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FPV Freerider

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It should work then.

When flying, do you hear the sound of the throttle starting from the bottom or does it not start at all until it is above the middle?

You could try selecting/deselecting the throttle zero button on the main menu a few times and see if that makes a difference in case it's some weird bug, but I don't think that should be the case.

Just released a Custom Levels Pack.

It includes  10 levels:

- Big Hollow Bando 
- Fifty-Fifty 
- Treehouse
- 2018 MultiGP Regional Series Qualifier Track 
MultiGP Universal Time Trial Tracks: 
- UTT 1  
- UTT 2 Tsunami 
- UTT 3 Bessel Run 
- UTT 4 High Voltage 
- UTT 5 Nautilus 
- UTT 6 Fury


I see, that's interesting, you are actually the first one that I have heard that flies with the yaw reversed. I will consider adding the possibility to change settings for the touchscreen later on., although I must admit that it is a pretty low priority since I have many things higher up on the to-do list.

I see, if it's in auto leveling mode it's probably the stabilization that is trying to compensate for the extreme movement.

Auto leveling in Freerider is really mostly meant for beginners, flying with low rates. I recommend using acro mode.

While you should not expect it too soon, I agree it would be nice to be able to fly Recharged in 3D VR too. I see Freerider as a long term project and it is possible that I will add that at some time in the future.

Thank you!

Yes, as you have found it is easy to reverse the controls when flying with a transmitter.

If possible, I recommend flying with a transmitter on the Android version too since it gives so much better control.

I presume that you are asking about the touch-screen controls - they can not be reversed. I think very few people will use this feature, in fact ou are the first one to request it. Out of curiosity may I ask why you fly with the yaw reversed?

Could you give me some more info- 

Does the stick movement behave as expected if you look at the Trim Settings screen?

(You can go directly to the trim settings screen by clicking Calibrate Controller and then click "Go directly to trim settings")

Are you able to reach all four corners of the box? (Or, slightly beyond, or less)

What controller are you using, and how do you connect it?

Does the throttle show the full range on the Trim settings screen?

(You can go directly to the trim settings screen by clicking Calibrate Controller and then click "Go directly to trim settings")

(Also, check that you haven't accidentally turned 3D flight mode on).

Do you mean that you notice it during Timed race?

Or, do you notice the micro freezes even when passing through a gate normally (Without times race turned on) ?

L'éditeur de niveau sera publié plus tard. C'est beaucoup de travail pour que ça fonctionne parfaitement, merci pour l'intérêt et la patience.

The level editor will be released later. It is a lot of work to get it working perfectly. Thank you for the interest and patience.

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I tried to find your email but I couldn't, did you ever get a reply? If not, could you please send the "output_log.txt" from the FPVFreerider_Data folder to fpvfreerider@gmail.com and I will have a look at it. Sorry for my late reply, I have been out of town.

Replied to mtndawg54 in iPhone?

No Freerider is not available for iPad or iPhone - It's available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android for now.

Thanks, glad you like it!

I suspect it is the CPU usage. That would explain why you have the same problem when running at lower resolution, and, that the problem is worse close to gates. In the latest versions of Recharged I doubled the physics update frequency,  which makes the physics more accurate and more responsive, but is also makes it more demanding on the CPU. It is strange that it runs better when you measure the GPU usage though. Let me know if you manage to figure out anything more.

Good idea, now that I have a fully working level editor for Recharged it will be easier to add custom tracks like that. Later on I plan to release the full level editor to the public.

Not sure if Fatshark supports side-by-side 3D, but it would be interesting to hear.

(For now it is only the Android version that has the side-by-side 3D function , and, Recharged is not released  for Android yet. The side by-side-view is mainly aimed at people using Google Cardboard style VR with their phones at the moment).

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The full Android version of FPV Freerider now supports side-by-side VR view (Google Cardboard style). It is selected in the Custom Settings menu. 

To navigate the menus when using goggles -
Either take your device out of the viewer every time or navigate the menus by:
- Connecting a bluetooth mouse, or bluetooth keyboard with a trackpad
- Using a USB OTG cable with several inputs to connect a mouse and/or keyboard


Quite quietly indeed, I forgot to put an announcement in this thread :P

Glad you appreciate it!

I see, I'm glad to hear that you can at least use it on your other computer.

Are you getting any movement at all of the little circles during calibration in Freerider?

You could try disconnecting the wireless mouse just to see if that makes a difference, I don't think that's the problem though.

The tip to uninstall vJoy and/or Smartpropoplus has helped a lot of people. I know, you probably already saw that in the manual but it's worth repeating just in case you or anybody else reading this has missed it.

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Thanks! Glad to hear it's working on your setup.

It does in fact save the config automatically, and once you have calibrated you should never have to do it again. But, I have got several reports from Linux users that the calibration does not save (or that it suddenly 'disappears'). I haven't been able to find out why though. Perhaps it's has something to do with permissions - Unity (that is used for development) stores the data under /home/your user/.config/unity3d 

You could try checking that location to see if the data seems to save or not.

Or, perhaps Unitys input manager is not working very well with all Linux distributions.


Glad to hear that your a fan of the sim. Please send an email to fpvfreerider@gmail.com and I will reply with a simple solution for you.

Sorry for my late reply, I have been out of town for the past week.

In what way do you mean the self level mode doesn't work?  I will think about the possibility of using the same rate menu like betaflight.

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Here is a video of one guy who's using a Flysky radio with his Mac.

He's using a USB dongle, he mentions the specific model in the video.


(vJoy and Smartpropoplus  only works on Windows, not sure if there's an equivalent alternative on Mac).

Hopefully that will help, or if not I hope there is some Mac user on this forum who might chime in (I don't own a Mac myself).

Yes that is weird. I'm glad that running it at lower resolution helped as a sort of workaround at least.

Best Regards

You're right, there seems to be no struggle whatsoever. 

Perhaps you could try running the simulator in a window and/or at lower resolution and see if that makes any difference.

The command line parameters for that would be, for example:

-screen-fullscreen 0 -screen-width 800 -screen-height 450

Here is a list of all command line parameters that can be passed at runtime:

(It's under "Unity Standalone Player command line arguments")


(Edited 1 time)

Perhaps you have updated your Taranis to a new firmware without having the "mass storage" de-selected? It is mentioned in the Taranis setup tips document:


Also, if you have installed Smartpropoplus and/or vJoy before you need to uninstall that software, it can cause a conflict when connecting via USB. It is mentioned in the manual:


(Edited 1 time)

Thank you!

You're right, it should be more than enough, I'm surprised that it' struggling. It must be because I increased the physics accuracy in the December release. That will make it more demanding on the CPU, although I don't notice any real difference on my computer and it's certainly no supercomputer (It's a windows machine though, not sure if thats got anything to do with it).

In the December release I also introduced SSAO effect to the carpark level, but that shouldn't make a big difference.

Please email support@itch.io

The staff at Itch handles all the purchases/downloads, I'm sure they will be able to help.

If you still can't get it working, email me at fpvfreerider@gmail.com

The levels should be in the "FPVFreerider_Recharged_Data" folder if you are running Windows.

If you have the whole Freerider folder in a directory with unsupported characters (Such as "^ ~ * #" or something like that) it will not be able to find it.

Try to put Freerider in a folder structure with only "safe" names, such as directly in "My Documents" or something similar.

Contact support@itch.io if you are still having problems with your purchase.

The staff at Itch handles all the payments/downloads, hopefully they will be able to help.

(I already use the preferred payment method mentioned in the link)

Replied to zeronicko in iPhone?
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Sorry, not possible at the moment. Unity (that is used for development) does not support compiling to that platform.

Posted in can't download

It might work if you simply try a few hours later, perhaps the servers are too busy. If it still doesn't download, please send an email to support@itch.io, the staff at Itch handles all purchases/downloads.

The level editor has not been released yet. It is only possible to make custom levels using that. It will probably be released later on this year.

Every quad will feel different depending on a lot of factors and settings. I suggest you go with the "Snappy 2" preset for starters, if you can confidently fly that you will be able to fly pretty much any quad in my opinion.  Later you can adjust it to make it fly more like your own quad(s).

That's just general advice of course, not really a specific answer to your question - If anybody else has any other suggestions for realistic physics settings please feel free to share.

Great, thanks for sharing the workaround!

The android version is separate and is only available on the Google Play Store, so yes, it needs to be purchased separately.

There is also a free version which you can try to see if it works on your setup.



I see, it would be interesting to hear if a driver update makes any difference. Graphics wise your rig shouldn't have any problems running it at full framerate. What CPU do you have?

I see, I will try an think of what might be causing that, but it sound mysterious that it runs better on a  less powerful machine.

Best lap times might be possible, multi player is put on hold since there are so many things that need to be solved to make it work well in a fast paced simulator and I'm only a single independent developer.

Hi, yYou need to be able to use the radio as a joystick on the computer.

Usually it is accomplished by connecting the radio by USB or a 3.5mm cord, or, by using a wireless dongle that can communicate with the radio.

I don't think the hubsan 107c radio has any 3.5mm trainer port, USB port or similar, so my guess is it will not work.

(Edited 1 time)

Ok I see.

Did you try the -force-d3d9 workaround, did that make any difference?