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Contributions to the Bernie Sanders campaign

A topic by molleindustria created 87 days ago Views: 469 Replies: 5
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Starting March 7th, all the revenues from Democratic Socialism Simulator will be donated to the Bernie Sander campaign.
In the first 24 hours or so the revenues (payments minus itchio share and fees) totaled $200.86. Since the campaign has an important fundraising deadline coming up they have been promptly donated via ActBlue.

I uploaded the itchio report here

Unfortunately Actblue exposes address and phone number in the receipts so I have no way to share this without publishing private data, I can only post a screenshot and you have to trust me this time. For the next donation I'll provide no phone number and my workplace address so it will be shareable. Google Play (Android) doesn't produce sales reports in real time, I'll post them as soon as I have them. 

Thank you for you contributions!

Thank you Paolo, this is fantastic.



The Sanders candidacy appears to be in serious trouble, but let's not forget we still have our secret weapon: Biden's undisguisable lameness.
Besides, all the leftover campaign funds will be transferred to other races and charities in case Bernie drops out.

The second donation amounts to $185 also thanks to many donors from outside the USA.
The itchio financial data and a screenshot of the receipt is here

Thanks for doing this comrades! I just purchased your game at the rate of my monthly donation to the Bernie campaign. Keep up the great work!


Well, since the Sanders campaign continues with a focus on COVID-19 and doing what Joe Bidon't, here's a third contribution for $311.