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Cruel World (RIP)

blame everybody else - a mingleplayer masocore platformer 路 By droqen, NewtonsNinja, Mer Grazzini, sylvie

Asking gatekeepers for a copy

A topic by miquelangelfuentes created Apr 02, 2021 Views: 1,131 Replies: 11
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Can I please get a copy of the game? 馃檹


Very kind 馃槉

Most recent Mac version (v6):

Mirror for Windows version (v6):

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Thank you for uploading the update! Zippyshare does not work in many countries.  Because of this, I am also getting a 403 error. Would you be so kind so as to upload it to another file sharing service?


Droqen actually did re-release it so you could also buy it (just fyi)

You're doing god's work. Thanks


this version is actually quite out-of-date!!! i wonder if someone will upload version 1.3.0

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i feel provoked by droq
win/mac/linux in 1

also take care for yr soul!


hi please come party

I'm just getting errors and 403s :(