deal the first blow to the ennemy. I would have liked the option to skip a turn for instance.

Great job anyway =). keep it up.

nicely done.

A really charming game =).

Really relaxing aswell. Good job.

It feels good to play and control the plane. I love the effect when you are juste above the water.

But i find it hard to shoot other planes. Also some music or at least sound effect would add a lot to the gamefeel. =)

Awesome. Feels great to play. Sadly the game crashed while i was harvesting my skeletons... =s

Wow, good job on the mood... This is sooo creepy...

I'ts a bit unclear what you're supposed to do...

Really cool mechanics in there. I like how the crystal ball serves serveral purpose. Good job.

A fun little game. Keep it up.

I'm not much of a math personn, but i had a lot of fun going through this anyway. I could easily see this concept become a hit as an app for smartphone.

Wow, that's really cool. Too bad i could only play with myself.

I liked it. Looks great and you get use to the controls after some times.

The spikes part is too hard for my liking.

Great job.

That's my kind of game! It feels good to play! But where is the score?????? I want that with score and combos.

Anyway, great idead and great execution. Keep up the good work.

It looks pretty but its really hard xD.

Good job on this one. Felt pretty good to play =).

A nice little platformer. Mabe you should allow the player to resize the window or something.

The lack of checkpoint can make the game a little frustrating at times (especially in the 3rd level).

Good job. It felt good to play. Mabe you could have found some way to give the player the control. The grave searching especially.

It's really atmospheric. Some sound would help a lot.

Great work anyway =).

Nice one, really pretty. I like breaking the huge jar to get the power up inside, it felt good ^^.

Love the run animation! So cute.

Mabe there should be ennemies to raise the difficulty.

Hell Yeah!!

I don't know about the game boy fell, but who cares? THis is awesome!

Well... Just went through the whole thing and it was REALLY good.

I'm not surpirsed, i've played some of your other games and they were really nice too, so...

Keep up the good work. =)

Really cool. Even if i found it not that easy to pick up and play. I succeded to smash once against the computer and it felt good =).

I just went through the whole thing and it was really good!!

A nice take on a classic myth. Really atmospheric.

Well played.

Feels good to play =D.

Love your color palette. Really serves the game alot.

The music doesn't really feel Game Boy like though ^^. But meh...

A nice zelda vibe from this one =).

I would have liked more ennemies to keep things untertaining. And also some music.

Solid job on the dungeon generation though.


I would have liked more level with raising difficulty. For instance some part where you have to stick on the wall to proceed.

It lacks a bit of sound for the ambiance, but it works pretty well overall =).

Just a tip for Game Maker: When you compile your project, you can select "single runtime executable" instead of the installer. That way, the user doesn't have to install anything ^^.

I was stuck after picking the 2nd power up, it was a bit unclear about what it actually does...

What i liked the most is the idle animation when the girl pops the bubble gum in her face ^^

Interresting but a bit too slow for my liking.

Looks really pretty though =).

For some reason i can't launch the game =s. I'm sad because i'm super interrested in playing it. T.T

"submitted 19 seconds before the deadline" xD.

The hero looks cool!

But the music doesn't feel really gameboy like. ^^

Simple but effective. A cool game!

oh, yeah, and interresting choice of color. It works surprisingly well!

The recoil feels really good when you shoot! ^^

I would have liked more ennemies and some bonuses to add variety to the game. =)

Also mabe the game should become harder over time, that way the player would end up dying eventually. I felt like i could play forever so i just stopped playng at some point.

The resident evil vibe is strong in this one ^^.