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Steam release?

A topic by miquelangelfuentes created Mar 08, 2020 Views: 724 Replies: 10
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Is a Steam release planned?


Yes, but due to Steam's idiotic release policy it cannot be released earlier than 2 week after the "coming soon" page goes up. So March 16:

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Oh... sorry but  could    I get a Steam code if I have already bought the game here?


I don't know if it can be done retroactively. Just drop me a line when it's out on Steam and I'll send you a code.

as much as i would like a steam key, you should know not all purchases grant a user a steamkey.
most notably, the HUMONGOUS charity bundle that is being sold rn does not give steam keys.

Very kind.

Hi.   Can I have a Steam key? I purchased the game here. Is there any way I can show you?


Well there's no way to DM on itchio so take this one or if it gets redeemed before you get it, send me an email at
info [at] molleindustria [dott] it

I actually got it! Thank you so much!

I got the game on here too, but I was wondering if I could also get a steam key so that all of my friends can see it when I play. Thank you. :)

The bundle does not grant Steam keys.