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Future updates - What's new?

A topic by dePHY created Sep 23, 2016 Views: 715 Replies: 11
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What are the planned features and changes for FPV Freerider Recharged? :)


I tend to want to keep that secret to avoid creating any stressful situation for myself, you know like, too much expectations. Basically I work with Freerider when I have the time and inspiration, and primarily add stuff that I simply feel like at the moment.

New maps are always at the top of the list. Two of the other things that are on the top of my own wish-list is a very flexible map editor and multiplayer, but those two are also some of the hardest to make well so I'm not gonna make any promises about that at the moment.

I get that. Worth a shot tho. :)

New maps are always appreciated ^^,

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Regarding new places to fly, I love the maps in both classic and recharged versions but I feel them a bit too small for the power of the simulated quad... I'm practicing freestyle more than racing and I'd love to fly in a wide open area with tall buildings (for diving) and bridges or similar structures (for powerloops) etc... as now I'm flying mainly in "two towers" map in classic and the new "factory" in recharged. I hope in the future to see wider maps with such characteristics, and maybe a larger "car parking" with a wider space to fly like THIS.

Another thing: when doing the "timed race", it would be freaking cool if you could highlight the actual race track on the map using a path of cones! ;)


I agree, wider maps with more tall buildings and stuff would be great for freestyle flying. It's what I myself would like to add also in coming maps.

I'm a newbie and loving it so far!

One suggested feature is total logged hours! Would be great to know just how many hours I'm clocking up.

Cheers and thanks for a great sim!


I'm glad to hear! That's a good suggestion, I will take a note of it and consider it. Thank you!

Please consider deploying the App on Android TV, in order to use it on NVIDIA shield TV.

Freerider works like a charm on NVIDIA shield tablet with controler, it would be great to play with the controler on bigger screens.

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What would be nice would be an option to add fuzz, signal nodes, and lower resolution more like the display of real FPV goggles.

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FPV Freerider Recharged! B)


Yes, Freerider Recharded already has it :)


Ok thanks I did not know that since it isn't in the demo.