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Oh wow, that's great to hear! I was very worried it was way too nerdy and complicated for casual play at a festival and among strangers. I bet you are a terrific DM.
I think the frustration factor depends on how granularly the group decides to enforce the formal process, and whether certain players decide to abuse it as mischievous roleplay - and that fuzziness is by design. I imagine strangers may be less inclined to troll each other. Thank you so much for running it and for the feedback!

I'm Italian

Yes, yes, the title is a bit of a clickbait. The game doesn't simulate socialism nor democratic socialism but aims to illustrate a hypothetical way toward socialism in the US via social democracy within the span of two administrations. If you play well and if you are lucky you you can get way beyond what any country has ever accomplished though.
I'm working on a game set in a squarely eco-socialist future (~20 years from now) and prototyping kind of sequel/complement to demsocsim that goes beyond the institutional/electoral level. Stay tuned.


You should be able to run DemSocSim.x86_64 as executable.
If you can't, on Ubuntu there should be checkbox for that in the the file properties dialog

It may be related to the McAffee antivirus

Which operating system?

I haven't tested it myself on Linux but I've been told that it works on a variety of distributions. What's the issue?

Unity, affinity designer

It has been removed because the website the store page links to ( contains sexual content (it doesn't really). I'm trying to get it reinstated by dropping the link, stay tuned:

If you are curious, voters don't prioritize an issue over another. Each voter "cares" about two things in the same way. The voters initial orientation is always the same although the positions are visually shuffled. This is the spreadsheet of the ideological composition: each line is a virtual voter, each x is an issue they care about. You have an anti-immigration voter who is working class, one that also likes welfare state and services, and one who is also obsessed with security (say a more straight-up xenophobic right)

Sorry for the scam-sounding title but it's true... I'm helping to get this unusual call for proposals out in the world:

tl;dr the project aims to create a game or a playable artwork for each of the first 10 amendments of the US constitution. It's not a prize, there are a couple of steps to follow starting from a pitch. I bet there is some weirdo here who always wanted to make a Soldier Quartering Simulator.

Not that a single game has to tackle every possible issue, but there are several choices related to police reform that you may not have encountered in your playthrough due to the events randomness. They range from liberal reforms like body cams and more abolitionist ones (first_responders, demilitarize2). See line 387 and following:

Indigenous rights make a brief appearance in the events pipeline, pipeline2 (reparations) and columbus_day.

Great initiative, I'd be happy to participate:

Well, since the Sanders campaign continues with a focus on COVID-19 and doing what Joe Bidon't, here's a third contribution for $311.

Well there's no way to DM on itchio so take this one or if it gets redeemed before you get it, send me an email at
info [at] molleindustria [dott] it

The Sanders candidacy appears to be in serious trouble, but let's not forget we still have our secret weapon: Biden's undisguisable lameness.
Besides, all the leftover campaign funds will be transferred to other races and charities in case Bernie drops out.

The second donation amounts to $185 also thanks to many donors from outside the USA.
The itchio financial data and a screenshot of the receipt is here

It's not real time, each term lasts a certain number of cards (or card sequences to be precise), so longer games would mean more event. DSS is meant to be played in one session and to be replayed only a couple of times.

Nope, sorry.

Starting March 7th, all the revenues from Democratic Socialism Simulator will be donated to the Bernie Sander campaign.
In the first 24 hours or so the revenues (payments minus itchio share and fees) totaled $200.86. Since the campaign has an important fundraising deadline coming up they have been promptly donated via ActBlue.

I uploaded the itchio report here

Unfortunately Actblue exposes address and phone number in the receipts so I have no way to share this without publishing private data, I can only post a screenshot and you have to trust me this time. For the next donation I'll provide no phone number and my workplace address so it will be shareable. Google Play (Android) doesn't produce sales reports in real time, I'll post them as soon as I have them. 

Thank you for you contributions!

I don't know if it can be done retroactively. Just drop me a line when it's out on Steam and I'll send you a code.

Yes, but due to Steam's idiotic release policy it cannot be released earlier than 2 week after the "coming soon" page goes up. So March 16:

I'm gonna look into the state save for the mobile version, I assumed it was automatic but I've seen other reports. The game kind of started as a piece of a local multiplayer game. I don't think I'll pursue that avenue though, I'm already on the next project.

Pressing "escape" from the title screen should quit the program.

The iphone version is stuck in review purgatory but I still have some hope.
The game itself is easily expandable and it's likely that new events will be added in future updates (Pandemic emergency?).


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If you are done playing DSS but you wish you could listen to these 21st century versions of Solidarity Forever and the Internationale, Jesse Stiles made them available (and remixable) on Soundcloud

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If you are curious about the intentions and the database behind this game you can check this post:

Release notes

Fixed some typos and a squashed bug - the voters didn't show up if you disagreed with the tutorial agent. If you haven't downloaded this new version (Feb 21) do NOT disagree with the tutorial!