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cant upload images to my game's page :(

A topic by eliranvegh created Jun 26, 2016 Views: 892 Replies: 19
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all the images i upload shows broken links... any kind of format png gif jpg.


thanks eliran


Sorry about that! There were some issues with our image processing server. Still investigating the root cause, but service has been restored.

hi, i see that is somehow got fixed the screenshots works. however I still don't see the cover photo,



Same problem here.

Been trying to release a new pack today so i can put together a bundle.

Good luck hope it's fixed soon :)


Seems to be fixed. Thanks. :)


I didn't create a new post because the question I hav e is the same. I tried to upload cover images for my games but I see only a blank square. I tried JPG and PNG formats. How to fix this?

Thanks in advance

Sorry, now all is Ok.

Hate to revive a post but I'm having this issue right now.

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Hi, i have the same problem now.

Solved: I tried uploading the screenshots one by one instead of a bundle upload then it worked.


Everything should be good now, tell me if you're still having issues

still having problems... sorry

Also having problems.  None of the images, profile or game pics, are uploading.

Having same problems 

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Yeah same :-/
Edit: was fixed within 25 minutes.

This happens regularly I guess, I'm having that issue right now

Me too, I can't change my game's cover image. This has been this way for about an hour by now.

I can't upload cover image and screenshots either

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I'm guessing my issue is the same. The images on one of my two games do not load: . I haven't tried reuploading any images yet.

Edit: It got fixed.

Having the same problem right now =(

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