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bought FPV Freerider, didn't know recharged even existed

A topic by chris_camacho created Apr 27, 2016 Views: 854 Replies: 3
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If I knew recharge existed, I'd have never bought the basic edition :( is there any kind of upgrade path? I don't quite feel cheated, but certainly less than happy.... there really should be a link on the freerider page that makes it obvious recharged exists...
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Hi I purchased FPV free rider your original I also did not know that there was a new version, I even purchased the maps , is there any way i can pay 5 dollars to upgrade? I have my first fpv drone on the way in mail and and trying to learn and your sim works best with my pc and i like it most

As a side note, Chris, you won't be disappointed with the original either. They are both fantastic simulators, and I still go back to the original fairly regularly especially desert and meadow. They are much better levels for practicing fundamentals like figure 8s through gates, reverse drops over gates, powerloops, etc.

Yeah agreed, I only just saw that reloaded version was available on Youtube but can not find the link to it.
Is there an option to get a discounted upgrade or do I need to purchase again.
Not really an issue for such a great product but where do I get it???


There is a link to Recharged on the download page of Freerider classic.

Here's the download page of Recharged:

There was a discount when Recharged was first introduced, but it has passed now.