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Custom map sharing

A topic by ZicoMatiK created Nov 27, 2018 Views: 1,570 Replies: 9
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Does a place already exist to share my custom map  somewhere on the internet? I can't find.

If not I 'll use Github.




There's no centralized sharing hub, but you can upload it to wherever you prefer and post a link right here in this forum. 

I recommend posting a screenshot too and perhaps a short description, so that people know what they can expect when downloading it.

(You can use the small .PNG file that is in the level folder as screenshot)

 I recommend first creating a .ZIP file of your level folder.

To those reading this who doesn't use Github, the easiest place to upload your level is probably Google Drive. You can just drag and drop your zip file to your google drive account, right-click the file and select "Get shareable link" and post that link here. (You can also use another file sharing service such as Dropbox or Jumpshare, whatever you prefer).

Interesting! So if anyone should want to make their custom level public I guess this thread would be the obvious choice... Looking forward to it :)

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Some custom users maps has been published on the discussion about FPV Freerider at RCGroups .

You can find them here (look at the latest pages from page 251 and on):


Freeride MIX - it is mix of "buildings",  trees, gates tunnel and big pipe for looping.  (it is my first map)

Also there is race track, unfortunately after I finish it I realize that it is mostly right turns, but still I like :)


Thanks for sharing!

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Another freestyle map -


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Very nice freestyle map, thanks for sharing! Best dive obstacles that I've seen so far in a Freerider community map. Also lots of good stuff for powerloops etc.

Love it ! thanks for sharing

@Sorki Can I upload a game capture with your map on Youtube (included link  to download your map + your original post in the video description)?

@ZicoMatiK Glad you like it! Feel free to upload vids of it or share it. I guess I'll create a GitHub org + repo for community maps sharing so we can include licenses as well (e.g. cc by-sa).