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Some custom users maps has been published on the discussion about FPV Freerider at RCGroups .

You can find them here (look at the latest pages from page 251 and on):

Or you can simply mirror the two screens. That's what I do with my Skyzone goggles. They have an HDMI input and what I see on the googles is exactly what you see on the computer. Full screen works perfectly.

It would be great if developer(s) could add a "Reverse" button so that the track can be run on the opposite direction.

You press it and you find yourself starting the race rotated by 180 degrees (facing the back of the "regular" direction) and the gates sequence is reversed. So the "regular" last one is the first and so on.

I do it during my training so that I don't get used too much the the track. But can't take times. I can do it only in "free mode".

The reversed direction track is almost like a new one. This way we can have somehow new tracks to race, without a huge programming needed ;)

What do you think?


I'm using it along with a pair of Skyzone Sky02s V+ using their HDMI input and it works great. Best simulation experience so far! I use it along with the Turnigy Evolutions radio controller and it really feels like being on the field flying.

I'm really improving my skills so fast and without spending money to repair broken pieces on the drone :D