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I adore the feel and looks of this game, and how quickly you turn from hunter to the hunted as the light fades. Awesome!

Interesting idea, I hope you will expand on it post-jam!

This is an awesome idea for a game, but I couldn't get through it because always either me or the ball clipped through floors, this happens especially in corners.

With some polish, it could become a very interesting game!

An awesome game! Though it could use a few more "tutorial' levels to introduce different types of thread, but even then it was fun to figure out! Good job!

That's a pretty cool mechanic! I really like it! The game's hard, and I like hard games, this is a good entry.

Btw I managed to get up here, do I get a cookie? 

I don't understand this game, but I absolutely love the environment! Could use less invisible walls though, is the area around the monolith near the starting location supposed to do that?

It's definitely an unique game, haha! I had no idea what to expect and got a good laugh out of the concept, though I quickly caught on you can just spam space to win. Good entry!

Here's my solo project! Please check it out <3

A risky move to allow just one attempt, but I managed to win anyway! Nice game!

I really like it!

This game plays very smooth and is very satisfying! The puzzles are easy enough to not be frustrating but hard enough to give a head scratch or two!

This game inflicts physical pain and makes me feel emotions I did not know existed.

I really liked it, but I think it'd be better to hold down the mouse button! Clicking gets tiring fast :D

I love the idea, there's so many things you incorporated into a single button press, amazing!

I'm stunned by this game. It ticks every box of what a GMTK game jam winner should be. Looking forward to seeing your game in Mark's video!

The game has a bit of a rough start, but once you discover the first word that leads you somewhere, it's really fun to follow along and figure out how to get a reaction out of the characters!

Nice try Fennett Boddy, but I'm not putting myself through that again, lol.

Good idea for a game!

Neat idea! The sound design is great, though the wall collision sound could be a bit less jarring!

An interesting idea! I really like that piling up high takes away more and more points, it puts you under pressure when you keep missing the same spot!

A very clever idea for a game!

This is a neat idea for a game, I wonder how it would play if you developed it beyond the jam :)

This is a super fun game!

I found myself quickly getting used to physics and burning through levels which was really satisfying, and the trails you leave help you correct your jumps on further attempts, brilliant! And the character is cute!

It's a very cute game, and I really liked figuring out how to "unlock" the main menu!

It's really fun to just move the little smiles around, you nailed movement down!! Game feels really good to play!

It's pretty fun to play!

Thank you so much!

I wish I was there live, watching this has been surreal. I'm happy by how warmly people received it, and I would've never guessed it could be this intense to watch, haha.

Thank you for letting me know, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

When did it happen? Is there anywhere I could watch a replay of it? I'm curious to see what was said about my game. c:

Neat game, controlling the character feels really good, the level design is on point and overall an interesting idea for a platformer. For me it is on the easier side, but that comes from someone who plays platformers a lot.

Also as a side-note: It was much quicker to do trial and error than to follow all the colored wires and think about what button to press next on that grid level ("haywire?"). Plus it's little hard to see where the light is on that one.

I managed to finish the demo, and I must say the game is really fun! Main menu left me crying from laughter when it nagged me to start playing :)

However I think you should take more time to introduce the player to game's mechanics. I had no idea double jumping is a thing until my 40th death, so I got stuck on those two bouncy thingies above lava on level 1. The fall right before that and that obstacle itself do not hint there even is a double jump, I figured it out by complete accident, which is bad. Maybe you could place a wall somewhere, which the player wouldn't be able to jump over until they realize they have another jump at their disposal?

I can't upload cover image and screenshots either