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Does it work in Unity 2022 and newer versions?

Thanks for your comments, we will check it! :)

Hi everyone! Hope you like Lonesome Village! This comment is a reminder that our Kickstarter campaign is almost finished (3 days left)!

If you haven't checked the campain please considering checking it:

Thanks for your comments, we are improving the interactions. Save happens automatically :)

Thanks for your comments! Yeah UI is not well designed now, we are working on improving it :)

Hey! yeah, it is a bug, we are working on it  :)

Sorry, didn't understand :O

Ahh sorry for that, will consider it in the future :)

Gracias por probar Lonesome Village y por tus comentarios!

Compartiré los bugs internamente en el equipo :)


Hey! They can be closed by clicking outside the popup or by pressing space bar, however there could be bugs.

Thanks for the feedback, will check it and will find a better way to close those popups :)

Thanks for trying Lonesome Village and thanks for your comments! We will check the bugs :)

Thanks! We are glad you like it :)

Gracias @matil248

Hey! Es buena idea, de hecho vamos a comenzar a distribuir un demo privado diferente a este demo técnico, podría funcionar :D

Hey! remember to register here to get notified when the KS goes live!

That helps us a lot! :)

Ahh yeah, it is intended (for now!) will fix it soon :)


Hi! Thanks for the comments :) Yeah, the interaction with the magic glass has a bug. Demo is still playable but you have to keep closing the magic glass view to interact with all the stuff around

Hi! Thanks for your comments! We are glad you like it :). About the bug yeah it is true, we are working on it :D

Hi! Thanks for the comments Rob, we are glad you like it, about the camera, yeah, a little bit faster could work :)

New version 0.0.5 now ready! New light effects and new activites! :)

New Lonesome Village poster in High Res now available to download :D

New version 0.0.3 now ready! :D Intro added to demo

Hey! We are glad you liked it! Thanks! :D

Hey! that's true and that's a problem we have on the second puzzle. Thanks!

Hey! Thanks for the comments, we are glad you liked it.

All your comments are true: about movement, the ears and other masking issues and the dialogue.

Working on it, thanks!

Thanks! ok, will check settings, give me a moment

Hey, I'm Steve from Ogre Pixel, this time we want to share a Prototype (Tech Demo) of a new game we are working on called Lonesome Village

This is a puzzle-solving adventure with social simulation.

Play Lonesome Village here

This prototype is a work in progress, game is intended to become a bigger game.

Hope you like it, try to explore and discover the end of demo.

Lonesome Village end of demo

Hey! I already played all your levels and made a stream about it on twitch, you can watch the stream here: =)

Thank you for creating those levels!

Que bien! nos alegra que te haya gustado =D

Check this level, we called it the almost impossible 1

our time :)

Someone just shared this level ( here:


New elements added: Switches, Boxes and Moving platforms!

Full update description here: Devlog: New Elements added post

New elements added: Doors, Keys, Levers =)

Full update description here: Devlog: New Elements added post

Updating Jumper Jon tonight ;)

Also you can go to game page here too: 

Hey! someone from twitter just shared this level too: :)

Hey! yeah, that's a good idea too, thanks :)

So far this is what we are already working on, you can suggest new elements too!

  • Coins
  • Flying enemies
  • Doors
  • Keys
  • Boxes (to push)
  • Circular saw
  • Switch on floor (to open doors)
  • Lever (to open doors)

Anything else we could add to game? =)