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Really nice looking game! I liked the initial gameplay but I found some things to be a little unclear. I didn't like using bombs because the explosion radius got me once and I didn't wanna die like that. Overall really cool idea though! I think perhaps as well a little drag on the helicopter might be nice? I had to kind of micromanage my speed instead of focusing on killing the enemies with my upgrades! I really did like the upgrade system, having them spread throughout the world in sometimes difficult places to access felt really nice.

Thanks for playing my game, and I'm glad you like the presentation and idea :)

Yes I wish I had more time to finetune the mechanics. In hindsight I should've made the terrain less damaging to the chopper and the enemy bullets + mines more damaging. Now it's too easy to get killed from just touching the terrain. 

I purposely made the control/speed (inertia) of the chopper in a way so you would get awarded for being careful and precise. It's less of an action game and more of a balancing act :) I might develop this game further and I've noted down all feedback!