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Thanks :) but it's a tool I made for a very specific purpose when making games for Commodore Amiga using the Scorpion Engine. I guess one could use this in other situations but it's a very simple tool with a single function :D

A beautifully crafted masterpiece in the works :)

Yeah I am sorry if it feels discouraging. That is definitely not the intension here. I ackowledge the work you put in but it would not be fair to the developers who followed the rules 100% but ranked below you.

Reason I waited to disqualify entries is that I wanted you to get valuable feedback from people who play it. It also takes a while for us judges to actually play all entries and find those that doesn't follow the rules.

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This game has been disqualified.

Reason: No 90 degree turns, no win condition, no way to affect character stats.

Nice attempt though, but unfortunately you missed some rules.

It is now but it wasn't free during the rating period. That, combined with an old upload forced me to disqualify it. 

In addition to the elaborate list of very specific rules found on the jam page all participants were reminded of the rules in several ways.

From the jam page: "Be sure to read the rules carefully before you start outlining your game idea."

From the submit game window: "Please make sure that the game you are about to submit follow the rules for this jam."

From the email that went out before the jam started: "You also need to make sure that all the rules and requirements are met."

Additionally we have a Discord server and a forum where you could've asked questions if you were unsure about any of the rules. Don't put this on me. The rules were clear but you chose to ignore them.

Name Reason Url
The Art Gallery Too small grid size (half-steps or even smaller)
H&H Too small grid size (half-steps)
Undead End No 90 degree turns. Very small grid
Time Detective 3D No combat or similar, no fail state
Shimmering Darkness Unable to turn 90 degrees
Joanne Dark: Labyrinth of Battle Is just a slideshow of painted images. You can't really turn around 90 degrees.
Temple Explorer No stats or combat
Light and Dark Maze No combat or similar
D-Room No combat or similar
Waltz for Heaven No combat or similar, no fail state, no stats and no way to affect character stats
Midgarden Paradox Is just a video so should be disqualified before voting ends
The Overflowing Barrel Keeper Too small grid size (half-steps or even smaller)
it not just military No grid
The Crawling Catacombs: Secrets of the Old Gods No files uploaded
DICHOTOCRAWL (WIP) No combat or similar, no stats, no win or fail condition. Too small grid.
Botguise Incomplete upload
Crab dungeon No fail state, no stats
Two-faced Incomplete upload
The Game Crabs No files uploaded
The Rage of Ikthillion No 90 degree turns.
True Bard: Duality Labyrinth No combat, no stats, no fail state
legal-thrill No files uploaded
what the hell Broke every rule...
The RockMan's Basement It was not free to download

My advice to you is that you don't join jams that have rules if you don't plan on following them or don't understand the importance of rules in a ranked competition with prizes.

I could have disqualified your entry even before rating started. Would you have prefered that? I thought that allowing you to get some valuable feedback first was a rather nice gesture...

(1 edit)

Your game did not follow this rule:

  • The game must have combat or a similar mechanic for determining outcome of certain situations, enemy encounters and events.

I did announce the disqualifications on the Discord server.

You say it's not fair. I believe it's very fair to wait until end of rating period before disqualifying entries that breaks the rules. This way they will get valuable feedback from the community. 

What really would not be fair is if games that break the rules would be officially ranked higher than those that follow the rules.

Your entry was disqualified because it doesn't follow this rule:

  • The game must have combat or a similar mechanic for determining outcome of certain situations, enemy encounters and events.

I pity my spacebar.

I love the aesthetics and simplicity of it all. Normally I don't fancy random encounters but I had fun with this one. I got all the way to the last boss but died horribly...

I hope you do a post-jam version of this with more content, mechanics and expand the tactical options for combat.

Great job :)

Instead of mentioning everything I love about this game I'll list the things I would like to see changed or improved.

1) ...

Welp. How can I knock a game that put my ugly mug on a collectible? :)

Great job!

I struggled quite a bit to get the microphone working and almost gave up. I am glad I didn't because this game is great! It works surprisingly well to speak out spells and it's a unique and interesting mechanic.

The graphics and atmosphere is nice and the theme interpretation works well too.

Well done :)

Nice little game. I enjoyed crawling around and I like the puzzles. The movement worked well. 

Marble madness! It would be nice with some texture variety :)

Great game with lots of detailed mechanics! I had a lot of fun crawling this. The combat worked well and all menus/UI are intuitive and fast to navigate.

The controls are a little oversensitive because sometimes it registers a double press and I get spun around. 

+1 for save system

I am a sissy and scare easily in games and this game had me on the edge of my seat. Great atmosphere and concept!

Loved the concept and want to see more, much more :)

The reaaaaaaaally slow controls prevented me from enjoying this game as much as I wanted to. I like the concept a lot and I hope you will update this game post-jam with snappier movement and turning. Well done on everything else.

Beautiful game (or should I say prototype?). I wish there were much more content. I need this to be a full game one day with dungeons and varied alien life forms with exciting new tech.

The level of polish is top notch from the start with a gorgeous opening screen. 

I know you had even less days than the rest so I'm impressed that you manage to cook this up that quickly. If you had more days than what you did the combat would probably been better because it needs more complexity and tactical options, and there would be more content.

Well done :)

I absolutely love the aesthetics! I think I would have prefered that the walls also were grey pencil color for consistency but that might just be me.

The game plays really well and I had a fun time crawling around punching baddies :)

Great job!

+1 for the great looking map.

Being left handed I struggled too much with the controls. I have to cross my hands over the keyboard. Needless to say I didn't get very far. What I saw looked and sounded nice though.

I also saw this played on stream so I have a pretty good idea of the concept, and others seemed to have fun playing it.

You have a great foundation in this engine, that's for sure! I would love to see more of this but with manual combat, inventory and items etc. I love the visuals and overall retro vibe!

I look forward to TDB!

Well done :)

Brilliantly simplistic and cool! Visuals reminds me of Atari 2600 and teletext, in a good way :D

Well done!

Very unique and cool take on a dungeon crawler. Great visuals with lots of atmosphere and tension.

Well done :)

Good game. I enjoyed it quite a lot even though I found it to be difficult. I wish there were a way to regain health other than the potions and level ups. Also, I don't think the Save works. 

Nailed the movement and perspective. Well done!

It's a nice base for a potentially good game if you add more layers to the combat, some items and upgrades. The engine seems solid and I enjoyed crawling around using instant step, so thanks for adding that.

This "game" breaks a whole range of rules so I see no other choice than to disqualify it.

Super solid crawler engine with all the stuff you'd expect from a dungeon crawler. Great mechanics all around, with excellent graphics and sound. The presentation with CRT lines and curved display really sells it well.

Interesting concept with being a defenseless trader and having to enlist henchmen to protect yourself. I totally can see this as a full game and it doesn't seem very far from being that.

I found the difficulty being a bit on the hard side. I kept dying a lot but that's probably because I didn't play it very well :)

The transition when you walk through a door is brilliant.

The controls works well and you nailed the perspective view.

Best implemented automapper I've seen in a while.

  • +1 for lots of illusionary walls!
  • +1 for dying when my henchman lost the fight to a chest, lol!
(2 edits)

I love everything about this game. It's so well put together and polished. If it wasn't a one week jam game I would point out pixel size inconsistencies and a combat system that could've been more complex and tactical but I'm not going to. In game music or ambient sound would also have been nice I suppose. It's a little bit quiet when playing.

The graphics and level design is great. The writing is witty and engaging. I usually zone out when there are more words than "Find the key" or "Kill the evil wizard" but here I read and enjoyed every word.

I rested 10-15 minutes on the menuscreen just listening to that banging synthwave track!

You interpreted the theme in a good way by having two timelines intertwined like that. I just wish the game was longer :D

The controls are 100% to my liking. +1 for adding numpad support! I do wish there wasn't a short delay between moves when using instant step since it didn't feel very instant. I actually ended up playing with smooth movement, which worked great btw.

The perspective view is spot on. Nailed it!

Daisy would be proud :)

PS: I dig the NEONnoir references.

So many things to like about this game! When I play it I get transported back to Amiga days.

The engine seems solid and has several classic staples implemented. As you may have picked up I have a soft spot for 2D dungeon crawlers and instant step. It's a nice touch with the automapper but I feel a fullscreen map would be more useful.

I like the combat system and thought it worked well. Perhaps automatic end turn would be nice after all SP were spent.

The log window popped up all the time and that was very annoying. It would be better to find a space in the UI to show the latest line(s) in the log and if you click that (or use a key) it would open up the log window.

I hope you will develop this further post-jam :)

Well done!

I enjoyed playing this to the end. It was a little bit short but what was there was good. The writing was funny and had me laughing out loud here.

Well done :)

This game is FUN! I never in a million years expected to play a cooking crawler :)

Movement was quick and responsive. I like the simple yet appropriate graphics style and the switch effect between realms is really cool.

If developed further with more content and less bugs then I think this could be a great game!

It froze for me mid-fight versus something that seemed like a boss enemy. 

Well done :)

What a great game! I also watched this being played on stream but I had to try it for myself. I am glad I did because this is a gem. Movement and perspective view is on point. The graphics and atmosphere is really nice. The dice mechanics works surprisingly well and I can see this being expanded further with more skills and tactical options.

Great job!

Fun little game with nice graphics and interesting combat mechanics. I think it worked well and I had fun playing.

Great music and ambience choice!

You nailed the perspective view, but the movement and turning could have been a little bit faster.

I like the consistency in the design of the game and the project page. They blend well together when you play it.

(1 edit)

Your "game" breaks one of the primary rules.

  • The game must have step movement on a square grid (no hexagon, octagon etc). Smooth transition between grid squares is allowed. Half-steps or dividing a logical grid square into smaller squares is NOT accepted. The size of a square should equal the size of the wall segments it is connected to. Think of a grid square as a cube with ground, four walls and a ceiling.

The grid cells in your entry are way too small to be acceptable. You are not disqualified but also not eligible to win any prizes.

I really like the game concept and presentation. It was enjoyable to play. 

Unfortunately you missed the mark on one of the primary rules. 

  • The game must have 90 degree turns in the four cardinal directions, North, East, South, West. Smooth transition between 90 degree angles is allowed. Mouse-look is also allowed. Games which let you turn 90 degrees up and down are allowed.

The way you implemented mouselook works nicely but I am afraid that it's not according to the rule. Your entry is not disqualified and you will still get ratings and comments but you are not eligble for any prizes. It would not be fair to those that follow the rules 100%.

Great job anyways :)

Because you broke one of the primary rules. Your game does not move on a grid.

  • The game must have step movement on a square grid (no hexagon, octagon etc). Smooth transition between grid squares is allowed. Half-steps or dividing a logical grid square into smaller squares is NOT accepted. The size of a square should equal the size of the wall segments it is connected to. Think of a grid square as a cube with ground, four walls and a ceiling.

The total package! Excellent presentation starting all the way from the stylish project page.

I love the retro look and it moves and plays really well. Feels like a proper game on all accounts.

You nailed the movement and perspective view 100%. Not many so far have done that.

You've done an amazing job on this :)

+1 for floppy disk sounds!

Very cool concept with nice graphics. I couldn't get the arrow keys to turn so it was a little bit difficult to play for me with WASD and spacebar since I am left handed. I had to cross my hands and that's never great in an action oriented game. Regardless, well done on this game! I hope to see you develop it further post-jam and perhaps add better controls for us left handed :)

Good theme interpretation too.

What a wildly unique and fascinating game. I love the art style and who doesn't love being able to run around in stores stealing things and getting away with it? or is that only me? lol 

Great job!