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I am one of the people who purchased this game back in the day. I am an EFL teacher and I have even used it in the classroom. Also, I know that the current drag and drop mechanic looks cleaner but I somewhat miss the Polaroid framework when dragging and dropping. Here's for a Today I die release next. 

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Thank you for uploading the update! Zippyshare does not work in many countries.  Because of this, I am also getting a 403 error. Would you be so kind so as to upload it to another file sharing service?

Very kind 😊

Can I please get a copy of the game? 🙏

Mixolumia community · Created a new topic Steam?

I'm so happy with my purchase! I  am glad to support your talent.

Have you considered a future Steam release?

How many episodes are planned in total?

I would also like a Steam   key  (I purchased this game 4 years ago).

The bundle does not grant Steam keys.

I actually got it! Thank you so much!

Hi.   Can I have a Steam key? I purchased the game here. Is there any way I can show you?

Very kind.

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Oh... sorry but  could    I get a Steam code if I have already bought the game here?

Is a Steam release planned?

Any news?

How is this version going...?

I am amazed.

I love your games!

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I am positive that the game will receive a Steam release!!

Will those of us who have purchased the game here get a Steam key?