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Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed the game. :)

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What an amazing game, I love the balance between the jam theme and the tactical aspect of using the powers by following their charge meters, clever mechanic. The art style, graphics and transitions, are great, it's a little lacking on the audio department, the powers would benefit greatly by having some sound effects, also when the character gets hurt a sound effect would make the player aware of what's happening. I think it just need a little more polish on the audio side, but it's a cute and well designed game. Very nicely done.

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I like the concept, but right now the game is not playable as intended. I like the spell effects, the grass is nice, but the controls needs more work, the chain lightning like the one in the screen is pretty cool, and it goes on after death! Which is a pretty fun bug; I would call it the Star Wars bug: "Strike me down I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine". :D

Cool idea but it needs more love.

Beware my wall of corpses.

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Ahah, I'm glad you enjoyed the game and the sound effect based on the spark's movement, it's a small thing, but it's always there so I tried to do the best I can. Thank you for playing, I really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot for playing and for sharing your suggestion—I'm intrigued... Your idea could potentially become a solid mechanic, perhaps for a chain bonus system. Imagine the more chain-inputs you get, the faster the spark moves, or it could even amplify its power. I've had this game concept in mind for a while but I didn't know how to get it into a game until the jam. I'm thrilled to see it resonating with people!

Thank you Carras! Ahah, yeah a little sneak peek is good. :)

I'm happy you put the time to play through it twice! I'm honored that you consider it excellence, I played your puzzle games in the past and I always liked them a lot. Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Pretty fun horror game, made it to the end (with one guy). I love the atmosphere, audio's very good, I like the fact of having 3 lives by having directly three guys walking around back to back, it's a fun idea.

I love the art style of the game, the music, the humor, the menu is the cherry on top ("it even has a watermark"). I had to figure out the controls since I haven't read the web-page on itch, I'd say it's a bit risky if the game is downloadable and not a web-game, players may miss the controls like I did. I found a couple of bugs on Linux, the coffee-head sometimes doesn't work and then the game crashes, but I played a few rounds and overall is a fun game with fun surprises :) (I fell off a window). Nicely done.

We basically had the same interpretation for the jam's theme! I really like art-style and audio, the sound effect of the electric spark is very cool too. I think we faced the same dilemma, also in my game I zoom in a little bit, to avoid giving the player too much "directions". Very polished and fun, maybe I would zoom out a little bit more, but not much. Great puzzle game.

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We kind of went on the same direction about the interpretation of jam's theme, electricity. This is a solid plarformer with various mechanics (charged jump, dashing), I also like the verticality of the levels. Controls are a bit too "slippery" for my taste, but I think it represents the fact that the spark of electricity is floating. Fun and solid platformer, nicely done.

I'm blown away by the originality of this game, impressive scope for a jam game, the style, the art, the audio are perfect for a jump in the past, a beautiful interpretation of the retro style. I made it a bit around and talked with others core, the map seems quite big. I would add more info into the game itself, the web page of the submission is quite extensive, but the nature of the gameplay could be a little overwhelming at first, maybe a brief tutorial would help to get into it. Very nicely done, congrats.

I really like the style and the premise of the game, but I can't understand how to play it properly, I think you should add a brief tutorial to let the player understand how to play. I would also add some sound effects to capture the attention of the player.

This is a banger, fun and well polished. Great game, strong contender for the jam. Graphics is good and on par with the feel of the game, it reminds me of a multiplayer game where one player was controlling a baby and another one was controlling the dad, but I find this one more fun. The sound effects of the nanny are also great, everything works very well. Great work.

Fun game, I like the reversing of the roles, simple but fun and fast.

Pretty fun game, professionally polished, nicely put together. I had some problems with my tiny GPU, I had some lag, so much of it that to win the game I had to press E when the clock hand wasn't over the dots. I had a WTF moment at the beginning, but then I figured out. This is an impressing level of polishing for a jam game, congrats.

Is that you Kakarot?

Interesting game, I would change controls a little bit (like using the mouse only for moving), and ramp up the chaos a little more slowly, but I loved the super saiyan vibe.

Thank you for playing and for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

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Quite an interesting take on the theme, it's fun but also makes you think. Oh man this type of "mice-maze" mechanic brings up memories, I remember all of those "screamers" in the early/mid 2000s, that only gave me an emotional overload for sure :). A cool and sweet game, nicely done.

I'm a happy DM now, fun game and fun idea. I like the puzzle mechanic, there's definitely room for more variation (outside the scope of the jam), with more mobs, maybe traps and such, and different type of heroes to submit to the power of the DM.

Managed to complete my shift comrade! I love the take on the theme and the style with the retro graphics is fantastic, I wanted to create something similar in the past but never got around an idea for a good implementation; there's definitely substance here, I wish you'll expand on the concept, cool idea and cool game.

Fun and addictive little game, presentation and style are spot on, elegant and simple, I feel like this is a game that David Brent would be glad to play. :)

Very well done, congrats.

Such a fun twist, but you lost the opportunity to call this game like Weightris or something, but with a better take than mine. :) Great insight on the theme, simple but fun, very clever.

I'm glad you picked up on the exploration aspect reminiscent of "vania" games. When navigating new sections of the map, the intention was for players to embark on a random search, allowing their mental map to expand. During the map and puzzle design phase, I spent quite some time ensuring that players couldn't get stuck in some infinite loop.

About the controls and the UI bug, I must admit it was a bit of a last-minute attempt. Given that the UI is my least favorite part to work on. I tried to do something as you're suggesting, like embedding hints into artifacts in an interesting way. However, I wasn't sure how to do it specifically.

Thank you for playing and for the kind review; I'm happy the game brought you some joy, we're all in this together.

I'm a fan of environmental story-telling, it was a little difficult for me to make the pace of the game works while revealing the "plot" slowly in an interesting way, I don't want to throw too much info at the player but also not to have too much of a slow pace for game-play, I feel like it's a delicate balance. Thanks for playing, I'm happy you enjoyed the game.

Thanks for playing and for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the game. :)

Thanks for playing and for the interesting feedback. I had a couple of tiles with an idea similar of what you suggest but they also introduced a few bugs, my tile system is still quite rough, but there's certainly room for more variation. The part with yellow bars is a little red herring. :)

Song's a banger, 5/5 from me on that. The idea of the game is developed very well, it took me a few tries to get into the game,  but after that it's a fun experience. I was also singing the song while playing to channel more energy, I don't know if it worked but it felt like it. :)

Very fun game, classic top down action, fun and sweet. I made all the ghost go boom, but I'm not sure if I got the good ending. The beam is juicy and satisfying, you could add some more stuff here and there like more sound effects or more bling for the graphics, but core is solid. Congrats mate.

Fun game! I think noticed a potential bug with the gravity toy, if I use the ability I just die by getting chopped by the ceiling. The aesthetics give off a charming "Toy Story" vibe aligning well the premise of the game, colorful and vibrant, I really like it, also the little intro is nicely done.

A suggestion for improvement could be making the platforms more interesting (for the overloading theme of the jam), maybe progress-bar in the UI for feedback on the weight or something like that.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

You essentially completed the game; at the end, on the giant node, you just need to overload it, and that's it. It's peculiar that it didn't respond to the spacebar; it worked on my web build. Perhaps it's a random bug. Thanks for playing and for the feedback.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback. I encountered some difficulties in finding a good balance between escalating difficulty and engaging environmental storytelling, this may explain why there's somewhat of slow ramp followed by a "difficulty wall".

Congrats for winning the jam, I also really liked some of your past submissions to GWJ.

I had that idea but couldn't find a good way to show a minimap, anyway at the end of the run you can see the whole Hypetrain blasting away, so you can see also all the wagons.

Fun idea, and original take on the theme of the jam. I love the Ultima art style, audio fits the art and is quite a fun game. The tutorial level is great, very nice design.

Fun game, funny dialogues, got stuck with a few bugs, one threw me into the stratosphere!!! But I landed back on the train with the Son of Groin waiting for me, a little quirky but still fun, I liked the 3D style.

Such an interesting mechanic for moving around by boarding trains, quite an impressive scope for a game-jam, got a couple of bugs but nothing major, had really fun playing it. Great game.

Very fun game to play! I love the wacky concept, enemy classes ramp up quite nicely and art and sound works well together, nicely done.

Interesting mechanic, I feel like it needs something more, I don't know what though, but cool idea. I like the art, reminds me of those old Amiga 500 type of games, audio is great. Cool game

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Very well done, I like the idea, also the background noise is spot on, fun game, I would have added "snapping" onto the grid, sometime it's difficult to make out the exact position. Very well polished, the art is fantastic.