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thanks for the feedback!

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thanks, yeah, it was a bit rushed because it was already pretty late and i had got to go to work at monday so i tried a workaround starting with 200 bullets because for some reason i havent figured out yet, if you once run completely dry, you cant shoot anymore even with the other bullets or if you picked up new ones. same for balancing the enemies speed.

beautiful :)

nice little memory game, i like the art and the silly puns :)

hey, cool you made a windows build!
this is really a race against time.
i feel like the wood gives to little fuel to the fire. its really exceptionally hard to keep it going.
also you can create a physics shape from the tree sprites on import, that way you can use it to cast a ray on it for picking it up and make it easier to click them.
the grass tiling is a little off, but i guess you noticed that already.
with a little more work this can be a fun game. im imagining upgrading the fireplace to decrease the rate at which fuel is consumed, or something the like.
also for my taste the camera is a little close, but maybe thats intended.

Just out of curiosity.

Especially how many are participating from Germany. That's where I am from 🇩🇪

thanks for playing! yeah, i guess they are :D
i have some ideas to diversify gameplay a bit and how to make some more complicated levels.

interesting concept. im not sure if the graphics are meant to look so grainy, but it has something to it.

oof. very deep story. very well-written!

ok what? i somehow got it to work so i could open the door but it is not entirely clear to me why and how. i think it needs more/better indication on how far and in which direction the radiation reaches and what strength it has at any point.
if you get this right this can be a promising puzzle game.

ah well, must've missed that!

yeah. snake. nothing really to add to it. fun classic, but where is the darkness theme?

quite fun to play! and yes, music would the game good!

i didnt really noticed any delay in my actions. therefore in my opinion the limitation is not quite fulfilled.
the gameplay is quite boring to be honest.
there is no real indication of any attacks from your opponents and reactions to your own punches are very inconsistent.
everything feels quite random.

nicely done!
only thing i would criticize: where's the darkness?

thanks for the heads up, i've noted that and will hopefully fix it with the next version.
since i got so much positive feedback on the concept, and i do like myself, too. i'm planning on turning this into a real game i think.
i've already got some interesting ideas how to expand the gameplay.

sure, one more thing though: is there anything else implemented than the forest and the market place as of yet?
spoke with all the market people and there is no key in the flower beds?!
if this is all, i am unfortunately not able to vote on this as i can see nothing about darkness or being your own enemy, which would sadly disqualify this game from this gamejam in my opinion.
i like the premise, though, so i'd like to see you working on this.

ah yes. i would suggest to make all the tiles on zone edges that way, and placing walls or trees where you cant change to another zone. that way it would be more clearly communicated with the player where he should go.

thanks for the feedback!
yeah you're right about the friction thing. i noticed that you get stuck on the walls while playtesting but forgot about it later.
wasn't much of a priority i guess :)

thanks for the feedback!

thank you very much for the kind words!
much appreciated!

nice one! very similar idea like i had. though you did so much better!

really nice implementation of the limitation!

this is really hard... like rubbing your one hand on your stomach in circles and patting on your head with the other one :D

nice one! the theme is.. well.. satisfied i guess? open to interpretation, i think.
i quite liked the combo of pong and brick breaker. though the enemy seems more of a bot rather than "me".

a few notes on the gameplay: as already pointed out by others- the ball respawn was a bit quick, so i would often lose it again. and sometimes the ball goes in a very different direction than you would expect when bouncing off a paddle.
this seems to happen mostly when its close to the edge of the paddle or you're moving really fast.

other than that, solid, fun game

wow, that was mind bending :D

cool concept. implementation of the limitation is a bit of a stretch, but i liked the game! especially the music was really funny!

it certainly looks really nice. but it is very frustrating cause you cant really see anything which makes dodging shots a nightmare.
your own shots not hitting accurately is also very annoying.
that said, after playing i read the description and noticed there is a timer implemented? i did not noticve this at all in the game. maybe you could make that more obvious.

real nice! nice dark story with a wonderful twist.

another tip for the next jam: make sure to publish a webGL build. those submission are more likely to be played because its much more convenient to just hop in and play instead of downloading, then extracting, and then realizing someone has only published a project file and not the game and you dont got the engine on your pc to load it.

wow. this ought to be 1st place in this jam!
Really nice idea, great style and impactful responsive movement.
the theme fits, the limitation is wonderfully implemented, and the music brings it all together!
love it!

Very nice Concept!
controls are easy to grasp, but very hard to master.

somehow after i died in the first respawning put me in another one. after that it worked, though.
and the quit button did not close the application but restarted as well and if you had clicked it in the middle, the torch immediately burns you.

i liked it. very atmospheric music and interesting platformer gameplay. that verticality and all the scattered maybe-paths really had something.

i have no VR so sadly i cannot give an honest voting on it. looks nice, though.

its a nice concept but somehow the beat of the music does not in any way correlate with the beat you're supposed to click.

often times it wouldnt shoot, or at least the bullet (i guess) would not show up.
then there is the problem of being exactly as fast/slow as the zombies so you cannot ever get yourself in a position to fire once they closed in on you.
the bullet is extremely pixelated as well as the timer in the top right- make sure to use TextMeshPro for any texts. the legacy unity text component is really bad.
for the bullet i assume you scaled it up because it was not very visible in the darkness. to mitigate that you could:
a) activate emission on the material to make it bright even if theres no lighting in the scene.
b) generally when importing pixel art assets make sure to set the filter mode in the import settings to "point" that will keep pixels crisp when scaling the sprite/texture.

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Interesting story. couldn't finish it, though. when i was done questioning of all three suspects i wanted to ask gael for help but after clicking the speech bubble the bubbles disappeared and nothing happened. also the text prints quite slow. making this faster would add much to the enjoyment of this detetective story. if it werent for that i probably woud give it another try.
also i liked the art very much!

you uploadad the webGL build but made it only for download. please go into you submission page and mark the tickbox for "this is what plays in the browser" or smth like that

the sound effects are a little sharp on the ears. but interesting gameplay. it quickly gets very chaotic :D

really nice concept and fitting music.
a little eye straining trying to watch out for spikes in the darkness.