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Hey there bud, I ran into an issue and hope you can help.=) I left a message with the details on the rpgmakerweb page for this plugin. If you could take a look I would really appreciate it.

Awesome bud you're the best.=) The new update works perfectly, you constantly out due yourself, keep up the amazing work.

Ok so a possible fix donned on me and it worked. And it was pretty simple overall. I removed the equipment restriction on 2 handers and made them their own weapon type. I'm probably lucky I was able to go this route with the complexity of my game and not mess anything up. I am so happy to have this fixed now the system is just one step away from being perfect.=) I just hope now that the sub class optimizing issue is a simple fix.

A huge, huge thanks from me for all your help with all of this bud, I couldn't have done it without you.

Hey there I thought I would let you know where I'm at. I have been searching and trying many things and so far nothing. I really thought I had something just now but for some reason it isn't working and I thought I would run it by you to see if you had any thoughts about why it wouldn't be working.

So I add the 2 hander as equippable by a dual wield class. Then I add this to the weapon.

<Custom Equip Requirement Condition>

if (user.isDualWield()) {

condition = false;

} else {

condition = true;


</Custom Equip Requirement Condition>

That works to block the 2 hander correctly but then it still removes the item in slot 3.  where as if I allowed the dual wield class to equip the 2 hander they would equip it and the slot 3 item stays in place. But I don't want the dual wield to be able to use the 2 hander of course. 

I'm getting to where I am kind of at a loss here and have no idea how to come up with a fix after everything I've tried. 

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I tried that out and with the slots set to 1, 2, 3 it did convert it to dual wield but it still removed the slot 3 item=(

Is there one way to set it that would  play better with your plugins by chance? ie. <1, 1, 3> or <1, 2, 3>

But unfortunately for me the problem isn't any of your plugins it is definitely yanflys.

I can confirm that it's yanflys equipment requirement window. With all yours off it still does it turn off that yanfly plugin and it works. And yanfly has retired so that sucks hehe.

Hey there, I'm happy the first fix should be easy at least=). So yeah I have the dual wield slot type like above added to all dual wield classes and their equip slots is set like this. 

<Equip Slot: 1, 1, 3>

As for turning off the plugin, you're right it does still remove the slot 3 item only when there is a 2 hander in slot 1. So the exact same thing happens with the plugin off. Does that mean it's yanflys equipment restriction plugin?

Hey there, so after some searching and testing I had to go with the move the slot 10 armor to slot 3, there doesn't seem to be a way to move the slot visually so I will just have to live with it in between the hand and armor slots.

Couple issues though. First off the option to hide optimize from sub classes seems to have broke at some point. Now when I change a sub class it is telling me it's optimizing equipment. The enable on sub class is set to false.

The other issue which seems like it may be a pain. So with the armor slot changed to id 3 it is optimizing properly, ie. it stays in it's slot when optimizing on class change and from the optimize in the equip window it always works perfectly.

There were some class changes however that the slot was removing the item. After a lot of testing I finally figured out when it's happening. If the class has a 2 handed weapon equipped and then changes to a dual wield class it removes the slot 3 armor. This happens whether there is a shield in the offhand or not. Also none of my dual wield classes have the ability to equip 2 handers, not sure if that's important.

Dang that was the last step from being perfect in my game=). I've thought about switching it to the 3rd slot, would probably take a couple hours of reprogramming but the bad part is the slot looks wrong being in the third spot. 

If I could find a way to put it in the 3rd spot but then change where it is where it shows up on the equip screen so it's still last that would be amazing but I have no idea if that's something that's possible.

The second option would work as well but again I have no idea how I could go about hiding slots. Being the rare circumstance I doubt there's going to be any info online on how to do that but the moving of a slot might be something thats been asked.

Anyways I'm kind of rambling now hehe. Big thanks for steering me in the right direction here bud, it definitely helps to know what my options are in this situation. I'll let you know if I find a solution in case anyone else has the issue in the future. Take it easy bud.

Hey there bud, so the item being removed is equipable by every class it is a sort of an accessory item but it has no stats. It's equipment type id is ten but there are a total of 11 equipment types currently.

I believe it has to be the other situation you listed. It seems that it only occurs where there are a different amount of equip slots so yeah just like you outlined with the Class a and class b portion.

I currently have 17 classes it can change between and nearly each one has a different amount of equip slots so it seems like this might be an issue.

Hey there Ramza I found a little issue with this plugin. It seems to have an issue dealing with the Non-Optimize Types, plugin parameter from Yanflys equip core. It works fine from the optimize in the equip window. And it sometimes recognizes that it should not remove items in the non optimize slots when you change classes but some times it does not recognize the parameter.

From what I have been able to tell, I think the issue happens if you change from a class to another class that has a different amount of equipment slots. The slot that I am trying to block from being optimized is id 10 in the equipment types section so it is a ways down the list, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. 

Anyways, sorry to have found another issue, I hope it isn't too much trouble. 

Awesome this is perfect. Thank you very much for showing me this, You're the best Ramza, keep up the amazing work.

Hey there Ramza, I just had a quick question. I was just wondering if there was anyway to have an actor have a different off hand damage % than the default set in the plug in parameters.

My idea is to have an actor and an item that is "ambidextrous" so they get no penalty from the weapon in the off hand slot. If this isn't doable no big deal at all. I know there isn't any listed code to do that but thought maybe you knew of a script command to over write that or something.=)

Perfection.=) You're amazing bud, thanks for getting it all squared away the plugin works perfectly now. I don't use monkey grip myself so that part doesn't affect me.

Thanks for the update=). There is a problem though. It does work now on class change but if you use the optimize in the equip window the game locks up with no error code. Sorry to bring you another problem.

As for the dual wield and shield thing that isn't that big of a deal at all. I think it would be best not to mess with the code. Thanks for setting me straight on how that works I was a little off with my understanding. 

No worries at all I'm just stoked it wasn't that big of an issue and you were able to fix it all np. Keep up the great work, you're the best.=)

I tested the update it works great.

Yeah I figured it was probably just incompatible but I was hoping=). I tried the plugin above and below the yanfly equipment ones and no luck. I normally keep the optimize plugin near the bottom of the order, I am kind of wondering if it should be higher on the list now.

I use Yanfly equip core, this plugin is well bellow it. For the classes you have to have the dual wield tag and then something like

<Equip Slot: 1, 1, 3, > a shield slot would look like

<Equip Slot: 1, 2, 3,> or <Equip Slot: 1, 1, 2, 3,>. Not sure which but I tried both. If I use <Equip Slot: 1, 3, > then the second dual wield slot can accept either weapons or the buckler which is armor. If I use any of the other tags The 2nd and 3rd slots are both armor only.

Is it meant to be that you can't dual wield two weapons and a shield? If so I was just understanding it wrong and  <Equip Slot: 1, 3, > works as intended.

And yeah with the optimize on class change issue, in the normal equip window you can only select the correct weapon types and optimize works properly from that window, just not from the class change window.

I just came across a bug with the new menu extension tags. When you change an equipment slots name and then change to a class that has no change to the slot name, the slot will keep the changed name rather than revert to the default plugin parameter names. This can be fixed by giving every class a tag so it isn't all that big of an issue just thought I would let ya know.

Heya bud I have been working with this plugin and I had a couple questions and maybe a bug report. When it optimizes from a class change it ignores the  Equip requirements from yanflys  X_EquipRequirments. Because of this some classes that have a specific equipment pool end up with a 2 handed weapon equipped when they shouldn't have been able to equip 2 handers.

It may just be that it isn't compatible but I thought I would run it by you in case it's a bug. Also I was wondering if there is a way to equip a buckler type shield on a dual wield class. When I add a shield slot to the dual wield classes it ends up with a buckler in both offhand slots. And neither of the slots the bucklers are in allow weapons anymore.  No big deal if there is no way to do this I just thought I would ask. Thanks for taking a look.

You're the best, it all works perfect now. This is a great addition thank you for adding it. Thanks for the info about the plugin order also, I am pretty sure I had it too high up.

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Hey there Ramza, huge thanks for adding the feature, I think that will really allow some nice polish for people using the plugin. The plugin is however crashing any time I select a character from the equip tab. I tried a bunch of things to see if I could get it to work but it crashed every time.

It crashes on actors with or without the new tags. It crashes no matter where the tags are, ie. Actor box, class box or both. I moved the plugin order around as well and no change.

I'll post an image of the crash report for ya. 

Edit: the image doesn't seem to be showing up, I'll post the console. Also when grabbing the console error I noticed that after I moved the plugin down in the order the crash on people without the new tags wasn't happening, I had to get the crash from an actor with the codes.

YEP_CoreEngine.js:1098 ReferenceError: actor is not defined
    at Window_StatCompare.showMainHandName (Ramza_X_DW_MenuExtension.js:1121)
    at Window_StatCompare.drawSplitNames (Ramza_X_DW_MenuExtension.js:1314)
    at Window_StatCompare.drawItem (Ramza_X_DW_MenuExtension.js:1204)
    at Window_StatCompare.refresh (Ramza_X_DW_MenuExtension.js:1103)
    at Window_StatCompare.setActor (YEP_EquipCore.js:818)
    at Scene_Equip.refreshActor (YEP_EquipCore.js:995)
    at Scene_Equip.refreshActor (YEP_X_EquipCustomize.js:180)
    at Scene_Equip.refreshActor (YEP_X_EquipRequirements.js:982)
    at Scene_Equip.create (YEP_EquipCore.js:915)
    at Function.SceneManager.changeScene (rpg_managers.js:2005)

Hey there Ramza. I ran in to a little something and I just thought I'd run it by ya. So I named the first two equip slots mainhand and offhand. That works fine but I also have pets that use weapons the mainhand offhand looks kind of odd in their equip area.

I was just wondering if you knew of a way to make an adjustment to that something  like overwriting a different name for certain classes or maybe allowing different, extra equipment type slots to take the place of the first two equip type slots. 

I can live with things the way they are but I just thought I would ask to se if you had any thoughts.

Hey there Ramza, the update fixed the crash. Huge thanks for your amazing and speedy work. I just wanted to let you know though in case it may help things on your side, I was always starting a new game when it crashed I never tried to load a save.

Heya Ramza I haven't updated your plugin in a couple months and just did so. Since I have been getting a crash when I change classes then go into the equip window. I also use your optimize on job change script so when I change the class it changes my weapons so I am not sure if this has anything to do with the crash.

Also the crash happens when I have weapons that can be equipped when it optimizes and when I have none that can be equipped. I'll post a pic of the crash and will keep looking into it but I thought I would run it by you and see if you had any thoughts.

I updated the Dual Wield and X DW Menu Extension plugins only.  The crash also only seems to happen to classes that dual wield. If I turn off your optimize on job change and menu extension plugins and it still crashes, but turning off dual wield fixes the issue. I didn't change any parameters after updating. And finally this didn't happen with version 2.57 of dual wield but does with the latest version.

Ok bud, hope that info helps I'll let you know if I come across anything else.

Once again you go above and beyond. A huge thanks from me and the new update seems to work perfectly. That little adjustment clears up a lot of confusion with my game so not just from me but for anyone who plays my game, thank you.=)

Hey there Ramza. I was just wondering if there is a way to stop optimization from happening, or at least remove the popup, when changing a sub class with yanflys subclass plugin. For my game sub classes shouldn't have any affect on equipment so it can be a little confusing getting the equip optimized popup when changing sub classes.

If not no worries, I just thought I would ask. Thanks for  taking a look and have a great day.

You're the best. I tested out the new plugin and no more  crashes. A huge thanks from me. And you got that fix out so fast, you're a magician. This has become my favorite and most needed plugin by far. Keep up the great work. Thank you so much.=)

Hey there Ramza. I have been having an issue that I have not been able to find a solution to and I was hoping you could maybe take a look. What is happening is whenever I use a skill that has a weapon requirement and is being used by a dual wield class. If one of the hands is unarmed I get a crash.

I have tried adding the various skill tags but none have helped keep it from crashing. I have also tried setting the barehanded attack parameter to true and false and neither changed anything. 

Here's the crash notes:

YEP_CoreEngine.js:1098 TypeError: Cannot read property 'wtypeId' of null
    at Game_Action.applyDWAddEffect (Ramza_DualWield.js:598)
    at Game_Action.apply (Ramza_DualWield.js:553)
    at Game_Action.apply (Ramza_DualWield.js:1110)
    at Function.BattleManager.invokeNormalAction (rpg_managers.js:2549)
    at Function.BattleManager.invokeAction (YEP_BattleEngineCore.js:2095)
    at Function.<anonymous> (YEP_BattleEngineCore.js:2707)
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at Function.BattleManager.actionActionEffect (YEP_BattleEngineCore.js:2704)
    at Function.BattleManager.processActionSequence (YEP_BattleEngineCore.js:2300)
    at Function.BattleManager.processActionSequence (YEP_X_ActSeqPack1.js:886)

Sorry to bug you with another issue but I have been hitting a wall trying to fix this myself. Thanks for taking a look if you do.

Well I looked into it and your right. I am really sorry about all that. There is an old plugin I use that I had forgotten about that lets me use \* before the text to add the codes to any field. It turns out this code also works with the plugin parameters from your plugin and now the icon does show up in the menus. 

Sorry to have wasted your time there bud, I feel a little foolish now.=)  I'll post a link to the plugin I use in case you wanted to take a look at it. Your plugin is perfect as is, I should have expected as much.=) Keep rocking.

Global Text Codes

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Hmm sorry to be a pain but it still doesn't work for me. I have tried a bunch of things and for some reason no luck yet on my end. I don't use the exparam fix plugin. I am not sure that you tried the right field though, it wouldn't be the Block Chance or Block Amount field but the Block % field which is above those. It normally looks like: Block Chance Text  Block %

Where the fields you have shown it working all have Yep status menu core in the name the Block Chance Text area does not. I am thinking this might have something to do with yanfly not recognizing it. I am looking at the first tab in the status menu that's labled general by default, not the attributes tab. It also appears wrong in the equip window.

Does it happen to work for you under the Block % parameter? In my equip and status screens, I use the yanfly plugins, the block stat that is shown in the windows for me is Block %, and for some reason the text code doesn't seem to work for me in that field. It just displays the text in game rather than an icon. If it doesn't work it's really no worries. I can probably get it to show the block chance stat instead which seems to be the same stat anyways.

Awesome, that's great news. You're the best Ramza.  I used your old version of these plugins and had to stop because of an incompatibility. My game felt like it was missing a leg after that.=) I was so happy to be able to re-add your plugins. My game finally feels whole again.

Heya Ramza, huge fan here. I bought the Dual wield/shield block plugins and I love them. They work perfectly with no issue. I was wondering if I could throw out a little request though if ya don't mind.

For this  plugin I was wondering if you could allow the use of text codes in the parameter section in any way. Specifically the block chance text portion of the plugin parameters. The reason being is on my status page for the characters it shows all the stats and block% is there, but all of the stats have an icon before them, that represents the stat. So If I could somehow use something like \i[3] before the block text that would be sweet. 

If not there is no worries at all, I just thought I would ask. Still love your work. My game, Gladatora, is putting the plugins to full use. Anyways, take it easy and keep up the great work.