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As mentioned in another of my posts, I'm a huge fan of your sim, and it is the reason I'm able to fly as well as I do today. 

I am volunteering with our local Civil Air Patrol, and they are starting up a drone racing program. I recommended your simulator to help the kids get started, and also offered to buy the 4 licenses for their simulator computers. I went to install them yesterday, and I couldn't figure out a good way to pay for 4 additional licenses without signing up for a new account or something. Do you have a paypal I can donate to? Or what is the best way for me to send you the $20??

Best. Dev. Ever. You rock.

As a side note, Chris, you won't be disappointed with the original either. They are both fantastic simulators, and I still go back to the original fairly regularly especially desert and meadow. They are much better levels for practicing fundamentals like figure 8s through gates, reverse drops over gates, powerloops, etc.

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A colleague and I decided to "share the hobby" at work recently, and we used FPV Freerider Recharged along with a couple pairs of DomV3s.

My Doms were set up so people could look through an actual quad's FPV goggles if they wanted, where as my friends were hooked up to the computer. We had a spare monitor hooked up mirroring the goggles so that spectators could see how the person was doing.

It worked fantastic.

EDIT: Here's an album of a couple images from the day

I've never had an issue with stick calibration in the new version. It says push your stick left, and even when it seems to recognize it as being "reversed", when I actually go to adjust scale and trim, everything is correct, and it is also correct in game.

Side note, I just realized that roll/pitch rate seems to be tied to mass, which makes sense, but I dropped mass to .3 (which is probably pretty close to my quad's 300 grams AUW anyways) and then dropped throttle down to make my hover point around 35% like it is IRL, and the rates seem ALMOST fast enough for me.

Once again, awesome work.

I used this exact playlist along with your simulator to learn to fly FPV, and my first day out flying acro FPV "for real" felt very similar, so much so that I was able to get out and do all sorts of fun tricks on my very first day.

Hey man, first of all, once again, fantastic work, and thanks for all that you do. Great sim.

Would it be possible to get the ability to increase the rates above what the max option is in the sim right now?

I have been using your simulator for quite a while to learn to fly my quad FPV/Acro, but I've gotten to the point where my rates on my quad exceed the fastest option in FPV freerider by a fair bit. In "Liftoff" (an early access sim on Steam) I find that it's about right if I choose 1200°/sec rotation, which I thought might translate to 12.0 in FPV Freerider, but it doesn't seem to match.

I prefer your sim over Liftoff by a long shot tho, as Liftoff's gravity is FAR from realistic, and while you can do a lot more for quad setup in that game, there is far less for actual environmental/physics customization--so FPV Freerider feels far more realistic.

On OS X I discovered ~/Library/Preferences/unity.Freeride.Freerider.plist which had all sorts of settings in it, and I was actually able to manually give myself windowed mode with a lower resolution (not a great GPU on my Mac), but changing the rate from say 1200 to 1800 in that plist didn't seem to have the intended effects. Not sure if there's a similar file on Windows, I haven't dug in yet...

Anyways, any method for increasing the rates beyond what they are now--no matter how "hacky" it may be, would be much appreciated.

Here's a video of my flying for reference. Nothing spectacular, but you can see the rates.

Personally, I love that your sim is one of the few that simulates "airmode" as I fly airmode. I've also been using Liftoff, but I have to adjust my throttle trim to just never dip below ~1200 ish, which is the only way to disable "motor stop" and simulate "airmode" in that sim.

Keep up the great work!

I just wanted to let you know that I got the notification for an update on this game, and saw in the changelogs that there was a tower added to "rocks". I freaked out! Thank you so much!

I would still like to see a much taller/flat building or tower at some point to really practice diving on, but this change was a welcome one, and I was happy to see it--whether or not my request had anything to do with it.

Keep up the great work!


First of all, I absolutely LOVE your simulator, and I own both the original as well as Recharged.

I was curious if you have any plans to include any sort of Level Editor--or if it's possible to make a level request. I'm working on my "tower dives", and I'm finding the limited fly height and lack of tall/vertical structures in FPV freerider to be a bummer.

All I really want is a big open flat field with a big pillar or "skyscraper" type thing in it. It doesn't have to be SUPER tall, but maybe 2-3x the size of the lookout tower that currently exists in your original sim's "island" level (the tower that I've been practicing with so far).


I'm running Rotorcross on OS X 10.11.x using a Turnigy 9x and a USB PPM cable. The latest update allowed me to change my inputs successfully, which is much appreciated.

When I have my overlay up, my inputs seem to range from -0.5 to 0.1ish. Some channels seem to be reversed. The quad is pretty much uncontrollable. I have my rates set very low, and every minor touch of the sticks sends it flying randomly off in different directions.

With a very light touch, I'm able to find the "middle" (slightly off-center) of each input, and actually maintain a terrible hover, but it's not really playable at all.

Is there a decent way to calibrate your inputs? Am I doing it right? I've just been holding a stick as far left as possible, seeing what the value is, and entering that in the "minimum" field for that input, doing the same for max, and repeating for all 4 inputs. Is there a better way?

I'm having the same issue on OS X. Haven't tried on windows yet. Really looking forward to playing this. I love the quad setup options.