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Vale, and mostly write-good and Vale’s base.

It’s the currently only linting tools that I use as it seems to be the ony effective one with my writing.

Thinking of trying out how the Microsoft style rules will work with my writing. But all of this is done in the shell.

I know this might feel a bit too… Demanding from me, but having VALE or a simmilar prose linter as an addon wou help the script and manuscript writing folx who use this awesome program. Plus it would make it perfect for people switching to markdown writing from commercial stuff that is forcing s to use AI tools (ie M$).

Otherwse I wana say: AWESOME STUFF SO FAR!

The Darkcorsair emblem was becoming the centrepiece of it's masterwork as the Data-Scrimshaw etched borderline heretical Aetheric circuitry into the bone like structure. The machinery around the organic emblem was blemishing it, dripping lubricant all over the embedded gemstone.

Here are prompts that you can use to breathe some atmosphere into your Lacuna Apostasy games.

Here you can share your homebrew planets for people to include in their Lacuna Stratum if they wish! Have an awesome planet? Why not write about it here!

Planet explanation  

Type – Defines the type of the planet. This serves as a general descriptor of what this is about. Planets in the book are: 

  • Swarm Planet – Planets that are bustling with huge quantities of humans living is vast spires, underground complexes, or space stations. 
  • Dust Planet – Planets that are devoid of life, endless dust plains, with a few habitable men made domes or underground shelters. 
  • Ocean Planet – Planets that are mostly covered with water, requiring floating or underwater habitat. 
  • Darkvessel Fleet – Not a planet, but a fleet of darkships that are interconnected via tubes or smaller craft, creating a "biome". 
  • Darkstation – Again, not a planet but a station within the Dark, forming its own "biome" within its steel creaking walls. 

Population – For the feeling of scale, this gives the estimated population of the Planet. The population defines the "normal" amount of people in a normal location. For crowded spaces double it, and for sparse places halve it! (Q: In cases where there's an odd number of populous and you have to halve it? A: Did I stutter?! CUT ONE IN HALF!)  

Aesthetics – A descriptor of how the Planet looks like and how it's described. Use this as a general mood setter when writing stories for this location. 

Tags – A list of suggestions for types of stories based on the Planet. Overseers can add and remove these as needed! The tags are described here: 

  • Apostasy – This world is rife with heresies and various ill begotten cults that are an affront to the Sovereign Denomination 
  • Dystopia – This world has a big difference between the ruling and working classes, dissenting ensues! 
  • Technological – This world has various old and forgotten, sometimes mystic, machinery and technologies that could go haywire. 
  • Lacuna – This world has Lacunae interfering in it and pursuing their agenda, this doesn’t happen in this sector. 
  • Alien – Various non-HUMAN entities are intertwined in this world's happenings and are causing issues with its native populous and creed. 
  • Tabernacle – In this world the Sovereign Denomination rules supreme, even the local rulers bow their heads to the priests. 
  • Ganger – Various illegal gangs and groups run amok on the world, it's rife with illegal trade and various other shady dealings. 
  • Corruption – Planetary elites don't exactly play nice, they play by whoever is paying them the most, even if it's illegal, non-HUMAN, or anything forbidden... Just as long the money flows. 
  • Politics – Various clashing ideologies are making tensions on the Planet, bringing it on the brink of a civil war.
  • Crypt – Ancient automated monstrosities lurk below this planet, but luckily that isn’t the case in the Lacuna Stratum!
  • Piracy – Darkcorsairs appear often here, raiding for valuable Empire assets.

Locations – Suggested list of locations which can be found on this planet. These are the most common locations that can be found. The Overseer can add new and even unexpected ones if the story needs them. 

Feel free to post comments on the game itself here. Treat this as a META thread in which the game rules itself are going to be commented upon.

This is is the ideal place for: Suggestions, Complaints, Critique, Praise, or any other such kind of interaction with me as a developer.

I didn't know this even exists, so yeah, I wana share my narrative horror ttrpg that I made and it's using itchio to be funded in the light of being unable to use KS.

Translations for Croatian, and I'm doing it english - croatian


  • ACE - As (A)
  • TWO - Dvojka
  • THREE - Trojka
  • FOUR - Četvorka
  • FIVE - Petica
  • SIX - Šestica
  • SEVEN - Sedamica
  • EIGHT - Osamica
  • NINE - Devetka
  • TEN - Desetka
  • JACK - Dečko (d)
  • QUEEN - Dama (D)
  • KING - Kralj (K)


  • HEARTS - Herc
  • DIAMONDS - Karo
  • CLUBS - Tref
  • SPADES - Pik

The logic is that firs the suit then the card value goes. So  a two of hearts would be: Herc Dvojka.


  • JOKER - Džoker 
  • RED - Crveni
  • BLACK - Crni

We don't abbreviate colour, instead we use J as Džoker, so Crveni_J works!


  • YES - Da
  • NO - Ne
  • AND - I
  • BUT - Ali


  • CHECK/TICK (checkmark) - Kvačica
  • CROSS (an X shape) - Križ
  • PLUS (+) - Plus
  • MINUS (-) - Minus
  • BLANK - Prazno
  • SLASH (/) - Kosa Crta, Crta
  • EXCLAMATION (!) (Dicier uses EXCLAIM for this icon in English to keep the code short) - Uskličnik
  • QUESTION (?) - Upitnik


  • HEADS - Glava
  • TAILS - Rep
  • ANY_FLIP - Bilo_što, štagod


  • ANY - Bilo_što, štagod

Thanks for the input! And unfortunately I know about those errors. The book is still waiting on the editing to be finished. The V0.1 version currently out has a lot of typos and problems. But that should be fixed when someone with more knowhow of the English language goes over the text.

Definitively would find this awesome. And would open up the option of full collaboration with most folx from my country.

Hmm as names are important in the aspect that I'm doing for not sure how to call the game yet... Fenjer? Dveri?

But I'm thinking of adding local ideas of folklore to be in the actual language used. To get over a few "overlaps"

Good day everyone. I wanted to know your opinion on using localised names with or without IPA pronounciation guides for the games?

As this is a Folklore Jam, I think that language is important to the whole stich of the Jam.

So not sure how to approach this.

Btw due to the fact that I was kinda out (was traveling and at a contect) forgot to tell that I sent the prize!

There are two options for that:
1) You can either pick a game up to 20€ and I buy it for you on itch.
2) I send you the 20€ over paypal.

As Socius Ergala said:
The, choise, is, yours

Honestly I wanted to see how the idea of X-card, comfort flower, scene changes, lines/veils can be used in the whole design process

But still good. I think I might have the need to do a new description for the jam next time.

Checked it and looks awesome. Cool system as well! I see it's an abridged version of the core rules!

Good start and loved the idea, but as Naomi said, I didn't see the safety tools anywhere. Good start thou, and loved the atmosphere it's eager to create.

Maybe a bit too ambitious for a short amount of time. Worth for giving the Open Domains Licence thou. Would love to see the fully fleshed out version!

I would say that a bit more accent on safety tools should have been made for this.

No, not exactly. It's about conflict in general. Can be any kind of armed conflict.

Yay! I honestly won't be able to check it before monday. I have a release today. (both real work and on itch)

Q: What safety tools is your game implementing?

A: Hey, thank you for the question! We're implementing Session 0, Consent Forms, Lines (soft and hard) / Veils, X-Card, and Scene / Scrip change as the standard ones. With addition of several others as well!

Hey folx! Just a checkup. Have you?

Been drinking 'nough water?
Exercising? Going for walks?
Taking time off?

If you have been taking proper care of yourself and had the time to write something for the jam. Feel free to post any kind of updates here! I mean we're 10 days away from the end of the jam!

Q: What kind of narrative?

A: Well the narrative in the game is about the characters facing injuries, fear, and non-human things. By non-human I don't mean monsters, as in aliens and such (which IS an option), but things that make the society a scary place.

(1 edit)

Q: What kind of horror?

A: I will steal the definition used by a local gaming magazine that interviewed me last year:

"The ideal NON-RACIST Lovecraftian survival horror experience! Die, Go mad, or just embrace the Darkness!"

Q: Can I ignore all the rules and just learn about cool Slavic monsters?

A: No unfrotunately no. This is mainly a framework. While it does provide several NPCs, it's mainly intended to be a creation toolkit. The main setting for the game thou is White City|Noise (read City or Noise).

Q: What's your elevator pitch for it?

A: Domains is a tabletop roleplaying game of horror, survival, and dread. Every action has its own consequences, this builds up to the atmosphere of the horror. The system is built to give the players the option of exploring the character's fear and expanding the story upon that.

Q: Is it best suited for campaigns or one shots?

A: It is suited for both, while campaigns do require a bit of different planning. Mainly as the Timeframe rule makes things happen even if the players don't do anything. For a campaign you'll need to find ways to stop players from rotating resources between days thou.

Here is a list of all Frequently Asked Questions and my answers to them. I'm keeping this thread locked and I will be updating it!

Ok you included both Murder She Wrote and Silent Hill... This i going to be good!

You can also make it fun by having the players have to add Threat when shifting out? Making them have to play safe and only engage in the Dark Mode when they absolutely need and feel comfortable doing so?

I'll send a copy once I'm at my pc.

I read the title page, and the existing forum threads, but still want to make sure. So, if I understand correctly, you are making your own RPG system, and the jam is for making an adventure module fitting it? Like the adventure module with choices, described difficulty checks (ore something similar), non-playing characters, combat and the like? Is it the case?

Honestly yes and I can provide the rulebook for free. It is inteded to be a scenario or story of any length, none needed it just needs to follow the 5 rules mainly set. I generally have no preference on how "long" it should be. Can be from an one-shot to a lengthy campaign. You have the whole month to make it.

Does it have to be interact-able like pdf with hyperlinks\twine or just text with described ways of adventuring is enough?

Text is well more than enough I think.

Are there unique setting elements that must be used?

None, this is a narrative horror rpg framework, closer to GURPS, the idea is to use the themes and saftey tools to induce a horror feeling for the players.

Also, very important, you are saying that winner gets a prize, but all participants also retain they rights. Now, let's look a little in the future. If your idea of custom rpg system succeeds, will those modules be used commercially? And if they will be, will authors get paid their royalties?

The modules will be under the Open Domains Licence. Meaning that ANY modules are still their property and I get 0% of the cut on it. It's their work so they can sell it. The modules will not be used by me any more than just linking them maybe in some promotional material that "x has made a module for the game, find it here (link to the itch store of the maker)". Meaning that ANY and ALL work done for this jam remains theirs. I will NOT take the modules NOR use them myself unless they allow me to, and if I do use them, they will be ONLY available from the makers themselves.

I believe in a healthy community which works towards making games and content. And to do so, I believe that stuff like PbtA and other such systems are needed. I'm therefore trying to make this system just that. A framework on which others can make their own horror stories.

Hope this answers the question. If not, feel free to ping me with any other questions you have.

Also in case anyone wants to bypass asking me...
Check out the Community Copy here:

I noticed that some people don't know what bleed is so just for that, I'm placing the full document here!

Hello everyone. In case you folx don't have rulebook and want to make the game fully within the system. I can give you a free copy! Just ping me on twitter or via email to give you the itch key for it!

Ok here's a bit of literature.

What I call a Saftey Flower apparently is a Support Flower!

Thank you for the question. And sorry up front for my incoherent explanation!

The idea here it to have safe tools presented in a way that they are actively incorporated into the story to allow the players to fully immersive experience.

As the game takes on a bit of a nightmare turned reality thing. I actually once used a semaphore to denote the Saftey Flower for the player ingame. All semaphores showed the exact colour of the support flower, thus making everyone aware that they can push their boundaries a bit more once the knew that the Saftey Flower was in place.

Does this explanation help?