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There are some tools around Unity 3D for runtime map loading/editing, maybe you've already found & evaluated them:

In-Game Level Editor

Runtime Level Editor & Level Server

Dynamic Map System

Snappy Map Editor

1st two seem most promising to me (but I'm only a complete noob in Unity environment). Maybe it's at least a piece of useful information how it could be done...

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I see. Maybe this limitation could be turned into an advantage: It sounds like you are a 1 person show (or small team) and still created this unbelievable piece of software. Why not broaden your business model and offer a service where you / your team (maybe this could generate revenues to grow the team) will upload user maps and compile them into the game at a reasonable fee, then offer the upgraded game version to the customer base who purchased the game (myself, I'd be happy to pay some extra bucks for regular add-on maps as well). Anyway this still means you'd have to find ways of chopping the game into multiple versions with different map packs along the base maps, in order to keep the download size at reasonable levels once maps will be added...

What do you think? I'm still trying to find out if a similar mechanism like the Google maps plugin for Unity could help to simply 'load' individual maps into the core game...

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Unity engine Personal Edition is free, so what's the limitation for having users create their own maps which could then be loaded into FPV FR Recharged?

Of course, it takes quite some time to get the experience how things work in Units it seems:

Apologies, might well be true (HotProps / LiftOff, tried them all ;-))

VSync was a checkbox option in FPV Freerider graphics settings, if I recall correctly. Have only installed Recharged right now. Seems like Unity graphics settings / custom settings might have been modified / simplified from Std to Recharged?

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Perfect - thank you so much.

One more little detail (don't know where else to feed back glitches): In FPVFR, there was a VSync graphics option which on some NVidia graphics cards helped to muffle dwon strange Vsync'ing sounds on the card. The VSync feature was very helpful in FPVFreerider, but is no longer available in FPV FR Recharged. Could you add it back, please?

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Oh, that makes sense. However, the option to switch it off would be nice, there seems to be some YT videos where FPVFreerider Recharged does NOT have the chromatic aberration switched on. Maybe it's a command line switch...

Great simulator / game! However, experiencing graphics glitches with my NVidia GTX770 running under Windows 10. Almost looks like 3D red/green edges distortion. Any ideas?