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Open Broadcaster Software is one example of a software you could use to record and even stream your desktop (and applications).

OBS - https://obsproject.com/

There are many other around, like FRAPS for Windows, Camtasia for Mac, SimpleScreenRecorder for Linux and so on...

That's true... maybe the developer will add the feature in the next versions but, really, who cares if you are messing things up in acro mode and suddenly crash into the ground? What good is to switch to Angle mode to save a virtual quad? You'd better learn to fly it safely in acro mode, this way when it comes to the real hardware you will know what to do and your reactions will be faster and more precise. That is the main reason to practice with the simulator. The more you crash the more you learn.

Just my 2 cents.

Windows: http://joytokey.net/en/

Mac: http://alternativeto.net/software/joytokey/?platform=mac

Linux: https://github.com/AntiMicro/antimicro

You downloaded the demo version again...

To download your purchased full version of the simulator follow these steps:

  1. click on the V symbol next to your nickname in the upper-right corner of the page
  2. click on "My Purchases"
  3. download the full version from there

The whole project seems pretty abandoned. I wrote him some months ago without having an answer... :(

Nope, you can't.

I hope one of the next update will be a couple of much wider new maps, one with gates and flags (like a stadium map) to practice racing and the other, hopefully big enough, with tall buildings, bridges etc. to practice freestyle.

Thank you anyway for all the effort you put into this simulator, both versions are fantastic!

I'm using AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 15.12 Proprietary Linux Graphics Driver on a Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS 64-bit and it works perfectly. HERE is the link to the drivers.

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Nope, I use an Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS 64-bit.

I'd suggest you to go for the E-Sky 0905A USB transmitter simulator. I use it with all my simulators and it works flawlessly. I think it's the cheapest you can find as well.

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FPV Freerider Recharged! B)

I don't know if this could apply to your case but that is the way I calibrate my radio in ubuntu:

  • Install (if you haven't already) the jstest-gtk package
  • Plug your radio in the PC and launch jstest-gtk program
  • Center all sticks then do the calibration within the program
  • Now, exit from jstest-gtk without moving the sticks and launch FPV Freerider
  • Go to the controller calibration, keep the sticks centered until requested to move them
  • Do the calibration stuff...
Now the radio should be correctly calibrated... try and let us know.
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Regarding new places to fly, I love the maps in both classic and recharged versions but I feel them a bit too small for the power of the simulated quad... I'm practicing freestyle more than racing and I'd love to fly in a wide open area with tall buildings (for diving) and bridges or similar structures (for powerloops) etc... as now I'm flying mainly in "two towers" map in classic and the new "factory" in recharged. I hope in the future to see wider maps with such characteristics, and maybe a larger "car parking" with a wider space to fly like THIS.

Another thing: when doing the "timed race", it would be freaking cool if you could highlight the actual race track on the map using a path of cones! ;)

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I think simulators like FPV Freerider are a "must have" tool for anyone willing to enter the hobby the "serious" way... I started as a complete noob in april 2016, never flown a multirotor before, with a toy-grade quadcopter which gave me the basics of flying, but immediately bought a copy of this simulator to be able to fly whenever I wanted to in both stabilized and acro mode. Four months ago my first FPV flight was like THIS and now, four months later, I'm flying my brushed microquad like THIS... I still consider myself an "almost noob" but the progression was made mainly on the simulator. Thank you so much for this awesome piece of software!!! *hands down*

Something like this would be AWESOME!!!

+1 this! ;)

Remove Windows Defender! ;)

Just download the new version everytime there is an update... easy.

Launch the executable using the switches -screen-fullscreen 1 -screen-width <horizontal_res> -screen-height <vertical_res>

Unfortunately this project seems pretty abandoned... :(

One is a simulator, the other is the real thing... of course you've got to guess! ;)

Have you tried lowering the details?

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On cleanflight go to the PIDs page, on the right side of the screen you'll find the "rates" (ROLL, PITCH, YAW)... play with those values until you find the good balance. You'll probably need to check out your TX's expos and settings too... usually you'd better set expos in either the flight controller (cleanflight) or the transmitter (whatever you're using)... not both! :)

I think the cheapest option to control the quad with FPV Freerider is the E-Sky 0905A USB simulator, I'm using it and it works without a flaw on both the versions (classic and recharged) and, of course, with many other simulators.

A brand new one goes for like 20 bucks on various sites... if you are going to pay a similar amount (or maybe more), I'd definetely suggest you to buy the 0905A.

Just my 2 cents! ;)

Let' say you want to use FullHD resolution in 16:9 aspect ratio (1920x1080)... you can launch the simulator with

-screen-fullscreen 1 -screen-width 1920 -screen-height 1080

parameters (once) and it will maintain the resolution and aspect ratio you entered. Adjust the settings to your liking.

Is anyone still developing this project? It is freaking cool and it has a lot of potential!

Just FYI ... I'm using both classic and recharged on a Xubuntu 14.04.4 64-bit Linux machine and the sound works well for me. No problems whatsoever... I'm using pulseaudio backend.

FPV Freerider community · Created a new topic Wishlist...
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I love this simulator but there are a few things that IMHO would make it a killer-app!

I don't know if any of the following will ever be included in the future updates, but I throw my 2 cents:

  • LoS sound in FPV view: this would raise the realism of the simulator, as in real life pilots could fly FPV while hearing the quad in the distance, from their fixed position.
  • Limited flight time: unfortunately batteries don't last forever... so simulating a LiPo discharge and, maybe, a LVC buzzer would be great!
  • Import/Export quad settings: possibility to import/export various quad settings as "presets" or maybe (better) as text/cfg files... so pilots could be able to share them.
  • More tracks: this, absolutely THIS... actual tracks are cool but it lacks some "classic" race/fun maps as indoor, park, high buildings and flags&gates tracks. Maybe one abandoned place to fly like Charpu! ;)
  • Save/play replays: a "VCR like" system to record and replay (maybe in slow motion) our flights with the possibility to change cam on the fly.
  • Fixed cams: more camera views like "gates cam" or "tower cam", cool if used in conjunction with the VCR.
  • OSD: battery voltage, flight time, etc...