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Thank you for reporting, glad to hear that it's working fine on Windows at least.

Thank you for reporting.

See if you can find the output log file. On Mac, I believe it should be located at:


If you manage to find it, please send it to and I will have a look and try to see if I can figure out what might be the cause.

Thanks for the feedback! Sure, I can try to it a bit more clear in the user manual, regarding the level loading.

Glad you managed to solve it!

You can find info on this and other useful things in the user manual.

Yes, you can email

I tried your settings and I think you got it dialed in pretty good in order to get it to behave similarly to a slow moving DJI style drone.

As you say, of course you will still have the spring loaded throttle issue, but I think it will be good enough for practice anyway.

If you stick with it, I think that soon you will get the hang of it and you will be able to keep it at a pretty stable altitude without much effort.

(I don't think setting the gravity to 0 would be very beneficial, since you wouldn't be able to get down at all) 

Yes, a different settings tab would probably be necessary, but there are also quite a lot of other changes that would need to be made to the existing code/design, and things to consider. 

Anyway, I will keep your feedback in mind, and consider your suggestions for the future.

Thank you for the feedback!

Yes, FPV Freerider is mainly designed to simulate racequads/freestyle drones. That is, quadcopters that flown mainly using (more or less) fully manual controls, and which are used mainly for high speed racing and/or acrobatic flight.

I agree that it might be a good idea to add an option for DJI style cinematic type drones too. However, since that is quite a different type of flying, I fear that it might make the user interface too cluttered with different settings etc. Perhaps it would instead be best to make a whole separate simulator, that is designed specifically for that type of drones.

To get as close as possible to the behavior of a DJI style drone using Freerider as it is now, I would recommend flying with self-leveling turned on, and a slow rate settings such as the "sluggish" preset.

The advantage is, if you get good at flying in Freerider, you might find that flying a more automatic drone such as the DJI will later feel like a breeze!


The X/D switch switches between different input mode for Windows - Xinput and Directinput.

I think it is generally recommended to set it to the "X" position, since that is the newer standard.

My recommendation would be to try that, and if it for some reason doesn't work as expected - try the other mode.

Keep an eye on the little circles as you go through the Calibrate Controller procedure in Freerider. You should be able to move some of the little circles smoothly up and down using the analog sticks.

There is more general information in the user manual.

Hi, dev here. It's best to just download the latest build.

(The old build is just kept for safety, in case there would be some unexpected bug in the latest update. But now that you mention it, the latest build has now been up long enough to know that it's stable, so I will just remove the old build).

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Hi, sorry to hear that your Taranis is no longer registering since the last MasOS update.

I don't really know what Apple have changed. ... and I'm not a Mac user myself. I would recommend checking on a Mac specific forum (Or, with Apple themselves) to see if others are experiencing the same issue when using a USB joystick/transmitter. Have you checked if you are able to use your transmitter with any other game? It would be interesting to hear if you manage to get it working on your Mac.

Great, glad to hear that you managed to get it working by using the smartpropoplus method!

You can also find more general information in the user manual.

Please check that you are using a standard model setup on your radio.

(That is, that the endpoints are the same for yaw as for the other channels)

Also, perhaps it will work better if you remap the yaw stick to another channel (in the settings of your radio) . 

From what you are describing, it sounds like there's a chance you could get it working by adjusting sliders on the trim settings screen in Freerider.

Try to pull the scale slider (for the yaw channel) until you get more movement.

After that you can use the trim slider to get the center position correct. 

You can email for further support.

(Perhaps you can make a short video that shows what happens when you go through the calibration).

As you are calibrating yaw - click the little circle that you see is corresponding to the yaw stick, while holding the stick in the position shown on screen.

The circle should then should then highlight, saying "yaw".

When calibrating the other sticks, you can just press OK as usual.

(It shouldn't actually matter whether you click the little circle, or click OK, just as long as you are holding the stick fully in the direction shown on screen).

If the yaw movement is still not correct when you come to the trim settings screen you can adjust it using the sliders.

I'm sure it's not a problem with the download. Make sure you don't have any other controllers/gamepads/drawing tablets connected at the same time as that might cause a conflict.

Thank you for sharing your creations here Brett! It's a great collection of maps, plenty of variation, lots of opportunities for freestyle practice.

From what you describe, I think you will be able to get it working. It doesn't really matter if there is a gap from the other rings.

As you calibrate the yaw stick - hold it in the direction shown on screen, and then click on the little ring that you see represent the yaw movement as described in the post above.

(Then, after you have gone through the calibration procedure you will come to the trim settings screen - there you can test if the stick input work as expected. And, you have the ability to manually adjust the trim/scale etc. if needed).

What kind of connection method are you using? Are the other stick channels recognized correctly?

As you go through the Calibrate Controller procedure in Freerider, keep an eye on the little circles above the OK button. You should be able to move four of the little circles smoothly up and down using your controller sticks. Sometimes the automatic stick detection gets it wrong - you can manually click on the circle that you see is the correct one for each stick (instead of clicking "OK"). (You will still need to hold the stick fully in the direction shown in order for the calibration to work correctly).

Hi, the "chmod +x" method usually works for most people. Make sure you enter the folder path for the command to work.

Here you can find an example of how to use it: (The description is not specific for Freerider, but it's basically the same technique for all apps).

If you still can't get it working, please email and I can provide you with a key for the Steam version. The Steam version usually works on Mac without any manual fiddling around required. (You need to have the Steam client installed though).  

Hello, no it's not possible to disable the no-fly zone. Yes, originally there were no limits but I decided to put them there because some people were ending up way outside or below the map etc. Sorry about the inconvenience. Well I wouldn't really call it active development at the moment, but it is maintained.

When you purchase the full version you will receive an email with a download link.

Open that link to download the full version.

In case you haven't received it, check if it has somehow ended up in your email spam folder or similar. In case you still can't find it you can request a new one here:

(Under "recover purchases")

Wow, such a lot of detail in that build! Great work!

It runs on M1 Macs. On newer versions of MacOS, Apple has introduced measures that prevent unofficial apps from being run. Therefore it is necessary to use the chmod +x method.

Make sure you are providing the correct folder path to the executable when you run the chmod +x command.

It should look something like:

chmod +x Applications/

There is more detailed information in the user manual.

If you want to avoid the hassle of having to enter terminal commands, you can get the Steam version instead. That should run fine without any hacking necessary.

Hope that helps!

Nice build, so much detail in this one!

Awesome, very creative! :) 

(Make sure  that the filenames are the same as the folder name in order for the FPV Freerider level editor to find them)

Glad to hear that you like it! Thank you for your feedback and for supporting the simulator!

Very nice and creative work, thank you for sharing!

Thanks, looks fun and challenging, I will try it!

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That's awesome, my favorite of your creations so far!

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Thanks, those freestyle proxy bando style maps are some of my favorite kind :)

Awesome, so many possibilities for freestyle exploration there, and still it should run fine even on less powerful hardware.

Great work, I like it!

Glad to hear that you got it working!

Yes, getting a high and stable framerate makes a huge difference when it comes to control.

For others who might want to do the same thing:

For the standalone windows version that is available here on Itch, the best method is to create a shortcut and add the command line parameters to that one.

On Steam, the most convenient way is probably to set game launch options directly in your Steam library, here's how to do that:

Thanks, I will check it out!

Thanks for sharing your settings!

Yes, one of the most efficient methods to get better performance on slower computers is to lower the resolution using the method mentioned in the post above.

Yes it should work fine. There's a free demo version that you can try if you want to make sure that it works on your setup without having to spend any money.

Glad to hear that you like it! Please send an email to so that we can discuss your idea for map discovering.

We'll see, I've been playing around with some stuff but it's nothing that's ready for release at the moment.

Hello, I think it should run pretty well on that setup. Some of the maps will be more demanding than others. The least demanding are the Desert, Meadow and Racetrack Generator maps.

What you can do to get the best performance is to select a lower graphics quality on the main menu. Another thing that can make a big difference is to run the simulator at lower resolution. 

You change the resolution by adding command line parameters to the exe file as described in the user manual. For example:

-screen-fullscreen 0 -screen-width 800 -screen-height 400

(will run the simulator in a 800x400 window)