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FPV Freerider

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When you go through the calibrate controller procedure, are you able to move four of the little circles smoothly up and down? Sometimes the automatic stick detecting fails, in that case you can click on the little circle that you see is the correct one (instead of clicking "ok)".

For most people the Turnigy Evolution seems to be plug and play. In what way do you mean that the controls are all over the place?

(To calibrate for mode 1, keep an eye on the top of the screen. For example when it says "throttle up", use the stick you want to assign for throttle, etc..)

Glad to hear that you finally got it working! Thank you for sharing the information, hopefully that will be of help if someone else runs into the same issue.

Might be included later on. It's not on top of the to-do list though. I agree it would be great to have.

You only need to download one file.

Choose the one for your operating system. Choose the latest build.

When the zip file has downloaded completely, unzip it to a folder of your choice.

It will look a bit different depending on the operating system -

On Windows, it should be a FPVFreerider.exe file and a FPVFreerider_Data folder.

Double-click the exe file to run the simulator.

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Great, glad to hear you got it working!

In LOS you can have autozoom enabled to get a bit better view of the quad far away. Autozoom is selected in the custom settings.

It still gets small pretty quick though. In Freerider Recharged there is also the ability to set the LOS viewpoint position.

The best map in Recharged for beginners is Rocks, there you can find pretty open flat areas and also some obstacles.

In Freerider classic there is the Desert, Meadow and Two Towers which are pretty simple.

(I have plans for some more maps for Recharged later on, one of them being an open field).

Ok, well at least you tried it thoroughly, I guess you might be right that Unity can't read the Thrustmaster properly.

Glad you're able to use your transmitter through vjoy instead.

The built in expo curve in Freerider actually acts pretty much like in the picture you attached (boosted end movement).

On the trim settings screen (that's under the calibrate controller menu), does the stick movement behave as expected - and by that I mean, does it have good resolution/fine control over the whole range, and does it reach all the way out to the corners of the box in all directions?

You could try to download the zip again in case it's some rare situation that it got messed up somehow. Otherwise, it sound like a permissions thing to me. When you performed suggestion #4, did you get some kind of confirmation that the command was executed? I don't own a Mac myself though, so I hope some Mac user will be able to chime in.

FPV Freerider does not have the ability to read the values directly, it goes though Unity's input manager (That is used when developing the sim). I can only see that values that is coming through that input manager.

Is your Thrustmaster connected directly via USB, or does it have some other kind of connection/driver?

How do you mean that the things it said to try didn't work?

Do you mean that you managed to do them, but it did not make a difference, or, do you mean that you were unable to do them?

Here are some general Mac tips that are also in the manual:

1. If you unzip the file on a Windows machine and transfer the file to your mac with a USB stick it should work.

2. Better solution for anybody else who has this problem. OS X is picky about which programs can be run (the first time) by double-clicking. To run a program that says "this can't be opened", right-click the icon and choose "Open". You'll be given an option to open the program, and from then on it won't bug you.

3. For Mac's having trouble installing FPV Freerider try going to the Mac's System Preferences>Security and Privacy> General Tab and check the box "Anywhere" to see if this allows your Mac to install FPV Freerider.

4. So i have banging my head with frustration about not being able to even open the program in OSX 10.10. I have finally solved the problem for anybody who is still having the same issue i was, you have to open up terminal and type chmode +x (fpvfreerider.app) and that should do it. Hope this helps anybody.

Often it has to do with the graphics card drivers. Make sure both your graphics card and sound card drivers are up to date.

You can also check the "output_log.txt" in the FPVFreerider_Data folder for clues, or send it to fpvfreerider@gmail.com and I will have a look and see if I can figure out what might be the issue.

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FPV Freerider classic:


Android version of Freerider classic:


For those that wish to have very fine control over the expo curve, I recommend doing it in the menu of the radio itself (if available).

In Freerider you can select "linear" in the custom settings, and then tune the curve on the radio itself to get it exactly as you wish.

It's described in the manual. You do it during the calibration process. Keep an eye on the top of the screen - when it says "throttle up" you move the stick that you want to use for throttle, and so on.

It depends on the operating system.

For example on Windows you can go through the Control Panel and into the Device Manager.

Sometimes the graphics card has it's own update thingie down in the taskbar.

You have to search around to find the specifics for your system.

Yes, there is future, I see it as a long-term project. I am very busy with other projects at the moment, but I have managed to find time to work on a new map for Recharged, that I will hopefully release in a not too distant future if it turns out good.


The old one is just left in case the latest one doesn't work on your computer. Go with the latest one.

You can try the free version and see if it works with your controller.

Not sure if the DJI Phantom controller will work. It needs a USB out or trainer port of some kind.

Thanks for reporting, glad you got it working.

Perhaps Phoenix installed some conflicting driver.

Download the latest build.

I usually just leave the old one for a while, before the new build has been tried and tested, just in case.

What operating system are you running it on?

You might want to check that you graphics and sound card drivers are up to date.

Great, glad to hear that you got it figured out.

No I haven't disabled it, honestly I don't know why it doesn't work. Tried it a few times early on and gave up. Yes it's pretty simple to create a few shortcuts if you need to run it at different resolutions, that's what I also do.

Glad to hear that you managed to solve it. Thanks for sharing the solution, I'm sure that might be of help to others!

In the downloaded zip file there should be a FPVFreerider_demo.exe file, and a FPVFreerider_Data folder.

If you do not see them, you could try another unzipping software. Or, re-download the zip file and try to unzip it again (possibly to another location).

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That's right, Unity's resolution selection window doesn't work, you need to set the resolution manually.

For example:

-screen-fullscreen 1 -screen-width 1280 -screen-height 720

This will make it run at 1280x720 pixels fullscreen.

Ok, well, I'm not sure what might be causing that. I know some people get a delay when using Smartproplus to connect their radio, but with a USB dongle there generally shouldn't be any noticeable delay.

Glad to hear that you like the sim and that it has come to good use for you. Thank you for your support! Yes, it would be a good idea to include some universal tracks. I will see if I can get around to that at some point. I also have an idea that I have been working on, and that is to include a track builder feature. I'm not sure if I will release, there's a lot of work to be done to get it as nice and flexible as I want, but it's definitely high on my own wishlist.

Glad to hear it's smooth now :)

Well, yes, I think the forest is definitely the most demanding scene. You could try running it at a lower resolution in order to get higher framerate. (You can set the resolution by using command line parameters as described in the manual).

There shouldn't be any noticeable delay on the stick input. Do you notice a delay when looking at the circles on the trim settings screen too? (You can access it directly by clicking "calibrate controller" and then "skip to trim settings").

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Thanks for your support. The demo and full version uses the exact same input method. Check if you can think of something that has changed on your setup.

If more than one controller/input device is connected at the same time that might cause a conflict.

If connecting via USB, make sure you uninstall vJoy and Smartpropoplus if you have them. Their driver messes with things when connecting via USB.

If you provide more info on what operating system/controller you are using someone might be able to help.

I plan to look into cardboard support for the android version when I have the time, I agree it would be a neat thing to have.

Hopefully some Linux guru will be able to chime in. (I'm not a Linux user myself)

It you are a member at the RCGroups forum you might have better luck there, I know there are some knowledgeable linux guys around there.


Freerider a déjà le mode 3D disponible (vol inversé) (c'est l'un des trois modes de vol sélectionnés en haut à gauche corned ou en appuyant sur L sur le clavier).

Je ne suis pas sûr de ce que vous entendez par 6 D?

Yes altitude hold could be a good idea to include for beginners. I will add it to my list of suggestions.

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Uploaded a new version where the screen stuttering issue have been fixed. It would be interesting to hear if it works well on your setup.

(I will soon upload a fix for the Android version too btw)

I did some more research now - you are correct, the simulation does in fact only run perfectly smooth at 50Hz.

The reason is that Unity's default update frequency for physics is 50Hz. (The physics needs to run at a fixed interval in order to be consistent and framerate independent).

I realize now that this stuttering was actually introduced when I was fixing another issue, which was apparently interconnected with this in an unexpected way.

I'll upload a fixed version as soon as possible since I think this is important.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

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Thanks for the suggestions, I will add it to my list and consider it. I think it's a good idea to have goals/achievements.

(In Freerider Recharged there is actually a simple flight recording feature that can sort of be used for ghost racing. I might expand that to a full-fledged ghost racing feature later on).

Have you tried downloading the entire .zip again?

Do you get to the menu? And if so, are you able to play the demo scene (the desert)? Cause if the demo works at least that scene should work in the full version too without any problem, they are exactly the same.

Does it run smooth at 50Hz but not at 60Hz on your machine? Does the stutter occur at random or all the time? I had a look at the links but I couldn't find any definite conclusion for physic based games, there were so many theories. Seems it might have to do with Fixedupdate that is used for physics.