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Built-in physics, yes

Just tested it in the project file and it seems working. Here is an example code:

surf = surface_create(512, 512);
draw_clear_alpha(c_black, 0);
draw_sprite(s_texture, 0, 0, 0);
sprite = sprite_create_from_surface(surf, 0, 0, 512, 512, false, false, 0, 0);

Are you trying to draw the surface itself? If so, change sprite_get_texture on surface_get_texture and sprite_get_uvs  on [0, 0, 1, 1], should be working then.

Thanks a lot 💙💙💙
I'm really glad that was helpful for you!

Yep, that shouldn't happen! Don't mind if I contact you in the future for trying to understand that issue for the after-jam development?

Thanks for trying anyways! <3

Thanks! Will add controller support in future versions!

No prob, thank you for the feedback, will make sure to mind it on after-jam development.

Thank you 😳
We will make gameplay faster in the release version!

Thank you!


Thank you for playing, noted your feedback!

Loved the pixel-art and smooth controls, fun idea! Nice little game, great submission for a Jam.

Nice little puzzle game! Agreed with the other commenters about the RNG but liked the game overall.

Fun idea. I got stuck in the walls a few times, also really wanted enemies to get stunned after my hit. Other than that, nice take!

Graphics are needed for polishing but overall liked the mechanics and gameplay. You should continue the development after the Jam!

Actually, it is even funnier with the T-posing zombies 😅
Fun game overall!

Needed some time to understand the rules, but after that had a great time playing this game. Loved the mechanics of changing rules on each dice side. The game felt a bit chaotic sometimes, but overall I liked it.

Controls are a bit wonky sometimes, I jump too high, also sprite should've probably turned right after I walked right, but overall it's a great game! Liked the art style and mechanics.

Wow, it's an amazing game. Really dig the 80s computer graphics style. I love the atmosphere, got the "good ending" on the first try I suppose, but still got this bittersweet feeling, liked that a lot.

Glad I had node.js already installed, so It was a great time playing it! Loved the concept and the art style.

The game is dark and philosophical, and I really liked it!

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Hello from a fellow GameMaker developer! Liked the concept of missing dice giving buffs and debuffs, although reload time seems a bit long (having a similar problem in my game, so I understand you 😅). The graphics is really nice, solid game overall.

Interesting take on the rolling the dice mechanics. I wish the tile grid would be more obvious for a better understanding of where you will land after jump. Probably color the grass in a kind of chessed green pattern. Overall, great little game!

Interesting subversion of expectations, I liked the "switching the roles" thing. UI seemed a bit confusing at first, but I figured it out. Nice submission.

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A fun little game! Wasn't sure why some humans explode, they seem to be "good" ones.
Respect from the fellow programmer for having your own game engine!

 That is understandable!

I've seen some games with a similar concept on thin Jam but this was made really good in terms of presentation! Loved the graphics and effects.

The dice side doesn't seem to be affecting the game, but that was pretty addictive.

Nice little game!
Liked the cute 3D models and a lot of dice effects. Wished to have more enemy types. The dice upgrade menu should've probably had some input timeout, as I constantly chose random effects because mashing the mouse button too much 😅

Hey, it's a really nicely done game! The controls were good, also loved the cute pixel-art and sounds.

Hey, thank you for that comparison 😳
Yeah, we messed up a bit with this "black on black" thing, haha. We are planning to continue the game after the Jam, so will try to do all the needed improvements.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

A very unique idea, although a bit confusing to play the first time 😅
Hope, you'll continue the development after the jam.

Wasn't too difficult for me as the others mentioned. Probably an automatic XP gain for killed enemies instead of the need to collect robs will help with that a bit. Also healing bonuses probably. Good luck with the development of this game after the Jam!

Was nice to see a rouge-like game on this Jam. Pixel-art is clean and neat. Needed some time to understand the goal, but overall loved the concept.

Liked the character animations. The jump seems a bit off, too high and not much gravity. Overall, great take on your first game jam.
Hello from a fellow GameMaker enthusiast! 

Nice concept for a roll the dice theme. Not a fan of golf games, but that was done good, so I spent some good time on this. 

It took some time to wrap my head around the rules, but it was a nice experience. Liked the relaxing jazz music, also chose that genre for my game, seems to be really fitting for the dice theme 😅

Really addicting, had a great time playing this. I liked that there are a  whole bunch of different modifications.

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I've seen games with a similar concept on this Jam, but this was done well nevertheless!

Loved the graphics and the concept!

Thank you. Also will check your game!