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Level creator/level request

A topic by levenimc created Apr 15, 2016 Views: 2,089 Replies: 24
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First of all, I absolutely LOVE your simulator, and I own both the original as well as Recharged.

I was curious if you have any plans to include any sort of Level Editor--or if it's possible to make a level request. I'm working on my "tower dives", and I'm finding the limited fly height and lack of tall/vertical structures in FPV freerider to be a bummer.

All I really want is a big open flat field with a big pillar or "skyscraper" type thing in it. It doesn't have to be SUPER tall, but maybe 2-3x the size of the lookout tower that currently exists in your original sim's "island" level (the tower that I've been practicing with so far).


Totally agree with you! Open field with a track and vertical towers would certainly be a treat. Maybe even an indoor track. Really digging these new courses though! Even managed to find a way into the 4th dimension in the carpark. Overall the crash dynamics are much more improved over the last and the new course designs are well done.


I'd like to see a racing level with gates and flags similar to the competition courses that have sprung up all over the place. This could be done with the addition of the various towers and such mentioned above, without much more effort involved and still meet multiple needs




Thank you for your feedback and suggestions!

I have plans to include more levels later on. One empty-building-type level is on my own wishlist, as well as a flatland-racing-type level.

(The ideal thing would of course to enable users to submit their own levels, but as for now there isn't really a practical way of doing this the way I think it should be done).

There are other game-selling platforms that have a way to share user-created content...


Yes, the main difficulty is actually getting the scenes into the Unity build (I would like the users to be able to create actual scenes from scratch, not just place prefab objects). If someone knows how this could be done, it would be interesting to hear.

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Unity engine Personal Edition is free, so what's the limitation for having users create their own maps which could then be loaded into FPV FR Recharged?

Of course, it takes quite some time to get the experience how things work in Units it seems:

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The problem is that when I create the executable, all sceneries are "baked into" the build.

I don't know a way to load separate new scenes into an existing Unity build (or if it's even possible).

Hi FPV Freerider,

As an experienced Unity Dev it is quite simple to add new scenes. All you need to do is request the level (in unity scene format), and then add it to your own by importing the scene. Unfortunately this doesn't allow you to add it in as dlc. You would need to compile a new executable


Correct, you need to compile a new executable.

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I see. Maybe this limitation could be turned into an advantage: It sounds like you are a 1 person show (or small team) and still created this unbelievable piece of software. Why not broaden your business model and offer a service where you / your team (maybe this could generate revenues to grow the team) will upload user maps and compile them into the game at a reasonable fee, then offer the upgraded game version to the customer base who purchased the game (myself, I'd be happy to pay some extra bucks for regular add-on maps as well). Anyway this still means you'd have to find ways of chopping the game into multiple versions with different map packs along the base maps, in order to keep the download size at reasonable levels once maps will be added...

What do you think? I'm still trying to find out if a similar mechanism like the Google maps plugin for Unity could help to simply 'load' individual maps into the core game...


There are lots of interesting ideas you have there. It's true that the project could be expanded a lot. However I prefer to keep it nice and simple, and also keep all creative control myself. So my intention for the moment is to keep it as more of a fun hobby project that I can work on in my spare time.

Thanks for the links to the level editor assets! I had't seen them before, you're right that the first two seems most promising. I will look into this more when I have the time.

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There are some tools around Unity 3D for runtime map loading/editing, maybe you've already found & evaluated them:

In-Game Level Editor

Runtime Level Editor & Level Server

Dynamic Map System

Snappy Map Editor

1st two seem most promising to me (but I'm only a complete noob in Unity environment). Maybe it's at least a piece of useful information how it could be done...

I just wanted to let you know that I got the notification for an update on this game, and saw in the changelogs that there was a tower added to "rocks". I freaked out! Thank you so much!

I would still like to see a much taller/flat building or tower at some point to really practice diving on, but this change was a welcome one, and I was happy to see it--whether or not my request had anything to do with it.

Keep up the great work!


I'm glad you appreciate it! Yes, your request actually was part of the reason I decided to add it :)

I have plans for possibly doing a new map with more buildings in it later on.

Hi, great simulator!

As levenimc, I also would like to suggest an open-field larger level. Something like meadow in the v1, but it would be great if it could also contain some structures here and there: a tower, a few trees (not as dense as in the forest level). These objects could be part of the racing course, but could also be used to excercise with acro maneuvers.


Thanks! Yes, I agree that would be a good level to have. I actually have plans to create something like that for the original Freerider.


this is amazing work u done so far

am 3d designer "expert" i'll love to be part of this .

lets add LEVELS :)

i'll start design and post here , any blueprints will be great


Thank you!

I'm glad you're enthusiastic, you should know that each level takes a lot of time to add though (even if it's finished) and I am only working on the simulator in my spare time, so I can't promise that I will add any user created levels. It would be interesting to see some of your earlier work though, so feel free to post links to pictures etc. here.

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ojeej I'm curious to know if you created something that we can see :)

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I'm starting in the hobby a couple weeks ago and I've searched for the best fpv simulator for days and come to the conclusion that FPV Freerider is the way to go.

It is really impressive the results that one man team achieved in comparison with other simulators.

The only thing I miss is city maps, with buildings and bridges to dive and powerloop, I would appreciate that kind of map was added on the game any time soon.

Keep up the great work!


Thank you! Glad to hear that you appreciate the work I put on the sim.

Yes, some kind of tall buildings/bridge map is also something that I too would like to have in the sim. It is quite possible that I will add something similar to that when I have more time for development.

I love this simulator. As a newbie learning to fly a racing quad, I would love to see the level you mentioned 280 days ago above, just a flat soccer field with markers on the ground and half-round gates and flags, etc. Something pretty basic (like Desert), but with flat terrain so I don't have to worry about throttle for correcting terrain levels...


Thanks, I still have plans for a level such as that. In the meantime, you can try the Two Towers map which is basically just a big flat field.