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Aaaaaah, thanks! It shouldn't be interactable from this side. I'll push an update later that fixes it :)

Oh, can you give me some more information? Where exactly did you press e?

Aaaaa thanks for telling me! It's fixed now :)

Thank you! Tiles with walls and a couple more things were actually originally planned for the game, but we had to scrap some stuff due to time constraints. Happy with the end result but I definitely think we could have improved it a lot with an extra day :3

Thanks! We should have spent more time on the sound design but when we actually got around to it we had less than an hour before deadline :p

The idea behind the skeletons taking tiles away is that it would create a nice feedback loop. When you have a lot of tiles it's easier to get more points, since more coins would spawn, but it would also be harder to survive, since there would both be more enemies and the tiles would be harder to move around. In return, when you have fewer tiles, you will naturally get less points but the threat would also be smaller. That way, when you get hit, the game offers you some time to recover with an easier map layout. I think it mostly works well, since you are forced to get D6 to progress, but maybe some form of pressure to also stop you from taking too much damage (or some bigger reward for not taking damage...) might have incentivized the player to try to keep the ammount of tiles high

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! We had a bit more planned for the game and intended to spend a little more time on balancing but we ran out of time :p I think it could get more interesting with a little more time in the oven...

Aaaaa that's very nice! A lot of depth in this one, and also super well presented!

The nicest looking game I've played!

The idea for the gameplay is nice, but since you can't reroll or do anything to affect the dice, it mostly just plays like a regular RPG in which your actions are randomly limited. Definitely has potential!

Pretty simple game but the themes and presentation are really fun. Nice job!

Very solid entry! I especially like the way the dice indicator works

The game is a little rough around the edges, but the main gimmick is extremely successful at funneling the player towards a playstyle that incentivizes speed and careful thought. It feels really nice to learn how to play it well :3

A few nitpicks: it doesn't feel extremely intuitive when you should be taking damage or not as enemies can slide against you and do nothing, and sometimes the enemy types can be really spread out and that may require you to run around looking for a specific type for a long time instead of attacking when you're trying to build a combo

Love the style!

The combat system reminded me of the prisoner's dilemma and I think it has a lot of potential. The way it works right now though, with the player being able to see all the faces of the enemy's dice, makes it so that most of the time there's a move that's objectively correct, in that it gives you the most chance of dealing damage. I think the game would be more interesting if it forced you to think about your opponent's intention and required you to call their bluffs instead of being about calculating percentages. I think it would play great as a card game, but it currently feels more like a math problem

Aaaa muito obrigado!!

Ainda absolutamente apaixonado pelos personagens desse joguinho. A quantidade de charme que vocês colocaram aqui é impressionante, parabéns!!

Thanks a bunch! It'll be a while before I come back to this project but I already have some ideas for making the gameplay clearer! You can keep up to date on what I'm working on on my Twitter

Brigado!! (E se quiser o código do shader da transicao você sabe onde me encontrar)

Oh, that's new. Sorry, I'll look into it. Do you know which sound it is?

Eu gostei! O mapa é bem interconectado e o jogo aplica umas coisas de metroidvania de um jeito legal!

Infelizmente quando eu abri o menu e cliquei em alguma coisa todos os meus upgrades sumiram e eu fiquei preso na sala que eu tava :c

Hey, I'm the developer of Whale Eater! Congrats on winning the pulling blocks category! The game looks really clever, definitely gonna have to try it out later

Really good game! There were a few similar ideas in the jam but I think having to interact with the outside the rooms really pushes this one above the rest. Great job!

GOD I can't believe I didn't see this in time for the rating period. This is so polished and creative and fun! Only thing I missed was a way to quickly rotate a letter 180 degrees. Great job! Hope to see you make it into the top 100!

Oh great! This one is already fixed on the new version. Updating when the jam ends!

Thank you! Do you know at which level you managed to pull a platform through a wall? The way moving platforms a coded is such that we have to set up collision detectors manually. It works really well but we need some playtesting to make sure all cases are covered :p

If you don't remember it's cool! Thanks for playing!

Yeah you got the pink bubbles right! They kinda have a pontier side that indicates which direction they're going to throw you. We're planning on making them look a little bit more like arrows on a future release for sake of clarity :p

What Goes Up wasn't really a direct inspiration but we noticed some similarities once we started developing the idea, so we actually used it as inspiration for the spinning animation when you're floating!

Thanks for the feedback on the red patches! I've been on and off doing some adjustments to the levels based on what I saw from other people playing and you can definitely expect these to be more consistent on a post jam update

Thanks for playing!

I initially thought it was kinda simple but having to do so much work to do something as simple as shooting made me think a lot more about my actions. Good job!

Thanks for playing! I think something happened with the footage tho :p The recording for Whale Eater seems to freeze on the title screen

No, no, I think you're right! I've been reworking a few levels this week based on what I've seen from people playing. Trying to considerably reduce the places you can get stuck and are forced to reset. Updating it after the voting period is over!

Aw I remember seeing this on Twitter this weekend and it looked really nice, I'm sorry you couldn't submit it :(

The core mechanic is really interesting and the game looks really good. I kinda wish the levels were a little shorter tho? I had to reset a lot of times in some of them :p

Thank you! I feel like I haven't slept in a month from working as hard as I did this weekend!

Cool game! The visuals are simple but they work really well

I think the UI might be nicer to read if it was a little less text heavy? I think having icons for each action instead of text might help locate stuff a little quicker

Oh, I do like the levels, really. It's just that sometimes it feels like you're performing a bunch of tasks that don't really connect to each other that well, like jumping over a pool of acid at the start of player 2's route only for it not to come into play into the rest of the level. Like, they're nice and they serve their purpose well, but I think they could be better if they focused on more specific conflicts instead of just sort of a broad get from point A to B? Sorry for not being very specific :p puzzle design is hard but I really feel like this mechanic has the potential for really clever levels

I love the way the game looks! The tower defense aspect is a little less interesting tho. While new areas of the map opening up as the rounds progress is interesting in theory, being able to move towers around makes it so you don't have to worry too much about positioning. That and also the different towers don't seem to have a lot of differences between them.

It looks very polished tho! Good job

I like it! The random controls are interesting in theory but they lead to a lot of looking down to try to understand what is happening. I think this could be really great with clearer UI + more focused level design

Aaaa this has got to be one of my favorite so far! The core mechanic is so simple but it's also so dynamic. Amazing job!

Thank you! You know, working on the levels I also started getting a lot of flashbacks to old flash games. You could definitely say a little bit of the atmosphere was inspired by those


I love this! Very juicy and intuitive. I just wish there was more of an incentive to switch enemies on the fly. As it is, I would just choose whatever looked best and stick with it until it died, I think it would be more interesting if the player was forced to think deeper about their choice for possession + had to switch enemies mid action. Great job!

Oh god oh god this is my favorite game so far! With a few more restrictions I feel like this could make an exceptional full game, I hope you keep working on it!

Oh the user submitted words were also a really cool feature! I submitted the word WHALE :3

The game feels nice to control and some of the dialogue is pretty funny! I felt a little lost though, I'm not sure if what I write on the letters changes anything