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Matthis Pillonel

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Simple yet visual very pleasing game

Simple concept but great polish !

Good coop concept, had fun playing !

Nice detective visual novel game !

Lovely fishing game !

Interresting game, I'm a big otter fan, this did not disapoint !

Nice work on the polish !

Really cute game !

Really cool music, sorry i had to shut it down to win

Good physics based game, as other people said I feel like the difficulty curve could be a bit smoother, but it's always hard to balance for a jam. I had fun anyway !

Really nice fishgame, if there was more content I would have definetly stick around and played through it. Nicely done !

Hi ! Thanks for the feedback ! For the theme : the game is a whole new game mode to golf

Hi ! Thanks for the feedback ! You can actually cancel by pressing TAB, i'll add that to the description :)

Hey ! Thanks for the feedback ! There IS a key to change shots which is "TAB" but we forgot to add that in the tutorial haha, we will add it to the description :)

Hi ! It's a really nice game with a unique gameplay ! The visuals gives all the informations you need and the result is great.

Hi ! I updated the page with their links, hope you find what you need !

Nice game ! Fun to play 

Nice puzzle game

Really nice concept, the kind of game to spend a full night into 

Really nice idea ! I think it could be better with different shapes depending on the dice result rather than just size. Overall good game

Well executed puzzle game

Great concept !

The game as a really unique energy


Interesting concept

I ended up playing this game much more than I expected at first ! Well done

Hey ! We made a really similar game ! Nice take on the theme, great presentation

Hi cool interpretation of pacman

Nice chill game !

Well presented game, was fun to play

This is a really nice and well executed idea !

Nice game, really good looking

Le jeu est vraiment sympa, le concept est cool et bien exécuté. Très bon jeu de jam !

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Hi ! Strange game indeed

If you want a hint, ask for it, I will be happy to give you one so you can try to finish the game :)