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Linux version ... how ?

A topic by ludo0565 created Sep 18, 2020 Views: 522 Replies: 5
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Hello everyone,

I've been a Linux user for quite some time now, but if there's not a hint on how to start with what ... I'm not gonna get very far... :-))

Any help is welcome!

Thanks in advance



I haven't tested it myself on Linux but I've been told that it works on a variety of distributions. What's the issue?

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Hello dear developer,

Well I just don't know if I just have to click on a specific file (which one? where?) or launch from within the console? With or without installing something else  first (library)?

Thanks for your work and support.



I know that developer answered your question but I wanted to say that any file in Linux can in theory be an executable. It is just a toggle in file permission window. If you expected to see a specific file extension for an executable binary, similar to exe on Windows, then you will be disappointed. An executable on Linux can have any extension. They also may NOT have an extension and still be an executable. In fact binaries of the most of the programs on your computer don't have any extension.


You should be able to run DemSocSim.x86_64 as executable.
If you can't, on Ubuntu there should be checkbox for that in the the file properties dialog

I did this and it worked perfectly!