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Thank you so much! i must have forgotten in the scramble to get things up!

Liberal use of the word :p. They're weapons the player is able to upgrade, so in some sense they're the player's....

Cool kinda artsy game! I dunno if I didn't set up my economy right but I got absolutely overwhelmed what felt like kind of early. Good job!

Fun idea, I got 3700! I found the frisbee really frustrating to use over the other two. I really wanted to grab all of the upgrades but it made me kind of hesitant. I liked the bouncing of the boxes, nice touch.

Really nice feeling and looking game, Simple yet pretty elegant. I found the gameplay kind of like, either there was no urgency, or I was being totally mobbed.

It's a really interesting concept but it's suuuuuper difficult. I think it might be easier if the 3 columns of enemies were things you switched between rather that movement being continuous. Having to parse the enemies, figure out which column I needed to be in, move the sword, and then make sure i was lined up, was just too much for me ha.

I really liked the deck builder style of the game! Making a deck where I could decimate the enemies quickly was really fun! I did want more difficult enemies though.

Probably the deepest game I've seen, done very well! I really liked the diversity in weapons. Well done!

Really interesting take on upgrades. I found the controls a bit wonky, stopping to turn and having to use X and R to rotate, but overall an interesting game. I got 630!

I like the idea of the wand being a line, though it felt really underpowered, and the upgrades felt underwhelming. I think I would've liked it better if I could feel each upgrade

Really fun game, I got 230k! At that point my gun couldn't keep up with the encroaching masses, though I did get lucky with some "kill all"s. Good job!

Really satisfying game! Once the stars came around I was a goner!

The idea is really interesting but the controls and the speed of the game make progressing rather frustrating.

Fun concept! I liked the gameplay at first though I think perhaps the enemy shots were a bit too frequent. Once you needed to land multiple shots, or a double shot on them, it became very difficult to kill them.

Cool idea, though I found the fire rate far too slow to be usable. Particularly on the second level I felt I couldn't shoot fast enough to kill the things even if I landed each shot.

Satisfying little 2 stick shooter! I think one of the only things I missed was like, feeling the upgrades more. They made my gun faster rather slowly so each didn't *feel* like an upgrade. I really liked the enemy designs and the death particles!

Fun little jumper! I think it might be more interesting if some double-jumps were mixed in rather than the platforms just getting uniformly further apart, but it's a fun idea and I liked the multitasking!

I did it myself! I recorded the line twice and pitch shifted them, and distorted one!

Where? I tried to check for hiding spots but I guess I missed something!

Fun animal petting game. Everything felt really good, I liked the "MORE KNIVES" thing at the top of the screen, felt really satisfying!

Cool little game. I liked the bow combat initially, though I found it kind of tiring once the enemies got a ton of HP. The enemies with ice arrows were particularly frustrating as they could freeze you over and over. Cool upgrade system though!

Interested concept, but I found the way you could only shoot in the direction you were moving rather frustrating. I liked all of the mechanics otherwise, but it quickly became really hard to collect my blood.

Nice little shooter. I found what I think is a bug where if you go diagonally and then let go of one of the directions you keep going diagonally, which made it a bit frustrating to play. Aside from that I liked the upgrades, but it would've been nice to have a bit more feedback or input on them, I want to *feel* like I'm progressing!

Weird little mechanic, I liked it! I got 84 seconds by constantly walking off the screen, I think around there it's just kind of random whether one of the purples spawn right on you. I really really really wanted to hit yellows but big sword was bad, fun game!

This game seems to be missing some data, I get the error message "There should be Yellow Ball Glitched Freestyler_Data next to the executable"

Really nice looking game! I liked the initial gameplay but I found some things to be a little unclear. I didn't like using bombs because the explosion radius got me once and I didn't wanna die like that. Overall really cool idea though! I think perhaps as well a little drag on the helicopter might be nice? I had to kind of micromanage my speed instead of focusing on killing the enemies with my upgrades! I really did like the upgrade system, having them spread throughout the world in sometimes difficult places to access felt really nice.

I really liked the lighting in this, though I found it kind of made the level difficult to navigate. I also had a bit of trouble with the mouse being unlocked and clicking outside of the window. The gameplay was fine, though a bit more indication on how they're getting stronger would be nice.

Really cool concept. I like the unique take on the theme. I feel the pacing is a bit off for me. Playing where I really consider all of the variables is far too slow, I had to kind of quickly scan and spam the things I needed. Still cool, but just a little less engaging than it could've been.

Impressive number of levels! I liked the light stuff, it really upped the mood. I feel perhaps the movement speed was a bit high, I could just run through all of the zombies without issue.

Really big world! I found the game a bit too difficult. The combination of a rather imprecise control scheme and tiny corridors meant I had to play it quite slow to keep from dying. As well, having to bring them back t the pad kind of doubled that problem. Overall pretty fun idea though!

Really fun! I kind of wanted to do the upgrading myself, but the gameplay was really engaging, the arena's layout made it really nice. I also think the audio worked really well. Good job!

Super cool little game! I found it a bit hard to click on the attractors, and a bit annoying that I couldn't de-select them when they went out of line of sight it seemed. It made the levels have a kind of weird challenge. Overall really fun!

Really fun mechanic! Reminded me of old school adventure games where you had to write out what you wanted to do! I found the dark level a bit clunky, but got to the end! I echo the ask for more items!

Very cool platformer, felt a ton like super meat boy! I felt the biggest weakness was a disconnect between the feel and some of the level elements. The slow precise jumps that were required sometimes didn't mesh well. Overall really fun though!

Really tight platformer. I found the mechanics of switching a little hard to follow, and the levels a bit tough as such. 

Really cool progression mechanic! I found the presentation a bit at odds with the gameplay, the spikes and pits were hard to judge in relation to your character as it was floating, and the things flying around you obscured the obstacles. I think if you could tell what was going on a bit better it'd be a lot more fun. Also holy fast spikes!

Really really fun, I love how intuitive the controls with the two characters were! I found some of the swinging a bit jank, but overall the levels were really satisfying to complete! Great job!

Really interesting concept! I found the way it was themed a bit disturbing, but loved the physics platforming! I found it a bit too "physicsy" at parts, with things giving kind of random amounts of speed. It'd be nice if it were more consistent. As well, the twin above sliding while the twin below was swinging was annoying.

I liked the idea of magnetism as a puzzle element, but overall I felt the game was a bit hard to control. I didn't really understand why the physics worked quite as it did on several occasions, and I felt the puzzles weren't of sufficient depth to really show the mechanic off. I hope you polish it and build more interesting puzzles!

Fun little game, I had trouble remembering which side was which button. As well, the difficulty curve kinda spiked and took away some of the fun of the game. I wanted a little more freedom in the later levels! Overall good game!