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- Individually control arms to climb in a ragdoll movement system
- Brutalist future architecture
- Nothing else at the moment


Wireframe Building

You know, Stalker games had an interesting approach to level design (or anti level design). GSC made a faithful reconstruction of the area around Chernobyl and Pripyat without worrying how combat or exploration would work in there. That led to very natural, realistic feeling world without the usual game tropes or expected rewards. I tried to replicate that in this prototype on a much smaller scale. Obviously there's a lot more work to do, but I wanted to get some early opinions.

Try it here ->

Yeah the damage detection is kind of broken, sometimes you jump from the skyscraper and survive sometimes you trip over a chair and die, something to fix i guess

Collect water and resources from passing asteroids, produce food, build new ships, protect your fleet from the attackers and make it safely home.

Space Caravan is a small game I worked on for a couple of weeks. Initially I wanted to try making an automated RTS, something with very little micromanagement. In the end it turned out more like a simple survival game mixed with a bullet hell game. So a limited success.

The music has been kindly provided under Creative Commons license by following artists: Twin Musicom, Anonymous420, Soft and Furious, Loyalty Freak Music, Monplaisir, Kai Engel, Tri-Tachyon and Orbique.

Anyway it's free and playable in browser, and there are also standalone versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Take a look at it here: