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JohnLivingston: You're a sussy baka

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Impressive for a game jam!

Good graphics and really fun!

But why the hell does it remind me of FNF?

When the desktop companion is sus 😳

Really fun, and the seeds give some variety.

Good stuff

Thinking about it, you might also try a more arcade-ish drift, like the one from

It may be better for your game

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I got the effect by making the boat a RigidBody2D, constantly using apply_impulse(), and using a high damp so it doesn't become an incontrollable mess

Good luck on your project!

I was listening to follow me from sonic heroes and this game popped up in the submissions page. 10/5

Cool presentation, concept and very challenging

Really good presentation and concept, altough the balance isn't there, and for me that kills the fun.

Good concept, good puzzles and good presentation!

That's because it isn't a simple game-it's entropy's ultimate manifestation

Really fun and with a cool presentation!

I think you understand why the emoji is like that...

Yeah, I made the music in around a minute lol

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Really nice, the only "bad" thing were the graphics, which aren't bad!

Really good! It's fun, original and good-looking!

No suggestions here, it's already perfect!

You poet

Nice and short, the only thing that could improve is the length of the level



Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, it's a bit too chaotic, aned the player can't know where it'll end up. After the rating ends, I'll try to do something, maybe it ends up well...

The concept is really cool and original, altough the presentation feels kinda off. If you were to work on it again, I would suggest to make the waiting time smaller.

Really cool!

Thanks for the feedback!

After the rating ends I'll try to make it more... fun

Really nice controls and presentation!

Really nice controls and presentation!


After the rating ends, I'll (try to) fix it.


Thanks for the feedback!

I think I'll work on it after the rating week.

I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Yeah, the jam was lotsa fun

It's lots of fun, and very original, but the presentation falls kinda short.


It's fun, and the sprites looks really good, but it's very easy to find a sweet spot and stay there for the remainder of the game. 

Nice concept, nice presentation and fun gameplay!



The artwork looked nice though

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Cool concept and presentation!

Congrats in your first jam game!

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Really cool concept, but the gameplay felt a bit clunky. The presentation's also good.


It looks cool though so after the rating finishes I would love to try it out.

Take care!

Yeah, I think after the rating ends I'll fix it. It's got some really obvious flaws, and it should have helpful text, but godot said nah



You're doing god's work. Thanks