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I work on a site called that allows building multiplayer games, it also has visual scripting like scratch does. Maybe that could help?

There are several ways to open .rar files on a mac, with some research you can find a program to open these ;)



Gives you an extra branch in the spot you use it :)


----- ----- ---- --- --
----- ----- --- --- ----

----- ----- --- ------
--- ------ ---


oh yeah weird, the game over does not stop score from increasing anymore. Bit swamped this week, will look into it though! (also thx for making the effort to report it)

Damn, nice! Glad you're getting somewhere, seeing you persist and improve gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Look forward to seeing this developed further, I like how this mixes incremental aspects with autobattlers.

You could improve auto by allowing players to rearrange unit skills, then always selecting the top skill.

Yes, until submission deadline you can update your game :)

i clicked and now my PC is imploding oh noe

Maybe add a code to the free dordle share code. Pasting this code should enable players to play with the same target words.
I guess with the site being hosted on itch you can't read these codes from the URL suffix. But copy-paste should be good enough.

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Really neat asymmetrical deckbuilder. Don't be put off by the theme, this is a really well-designed strategiy game that manages to carve its own niche.

I like how it embraces its digitality by implementing several mechanics that would not be possible/convenient in a tabletop setting like hidden information, fetching by card type and frequent shuffling.
In my opinion deckbuilders are less fun played irl (shuffling all the time is just not fun) and this digital deckbuilder has lots of QoL, which makes playing quite a seamless experience.

Looking forward to further explore the depth of card interactions (I feel like I barely scratched the surface) and get my ass beat in online PvP <3

Tried again with extra clicks and indeed there is something moving :O Hope I didn't miss it the first time!
Flinging leaves around is fun.

can't get wind to appear (with arrow keys)
tried both ff and edge :/

hi, I updated the link. but be warned, the discord is even deader than it used to be...

it might be possible to generate bombs AFTER the first guess has been made to make sure there's no bombs there

Very cool concept!

invincibility after eating pellet

enables players to bite off tail (if split, tail turns into bombs) or eat a bomb

max of 1 turn or 1 bite before invincibility wears off

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haha I've absolutely no idea either
merry festivities, thx for reporting it

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You left the labyrinth with:

5 stamina points.
20 gold coins.
(5 of them are pixelated.)
And was *** 9 times.

really curious about what'd have happened if I'd gone into the click room again. the mechanic of not revisiting rooms is quite nice, respectful of player time!

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really mean but I'll let it slide
i said some not so nice things to my computer

simple, yet devious. a true buzzle game <3

I think Stralor was referring to rubber duck debugging.
This puzzle has me incredibly stumped :)

winning gams is what i'm here for

hi i think you're not supposed to release calendar entries...

Hehe, if you ever manage to find & abuse the extra pixel let me know and I'll remove it ;)

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Well, the difference is that a different color is missing from the bag each time, which means you won't get bags missing the same color twice in a row. There is a very subtle indicator on the top of the frame but I don't really want anyone to count RNG bags much (as you said, not fun to track).

I actually don't really like that it's possible to deduce the final color, though it's kinda similar in Tetris which also utilizes a bag system (different there because you don't have unlimited time to place pieces).

The only thing I sometimes do during play is deduce 'bag breaks', when a color repeats in the preview I know that somewhere between those 2 draws, the bag was refilled.  So no constantly keeping track, just sometimes deducing on-the-fly.

Another fresh hint:

Sometimes it's best to bite the sour apple and use action to clear an area instead of placing a bunch of new crystals. A clean board can quickly deteriorate and end your run if you don't keep it tidy!
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Hey finley! Thanks for asking here, didn't realize that a bug creeped in during the last update. It should be fixed now :)

You were doing everything right (clicking on the digit 3), it just wasn't working... Renamed the thread so that there's a place for future bug reports.

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I think that makes you the official highscore holder! (my scores still don't count hehe)

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Hey, so I'll explain some mechanics and tricks here that would be difficult to figure out without looking at the source code. Think it would be unfair if I'd keep these secrets ;)

The randomizer for new tiles follows certain rules:

  • when the new crytal bag is empty, fill it with 1 crystal of each color
  • then delete a crystal from the bag (must be different color than the crystal deleted last bag)
  • draws crystals from the bag until empty

The starting RNG is rigged in your favor so that you can always grow the center crystal on move 2 or 4.

crystal anomaly community · Created a new topic big numbers

Feel free to post cool screenshots of your scores here :)
I did 1924 but it doesn't count since I made the game!

Godot crashes whenever I finish #23 (by collecting the purple star)

hi wow this game makes me tingle

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hey, thanks a bunch for playing on stream! just released a variant that makes the game more accessible and inaccessible at the same time ;)

Well, you don't need to achieve anything and there is no in-game fanfare for getting 100%.  I've definitely found myself hunting for completion anyways and it's doable with some luck, but I don't think it's more fun than the first few explorations and discovering how the vine works. Then again I can't really explore or discover my own game so what do I know :D