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Defund the Police!

A topic by May Nyan created Jun 20, 2020 Views: 807 Replies: 2
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I guess a lot has changed even in the few months since this game released but now it feels like questions about police violence are very notable in their absence!  Defund the Police would gain revenue by cutting the expense and please civil rights factions (while displeasing others)

I also think that indigenous rights are an important issue that didn't come up

And also protest rights, considering the current USA administration...


Not that a single game has to tackle every possible issue, but there are several choices related to police reform that you may not have encountered in your playthrough due to the events randomness. They range from liberal reforms like body cams and more abolitionist ones (first_responders, demilitarize2). See line 387 and following:

Indigenous rights make a brief appearance in the events pipeline, pipeline2 (reparations) and columbus_day.


Defend the police.