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This reminds me of those old games on new grounds back in the day. The puzzles are nice and the presentation of the new concepts was well done. Also the sound design was great! I wish the boxes wouldn't get stuck if they got near a corner but other than that great job!

I really liked the idea of this game! I found it very very challenging but I feel like if someone were to master this game it would look really cool. Also I found a bug! I was mashing the space bar after i died to start a new game and when I started instead of the ball shooting across the field it just teleported between the two points. It fixed itself when I took damage though.

I really liked your game! I love the art style and the music! I especially liked when the sun lit up on the title screen to start the game. I kept breaking my probes while trying to navigate the menu but other than that if the idea gets expanded on this could be a fully released game! Excellent work!

I really liked this game! I love the idea and it brought me back to messing around with my wii sensor bar as a kid.

This was so cute and lovely! My brother and I played the whole thing! The design of this game is absolutely excellent!

Great tutorialization! I got stuck on the third level because of the wedge thats on the higher level. Would be nice to have a restart button in the future! It could use a little polish but overall  its very enjoyable! Nice work!

Enjoyable especially if you are a sit down and think about it kind of person! I like that its turn based as well. I can't tell if its a glitch or a feature but before the end of each round I kept accidentally selecting an alien to be in the control group and then I selected them again to be yeeted. in the next round it would show me way more than the single selected body temp, blood pressure, etc selected and it would show me on almost all of the aliens stats. Other than that the game was very chill and enjoyable.

This was fun! There was definitely an overwhelming feeling of only being able to be in one place at at time. I didn't read the instructions at first and thought I was just supposed to avoid all of the red guys and then everyone died and I was like "I won! ......wait a second." Lol overall great job!

Thanks! And thanks for playing the game!

The timer was very convenient with timing jumps and appreciated! Overall it could use some polish but good job nonetheless!

I love this game! It took a bit to figure out what to do with islands and how to get energy and I almost gave up but then I captured my first island on accident! Might be able to communicate that better with like a quick splash screen with some instructions but other than that excellent game! Great Job!

Reminds me of The Binding of Issac! It would be nice to see the option to rebind controls in the future! Overall great work!

This is great! I especially love that in the second level you can see where the platform is and there's kinda this "how am I supposed to get over there!" moment. Great job!

Thanks for playing our game!

We definitely already have an update lined up to fix the bugs once the jam is over! You were supposed to be able to talk to the doctor and that would end the game but we shipped him out without his trigger! Oops! Thanks for playing our game though we appreciate it!

Okay this is great. I love this. I love the voice that says whatever the thing is dropping. I love the flapy jaw. I really like the way you start and quit the game too instead of a menu. This is goofy and fun and I love it! Great work!

This one is so good! I like the programming logic and that there are different kinds of enemies that need different kinds of attacks. Nice work!

I respect that on the air steering I didn't think about it that way. All in all great work!

This one took me a couple of tries to figure out but after that I thought it was a fun little challenge to keep the monsters at bay. I wish the repellent made more sense lol I kept pushing the red repellent to repel the red monsters when its the other way around other than that great job!


I wish that there was like a meter to let you know when the jump was going to happen also some air steering maybe? Other than that the concept is super cute and I found the challenge enjoyable.

It took me a bit to figure out that the rockets should be used solely for movements and the enemies should be largely ignored. Running out of rocket seems to mean you're marooned usually so save those rockets!

Unfortunately no );

This is a fun ole time! The timer bar is a nice touch too and greatly appreciated as a player.  The art and sound are great as well! Great work!

This one looks really good! The movement feels good with the fighters and all of their moves look good too. The fighting is a little slow but it makes sense for not having control lol.

This game is so fun! Its fun to really try to keep the number of shots you shoot down as to not accidentally kill yourself and the potions are a great help that make the game more fun. Good luck in the jam!

I liked this one! It was super fun to walk around and shoot the guns and the mechanic of each individual part of the robot shutting down was fun to manage overall a pretty fun little experience!

Lol thanks for playing our game!

Thanks for playing our game!

You found my secret room! <3 Thanks for playing (and sorry for the super late reply!) Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for trying it! Sorry for the late reply, we bit off  more than we could chew for this one so there aren't many very clear instructions but hey we're learning every day!

As are we. Scream on friend, scream on.

Glad you liked it! I believe that after the game jam we're planning on releasing a patched version with updated and easier to use controls and fixing a few things here and there. Thanks for digging our humor I'm glad you got a good chuckle!

Hey that's me! Thanks!

This was super cute! I really liked how you got to see more cute little fruit guys the longer you stayed alive and it felt really good to get combo jumps on them! I really like the wrapping mechanic as well. It led to a silly moment where I was sniped from the sky by one of those walking grape guys. Great work!

This was fun! You stuck to the theme very well! I ended up mashing my spacebar to see where blocks would land and it turned out I was better at it when mashing than when I was trying haha!