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FPV Freerider

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Please email support@itch.io

The staff at Itch handles all the purchases/downloads, I'm sure they will be able to help.

If you still can't get it working, email me at fpvfreerider@gmail.com

The levels should be in the "FPVFreerider_Recharged_Data" folder if you are running Windows.

If you have the whole Freerider folder in a directory with unsupported characters (Such as "^ ~ * #" or something like that) it will not be able to find it.

Try to put Freerider in a folder structure with only "safe" names, such as directly in "My Documents" or something similar.

Contact support@itch.io if you are still having problems with your purchase.

The staff at Itch handles all the payments/downloads, hopefully they will be able to help.

(I already use the preferred payment method mentioned in the link)

Replied to zeronicko in iPhone?
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Sorry, not possible at the moment. Unity (that is used for development) does not support compiling to that platform.

Posted in can't download

It might work if you simply try a few hours later, perhaps the servers are too busy. If it still doesn't download, please send an email to support@itch.io, the staff at Itch handles all purchases/downloads.

The level editor has not been released yet. It is only possible to make custom levels using that. It will probably be released later on this year.

Every quad will feel different depending on a lot of factors and settings. I suggest you go with the "Snappy 2" preset for starters, if you can confidently fly that you will be able to fly pretty much any quad in my opinion.  Later you can adjust it to make it fly more like your own quad(s).

That's just general advice of course, not really a specific answer to your question - If anybody else has any other suggestions for realistic physics settings please feel free to share.

Great, thanks for sharing the workaround!

The android version is separate and is only available on the Google Play Store, so yes, it needs to be purchased separately.

There is also a free version which you can try to see if it works on your setup.



I see, it would be interesting to hear if a driver update makes any difference. Graphics wise your rig shouldn't have any problems running it at full framerate. What CPU do you have?

I see, I will try an think of what might be causing that, but it sound mysterious that it runs better on a  less powerful machine.

Best lap times might be possible, multi player is put on hold since there are so many things that need to be solved to make it work well in a fast paced simulator and I'm only a single independent developer.

Hi, yYou need to be able to use the radio as a joystick on the computer.

Usually it is accomplished by connecting the radio by USB or a 3.5mm cord, or, by using a wireless dongle that can communicate with the radio.

I don't think the hubsan 107c radio has any 3.5mm trainer port, USB port or similar, so my guess is it will not work.

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Ok I see.

Did you try the -force-d3d9 workaround, did that make any difference?

Thanks for reporting. Does it happen on a specific map or all of them?

If I were you I would check if my graphics card drivers are updated to the latest version if you haven't done so already.

That's interesting, thanks for reporting.

The main change in the 2017-12-10 release is that I increased the physics accuracy. That will put a bit more load on the CPU, but I don't think it will be noticeable actually, at least not on powerful processors such as the i7. Maybe that is still the cause though. I guess the best workaround I can suggest at the moment is to lower the graphics quality a notch or two and see if that makes it run smooth.

And thanks, glad to hear you like the sim!

The update log says it is now possible to load custom tracks.

Later on I plan to release the full level editor to the public, but I want to develop and evaluate it thoroughly first.

Perhaps the delay comes from the USB driver or somewhere else along the signal chain. FPV Freerider reads the input as soon as it can, and there shouldn't be a noticeable delay. Things that happen before that, due to different operating systems, dongles, drivers etc. makes it difficult to know what might be the cause.

The quad size is quite big in relation to the gaps in the merry go round, but I have been able to fly though it myself.

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I have been playing around with it but I haven't got a VR version ready, needs quite a lot of time for testing which I haven't had lately. It's one of the things at the top of my own wishlist though.

Correct, you need to compile a new executable.

It's the way the physics is handled in Unity (that is used for developing the sim). So, in a way it's just a number really.

Are you sure you can't fly through the merry go round handles? It should be possible.

Thank you! Yes you are correct, the yaw are related to the mass, in fact all the rates are also related to different the physics settings, therefore it's not easy to translate the values but I will see if I can find a way to do that later on.

Thanks for reporting. Don't know why that might be to be honest but if I manage to think of a solution I'll let you know.

In the meantime you can check the data folder, there might be an "output_log.txt" file there which you can check for clues.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I will take a note of them and consider them for the future.

Number three will not happen though but I plan to include a full level editor in Recharged later on so that will be even better I think.

Hmm yes sounds like a long stick delay, how is your controller connected?

Yes I plan to release a level editor later on. It will not be possible to load your own 3d models for technical reasons, but it will still be very flexible and it will be possible to create buildings etc. with the build-in models.

Don't own an Inductrix myself but hopefully someone who does will be able to give you some input.

You can try to set the resolution manually by passing command line parameters, for example:

(Low resolution window) :

-screen-fullscreen 0 -screen-width 800 -screen-height 450

(Full HD fullscreen) :

-screen-fullscreen 1 -screen-width 1920 -screen-height 1080

Sorry for my late reply, I have been away for the holidays and got behind in replying.

A tiny whoop track is a good idea. It will certainly be possible to build one in the level editor for Recharged, once that is released.

It is already possible to save two model setups in the slots A and B in the custom settings screen, if that is what you mean.

I agree, to use Unity's own editor would be the best and simplest way.

Unfortunately it is not possible to load external Unity scenes into a finished Unity build. At least I have not found a way to do that during my research, so if you know a way I'd be interested to hear about it.

Thanks for reporting, glad to hear it solved itself.

That would be possible, I might add it in a future update, thanks for the request.

The custom levels is built using the custom editor (the regular ones are built using Unity's own editor).  If you wish to have an editor where it is possible to load external models with textures, please write one and let me know, I'd be interested.

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Great, thanks!

No that will not be possible unfortunately, for technical reasons all models/textures etc. needs to be built into the editor itself. My goal is to make it as flexible as possible though.

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When you're logged in here on Itch you can click the little arrow next to your name in the upper right corner. That will open up a drop down menu where you will find "My Purchases")

Then you download the latest build of Freerider for your operating system.

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Great, glad to hear you got it working! Yes, the fpv camera angle can be changed in the full version. Thanks!

As you might know, goggles with HDMI in will be easiest to use and give the best image quality. 

You could also use goggles with analog AV in, if you have the ability to get AV out from your laptop.

Please note that the custom levels will need to be created with FPV Freeriders own level editor to work.

And, I haven't released that one to the public yet. 

So you will need to wait a bit, I plan to release the full level editor later on when I have evaluated it thoroughly.

It is pretty similar to Unity's own editor though, so your 3D modelling experience will come in handy.

Yes, as asalas77 said.

You can get the latest version through your personal download page. Just download the new .zip file and unpack it, you can delete the old one.